Lady Maid Maid Episode 03

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Tipster Rednimer
  • ilycl


  • 淵淵有些角度的神韻有點像言言

  • Smiling with tears</3

    what is the song at 10:50??

    • XY

      liang wen yin new album : 心里的孩子 and 黃色夾克

  • Suann

    can’t see the video after toyrus commercial.

  • Jess88


  • noname


  • Lol

    Nice !!!!! Loving it

  • YukiLuvPrincess

    Imagine You 失恋 for so many times , how will you feel ?

  • YukiLuvPrincess

    But the main character is really pretty with her long hair if some of you who had watched ”Love buffet” You will know 🙂

    • a

      the girl main character has short hair

  • Asdfghjkl

    does anyone know the name of the opening and ending theme songs?

  • Whenpigsfly937

    getting more better

  • Guest

    the girl is so scary when she is upset! she acts like the kind of people that will murder you when you make them really upset….like the kind that needs therapy.
    this drama is very good so far but the main character has personality problems which is obviously a problem if they want the audience to like the main character

    • ~~

      hmm………then mayb u should try acting it. wouldnt that be SO much better? then everyone can love you~

  • Zkkhtet

    Nice show… 

  • Guest