Lady Maid Maid (愛情女僕) Episode 01

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Tipster Rednimer
  • SC

    I love love love this drama :33333

  • jamie


  • If anyone nows where can I watch it with subtitles I would appreciate it alot !! T.T

  • Guest

    I already watched the 22 episodes.  I am a foreigner and even though I can’t understand all the dialogues and can’t read the subtitles, yet I find this show really interesting.  I hope that you won’t stop uploading episodes.  Thanks!

  • Simplymaricar

    Why is there no eng sub?

  • Vos


  • Suann

    cant see the video after the 2nd commercial of episode 1…… this doesn’t work.

    • Kirara

      yeah, i’m having the same problem too…:( 

  • Guest

    Too bad the lead actress Reen Yu has a very annoying voice, not soothing at all. Janel Tsai is a very good actress with a beautiful voice.

    • Guest

      I think that Reen Yu has a very refreshing personality.  She’s really cute!

  • 比較喜歡喻虹淵以前像素顏的樣子

  • Jwje

    張棟樑也很可愛 🙂

  • liking this drama so far :3
    does anyone know the opening song?
    i think it’s by magic power. but i can’t find it.. :/

  • zero


  • ZhenZi0525

    又叫颖芝 = =

  • ZhenZi0525



  • Guest

    表兄弟永遠不嫌多 想笑死我嗎

  • Love dramas :)

    Cute ! <3

  • Whenpigsfly937

    Not too bad I guess

  • han

    its ok