KO ONE: RE-MEMBER (終極一班4) Episode 02

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鐵時空那端的大戰仍未止息,大東與夏天並肩作戰對抗魔界大軍抽不開身,委託了東城衛首席戰鬥團團長脩帶著雷婷先行回到金時空,沒想到脩和雷婷在回金時空的路上卻意外遇伏擊分散,雷婷不知去向!尋不到雷婷的脩不斷自責自己沒有保護好雷婷,更因為怕大東分心,而不敢把這件事告訴大東,所以找上終極一班的同學們,帶來這個消息,就是希望能在黃金72小時裡,找到失蹤的雷婷。 同時,在精神病院裡的斷腸人感覺到詭異的氣氛,正想逃離為時已晚,神秘人喬裝成醫護人員倏地出現,熟悉的面孔現身在斷腸人的面前,再次勾起斷腸人過去恩怨的回憶,沒有人知道那個病房裡發生了什麼事,只知道斷腸人從此下落不明...

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Mak Sreyleak

    I have been find this drama for along time I just find the full episode

  • Megumi

    How about episode 3?

  • Jenny

    why is it only 20 minutes?

    • Ellie

      they changed it to airing only half an hour per episode monday – friday. minus the opening and ending song, and commercial times, we only get 20 minutes of drama :/ so if i remember correctly, there will be a total of 60 episodes of 30 min episodes

  • guest

    one ep only 20 mins??

  • keigh

    ugh so hot omg

  • yuu

    1 story she paired up with 3 diff dudes

  • Ko1

    Other web already ep 5 but here only 2 lol

    • awdadw

      but their quality bad as fuck

    • Tiffany

      what web? Thx

    • disqus_kAIhKgUue2

      those are china release online. This is GTV ver. so all the hokkien parts are intact. So it is up to you to follow the china or taiwan ver.

      • Lim Wei Qi

        so is this suppose to be the taiwan version or china version??

        • Ellie

          simplified Chinese characters in the china version and traditional Chinese characters for the taiwan version. also if there’s a GTV logo on the top right, then it’s the taiwan version.

          • Lim Wei Qi


  • Kiyumisays

    How come lei ting appear at zhi at house. Don’t like the new spexial member…

    • Angel E.O

      Lei ting was taken there by them cause she was hurt.

    • Its was simply a nightmare