KO ONE: RE-CALL (終極一班5) Episode 60

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Tipster Rednimer
  • netnet14

    我天啊,跟三国一样。。。 结局都是无厘头的。。。
    what did I expect after watching so many of their series…
    It’s getting worst and worst lolol

  • Alexa Lim

    Its always cliff hanging..:’)

  • Gamekei

    WTF i watch 60 ep the ending like this … are you serious now i have to wait KO 6 ?

  • Fro Zen

    They always have a poor ending…the heck

  • david samjar

    any english subtitle for this drama?

    • Teo Yee Ning

      this website normally do not have subtitle

      • david samjar

        thank you for replying