KO One II (終極一班2) Episode 01

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Story takes place after the real Liu Bei returned to the Silver Dimension. When Wang Da Dong was delivering Liu Bei through the inter-dimensional portal, he encountered a timequake and was thrown to ten years in the future. In the future, all the people on the KO ranking have mysteriously disappeared and the class of KO One is now controlled by a girl named King.

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  • ?

    This remind me of x- family

  • kelly

    why can’t I watch the YT version……

  • wang da dong

    why does it loading for so long

  • kan ni ma cb

    i cant watch . is the vid removed?

  • phyllissy

    just realise the song that pei ci is playing on piano is 数不尽的星空 after rewatching it now ahahaha.

  • Baola

    No eng on daily motion! Wahhh

  • whr can i get this drama in eng sub?

  • no english subs? 🙁

  • jolin

    does anyone know when eng sub going to come?

  • jolin

    been waiting for this long time ago.. does anyone know when eng sub is coming??

  • alice

    its better than the other ko one~

  • royalrainbow

    JIRO is becoming more and more handsome! HAHAHHA! X) (Y) My 2nd KO series!

  • Alex

    Wow, I can’t wait for the next episode! So excited!

  • OMG

    Jiro Wang is so handsome omg.

  • *0*

    我還是想大東&寒  劉備&孫尚香一起 …

  • Cardy0920

    希望有禹哲!!!! 話說OP真不好聽 = =

  • Guest

    can someone tell me the title of the piano piece played by King? 😀

  • nessa

    do you have to watch the first one to get it? 

    • Tez

      I think it would be best to! 

    • Guest

      in this case it is best to watch the first one in the series (“KO 1”) and then at least the beginning (to the middle somewhere) of “KO 3anguo” to fully understand how “KO 1 return” had all started. (and as a bonus you should watch “The X-Family” because The X-Family is amazing)

  • Fantasticjoe6

    where is xiu

  • Aaa

    Please dun pets and jiro character couple , jiro only Han , pets only xiu , end of story !

  • guest

    how come there’s no eng subs?

  • isaloveu

    會不會拍 終極一家2 和 終極三國2 呢?

    • Tez

      終極一家2因該會喔! 因為如果我沒有記錯的話 最後吳尊演的那個甚麼火使者有段點!

  • Ttluvbubz101

    at least there is that fat guy left lol he still did not graduate and that he bought his KO 135 :0 that guy who steals jiro’s wallet is pretty cute 🙂 i like him 

  • sigh* 只有一位飞轮海的成员在终极一班,好陌生呀!

  • S9006760

    是 小橋流水人家 吧……..

  • DomWinchester


  • Ckrated

    man…. i wish everyone is back!!!

  • guest

    omg, when that white-blond haired guy made the classmates say his name/how he’s the most handsome in the class I was like ‘EWWWWW!!!’ I’m sorry, I know i’m superficial, but nooooo.  Jiro/DaDong is still the best 😀

    • illusionist

      I totally agree! the blond guy looks so superficial and vain till he is erm…I cannot find another better word to substitute what I feel about him. Ugly.

  • Xiaya

    Oh now I get it this is going on while Xiu is still in the silver dimension. 

  • wow

    when i saw liubei, i felt so sad……………………………… hahaha i miss xiu.

  • Teeting

    whats the theme song?

    • Gelangielol

      ummm the group “speXial” sang the song… but im not really sure about the song name… go on youtube and just type in ”speXial 终极一班2“

      • Renaru

        its called 发飙

  • guest

    真的好好笑 好懷念喔 🙂

  • Rchord<3


    • Wazzup_swatup


  • Cstyle KKS



    • Love-tingzxc

      look, there is part 2 and part 3 … =.=

  • L1yn

    数不尽的星空-曾沛慈 好喜欢啊

    • clau


      • L1yn

        哈哈 谢谢 总之好爱啊

  • Frenlibra

    May I ask , I tot da dong is supposed to send Liu bei to yin shi kong(silver dimension) ? Why did da dong say that he is going to send Liu bei to tie shi kong ? Or did I got anything wrong ?

    • Guest

      send tie shi kong is to treat him thr cause xiu is still at yin shi kong, acting as liu bei.

      • Dorislau3

        Ohh …. Got it 🙂 thanks !

  • Lilylam49545

    wish he had a diemention hone so he can call xia tian and try and help him regain his powers

  • clau


    • Kelvin T YR

      She’s the one who playing on the role on Sun Shang Xiang in KO3anguo !!

      • Xiao Mei

        Love her but I feel weird when the ending song show some scenes with da dong cuz they should be cousin

      • Xiao Mei

        Love her but I feel weird when I saw some scenes in the ending song with da dong they look more like brother and sister not couple

  • Lilylam49545

    even though i live in canada ,i like chinese actress,and actors better like Jiro wang and ceng pei ci

  • Suminzy93

    Love the ending song! 

    • clau


  • 我是终极系列迷~ 虽然少了大部分的原班人马, 我还是愿意给《终极一班2》一个机会, 希望会越来越好看

  • 33

    this is so fucking good

  • Jckira

    Han should come back!

  • Carmen-me

    Such a shame that Aaron and Calvin aren’t in this!!

    • Notthereyet

       Aaron’s ego got way too big in the last couple of years. He refused to play second lead to Jiro… And Calvin was busy at the time filming “When love walked in”. Danson is in a couple of episodes, though.

      • jy06

        Danson will be appearing??? :O

      • val

        Don’t assume, It is only mentioned in the news, no one knows the reality. 

      • jstar04

        Aaron wanted to act in the sequel de…but then due to the news report of him then he rejected the show de….

        • DomWinchester

          What news made him reject? Some kind of rumor?

  • Peiwen_15

    I totally dislike when they change new female lead D: 

    • jy06

      難道你還要安琪喔 = =

      • clau


      • ~~~


      • Tez


  • Clu711

    I’m so excited! It’s finally out 🙂

  • Guest

    King 很handsome

  • Whepigsfly937

    YAY IT’S OUT. But no Xiaoyu and Yase 🙁 Hopefully they’ll make an appearance later

  • sinyi

    DADONG <3 Always love this hairstyle in KO. 🙂 

  • KK


  • Guest (:

    <3333333333 😀 Finally 

  • guest

    Part 2?

    • Guest

      it is the fourth in the sequel
      KO One is the very first on, so this is in the same dimension