The King Of Romance (如朕親臨) Episode 06

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丙丙傻了! 難道白馬王子另有其人? 命中注定只是鬧劇一場?

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Lynn6

    Looks like the other woman after WN is the same “other woman” after YT in Behind Your Smile!

    Cant wait for WN and BB to be together .. not bad chemistry so far!! The chef second lead can pair up with WN’s doctor colleague .. pretty matching too!

  • jaymeeaaa

    i don’t find it draggy tho! it’s only ep 6 and there’s like 9 episodes more to go??? and they have met (romeo and juliet)! i think the pace is good 🙂 funny episode!

  • bb

    it is getting draggy. how many episodes does it take to play the suspicious stage. it is already episode 6 now! moreover, is the twin brother going to show up?

    • -.-

      isnt it obvious that the twin brother had died -.-

      • 李長法

        actually, he may still be alive. all they said was he had disappeared into the sea