King Flower (金大花的華麗冒險) Episode 01

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Nessa

    No English sub?? :((

  • howzeelin

    omg the 2 mothers from Drunken to love u and Love me or leave me!!!!

  • howzeelin

    yay! a lot of Ti Amo Chocolate cast!

  • 123

    when i heard aaron song i was like OMG AARON SONG AHHH

  • amber

    i thought it was good

  • Cece

    what’s wrong with nikki’s mouth ?

  • QQ

    那個女主角就是亮研仙女下凡啦!! 你們都被騙了嗎 他一人分是兩角 很漂亮阿!!

  • fourjyip


  • Sami


  • Desireys

    Ti Amo chocolate, wo men fa cai le actor actress! Wow!


    1:07 女主角這樣是幸福的笑?太可怕了吧



  • Imzoner115


    • K


  • 蠻蠻


  • uj

    又是有錢人要買窮人家的土地…這種老掉牙的橋段要用幾次阿? 都2013了…..

  • ㄎㄅ

    暴牙妹,我連PART1都還沒看完就想關掉了 =ˇ=

    • ㄎㄅ


    • fd


      • Mmjj


  • Xshirley10

    there is a lot of actors from ti amo choclate and like 2 from miss rose

  • happybaby

    same female actress.. didnt realize till part 4! lol..

  • chibilume

    chris’ lines are kind of awkward and unnatural for some reasons….it’s definitely not cus of his acting though …maybe it’s the writing o_o’

  • Annietsai9595


  • bananafluff

    Taiwanese dramas have the best openings! I usually FF through openings but I can watch this again and again just like Fondant Garden’s opening. =)

  • guestz

    First episode is pretty good. I can’t wait for episode 2. Sad that the main girl play as the pretty one have to die so that the ugly one going to take her place. I thought she going to play two role to the end of this drama and she end up with Christ Wu also but it doesn’t look like that will happened.   

  • Guest

    When I first saw the preview, I thought it would be ridiculous and over the top…but after this first episode, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a lot better than I had expected. Good actors too, really like Chris Wu.

  • Hotmail


  • huiting

    溫昇豪~ ^^

  • Ghjk

    I like it, she is cute even with bad teeth haha

  • Gary585376

    I think the pretty main girl is gonna die, and the ugly one becomes beautiful and is going to look the same as the pretty one (same actor) and both male character like her? 

    • Guu

      exactly what i thought !

    • Guu

      Another name of this drama is ” 公主的替身 ” so we are pretty accurate lol 

  • Vi


    • Guu


  • Whenpigsfly937

    All the awesome songs~~ But plot seems ok…not that awesome.

    • guest

      the actors are all the best actors too

  • Guest


    • Guest


      • Guest

        Au contraire, Nikki Hsieh was fantastic and so beautiful in Die Sterntaler. Lene Lai on the other hand, was the one who ruined TAC for everybody with her poor acting and annoying looks.

  • pearl

    what the? PLEASE don’t tell me we are starting the new year with this=.=”’

    • Didong

      why not ?