King Flower (金大花的華麗冒險) Episode 21 The End

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  • nofri

    it’s too bad not to see the that DaHua really expresses her love to Terry which at the end makes me still confious who she actually loves. She typed the message asking if Terry is willing to marry her again after 1 year but then she deleted it , why don’t just send it and then i believe the ending will be more interesting. Seriously, meeting on the plane like that is not the ending which can answer the questions of her love 🙁

  • guest

    Thank you, Chris Wu. You made me fall in love with Terry.

  • iuuiiu4ever

    how can Da Hua not see TERRY is the one for her! He obviously loves her more then Lee Guan Jun! Da Hua is just used to have Guan Jun with her ever since childhood that’s not love! She’s just used to having him by her side. TERRY is her True Love not Lee Guan Jun! I’d choose Terry in a heart beat with no hesitation!!! TERRY….

  • angelwu

    Compared to the guys, the girl is a pretty bad actress…

  • anna

    ok let me make the ending (THEY MET AT THE AIRPLANE AND THEN WHEN THEY REACHED 澳zhuo they will be together yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    • nofri

      it’s so irritating to watch the ending is just like meeting on the plane ! it’s so unclear! I was shouting out loud when I realised the ending was just like that 🙁

  • yellow duck

    happy ending – Da Hua ended up with Terry.. keep it up chris wu..

  • yiyi

    what ever happened to terry’s secretary. she never even did ANYTHING. she was just there for the first part of the show. this show kinda implied that she was gonna do something bad, but she never did. she new the secret before it came out, but she never told anybody it. why include her into the plot in the first place? terry’s never gonna notice her

    • annah

      agree kind of missing scenes

    • anna

      ya what happened to her weird

  • guest

    I love that Da Hua ended up with Terry. They have much better chemistry together. Guan Jun is just too old for Da Hua.

    I have to say that Chris Wu is a very good actor. He deserves to be the male lead who gets the girl. However, I do agree that the writers probably changed directions for the characters due to viewers’ response.
    1) it’s not likely or make Terry very likable when he falls in love for Da Hua so quickly after his fiance’s death. Most will think he’s only substituting Da Hua for the dead fiance.
    2) Terry was a bit devious with how he try to make Guan Jun jealous when he grabbed Da Hua during the wedding photo shoot.

    I’d like to see Da Hua and Terry the two actors be paired up again in another drama because of their chemistry. The actor who played Guan Jun should be paired with someone a bit older.

    • nofri

      In my opinion, the writer planned to make DaHua with GJ in the end.but then bcos the viewers wanted Dahua with Terry so he switched it up at the end and probably it’s supposed to be till ep 20 only. In fact, it’s also not so clear whether DaHua really wants Terry. From the very first episode till 19 DaHua still likes GJ it’s so weird to show that DaHua likes Terry in only the last 2 episodes.Well, I want Terry with DaHua though! DaHua deserves to get Terry as her husband. One more thing I found strange, why Terry has never introduced DaHua to his family and the facial expression of Terry’s mom seems like not willing that Terry gets married with Dahua when they held their wedding and about DuLiangYuan’s dad request to make DaHua as his daughter was not answered.

  • ExactlyJoy

    love that they ended up together but it’d b a lot better if i can see the confession part of Dahua .. i mean .. COME ON!!! Terry did so many things to her .. just once from her mount that she was really into this guy .. she wanted to b wt him .. Is it too hard ??????????
    Im waiting 21 ep for the dry ending. so dry … lack of fun .. i addicted to this series since the first 2 ep .. I believe the story could b better if produce team strict to the plot n not change the line as audience criticism ..
    love Terry!!!

  • ❤TERRY, I feel sorry for Chris Wu, the character of James Wen as TERRY overpowered him even though (I think) he was the lead actor. We, TERRY’s fans are excited & rejoicing for this ending though it’s short but meaningful. ❤TEAM TERRY❤

    • star_dreamer

      I think you might be mistaken. Chris Wu is the actor that played Terry. James Wen played Lin Guan Jun!

  • Rainey

    不拿, 我不給妳去喔!
    my favorite line out of the whole drama.
    Parents are the best. <3

  • it’s going to be terry!

    The preview from the last episode makes it seem more interesting than it turned out to be…

  • lalala

    Why is Why is Dahua yelling at Terry -_____-

  • 這片好多在桃園取景喔!!


  • Lynn6

    The perfect ending that most of us have been hoping to see is so very very short…a mere minute (half of part 5 barely!!!). Oh well…maybe the producer already tweaked the storyline to make us happy so that’s. The fact that Da Hua can think about being Terry’s wife in one year time means that she is certain of her feelings but the going away is still not too logical.
    Anyway, an excellent performance by Chris and the best that I have seen in his recent 3 dramas…I was not too keen to follow the drama at the beginning but this one gets better and better and really engaged us to the end.


      haha I think the directors tweaking this ending for us viewers is already a miracle! since james wen is supposedly the main lead it’s hard to give us a satisfactory terry and da hua ending without disrespecting the main actor !! I agree though I wish da hua told terry her feelings I wanna see her confess for once!!

      • I agree with you ROYLOVE, I think the writer was been pressured by the TERRY followers, it ended so shortly between Da Hua & Terry without even a conversation though it feels great that what I wanted to be the ending is them

        • ROYLOVE

          I cannot even imagine what everyone’s reaction would be if she ended up with guan jun LOL the ending would piss me off till no end since it narratively won’t make sense for them to end up together. They never had the shippy moments together and possess no emotional potential as a couple. Guan Jun and Da Hua interactions feel so much nicer when it’s a brother-sisterly one and not when they try to act like a ‘couple’

      • jtlt

        Wow… totally agreed with you there ROYLOVE. Honestly, I appreciated the flashbacks, it really showed that there was much more between Da Hua and Terry than with Da Hua and Guan Jun. Moral of the story: Don’t ever live with a member of the opposite sex, thinking it will be all fine and dandy. Things are bound to get complicated!

        I appreciated the ending… it was simple, delicate, and satisfactory. Lovely! Chris Wu FTW.

        • ROYLOVE

          so much appreciation for Chris Wu! His acting is seriously amazing! I hope he gets his chance to shine and lead in a drama with an amazing script and attain the recognition he deserves. (Although he was a leading man in What is Love but I’m not really a fan of that drama..)

    • Rainey

      I really like this kind of ending.
      Even though it’s pretty obvious that Da Hua and Terry are together at the end, but it still gives us the space of imagination to come up with the ending we want.

  • Grace Huang

    i love it!!! i love how it show DaHua and Terry together!!! that is how it was support to go. i love it!!! 😀 i think Terry put alot effort for DaHua than Guan Jun.

  • sonia

    most boring episode of life

  • helen sin

    actually the first 4 parts are rubbish..
    and da hua didn’t show she was struggle about choosing which one..
    its so obvious that she only love terry..y she hv to wait til she meet terry again?!
    terry is rich, why would he not sit in first class -.-
    the last part is the best part for this ep..but still they could talk more about terry and dahua’s life-_-
    the drama was good in in the middle..
    and the writer seems to forget about the original storylines..dont even rmb y terry’s assistance appear in the beginning


      yeah!? why do the have to meet again to get together? i don’t like how da hua didn’t make an explicit decision but I’ll take whatever ending as long as it’s a terry and da hua one hehe I think also the fact that da hua kept thinking about terry for the three months they were apart whilst guan jun was just by her side shows that terry is the one she chooses

    • lalala

      Yeah what happened to Terry’s assistance…lol

  • Guest

    Taiwan dramas really love to show flashbacks during the last episode , which make them why the endings are always lousy . However , I am still glad that the producer didn’t fail to disappoint us – Dahua and Terry <3

    • haha

      You mean they didn’t fail and disappoint us.

  • Pooh

    yeah , do agree with all of you, it would be a perfect ending if they add 1 ep to show their romance

  • phuong

    I love the ending but they could have added more sweet moments between terry and da hua. It is safe to say that she picked Terry from the text message and from the whole fate thing. Terry is so sweet!! I wish this show had one more episode


    YAYY I’m so glad most of the episode’s focus was on Terry!! I wish they showed us some sweet scenes of them being together!! I think the reappearance of the side characters i.e. Qin Mo and Ou Yang Shen really did give the drama a form of closure (I still think they shouldn’t have went MIA in the first place)

  • xiaonizai

    niceeeeee but still the ending can be better


    OMG CAN TERRY GET ANY MORE PERFECTT :’)) The way he admits he’s scared to see da hua again because he’s afraid he might give her pressure on making a decision, he’s afraid that she might tell him she doesn’t love him and that he won’t be able to let her go because he loves her so much. The way he tries to reconcile with his cousin ou yang shen and decides to step down and let him manage the company. The way he’s forgiven Qin Mo and letting the past in the past and the way he admits to his mistakes and learns from them. I love how he confronts everything with honesty and doesn’t try to hide from anything. AHHH I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT THIS DRAMA IS ALL ABOUT TERRYY

  • drama4ever

    Hihi I LOVED the destiny thing at the end. But it’s really a pity we didn’t see any sweet scenes with them. Anyways I’am happy 🙂

  • lorena

    nice ending THE BEST

  • Daniel

    什麼爛結局! 大花到底跟誰! TERRY FTW!

    • 跟terry!

  • Mimi Zhang

    Hahahah first one, been waiting for the whole week! Thank u for uploading!