King Flower (金大花的華麗冒險) Episode 20

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Tipster Rednimer
  • lookingforsomethingbetter

    don’t be too quick to say 爛片 la.. i think this part where Da Hua ran away is not a bad storyline.. even if the last episode is next week.. I think it will be Terry. The scriptwriters need to convince us that Dahua willingly marry Terry. If she just marry Terry in Episode 20, then there will be a huge loop hole where we will keep thinking does she really loves terry?

    look at her reply to her best friend… she say she agreed to marry terry because he is really nice to her blah blah blah… and she don’t want to lose the happiness she can have with him…. BUT she did not say “I Love Terry”….

    I think this twist could be the only way the scriptwriters can turn Dahua’s feelings around… to help her realize her love for Terry. I hope so… I guess Terry follow her up the plane and she did not go Australia in the end. The toy is Terry who passed it to her because she left it at his place… she didn’t even bring the toy when she went back to guan jun. (previously)

    So… keep your hopes up people! I believe she will choose Terry!! =)

    • lookingforsomethingbetter

      And Australia is extra cost for the production team. I don’t think they will really fly there to just take an episode. =D =D =D

  • 蘇右任


  • Blossom

    Better DH ends up with a gua low!

  • Blossom

    why must she leave for Australia?

  • anondee

    OMG. seriously. HU XIAO FEI. totally feel like gorging out your eyes and zipping up that mouth of yours. -.-”’ (well. the character. not the actress. LOL)

  • paperdoll

    what happened to the evil secretary who likes terry? she completely fell off the face of the earth…. so many loose ends


      yeah! and what about ou yang shen (terry’s evil cousin/stepbrother that want’s his managerial position) and liang yan’s dad?!?

  • Stella


  • kyc

    almost all tw dramas are like this.. good, makes sense and exciting at the beginning then shit towards the end

    • ExactlyJoy

      hahahaha cant agree more!!!!

  • Natalie

    this is so annoying how it turns out. GAHHHHHH. Chose one already!!!

  • Eva Bejarano Gonzales

    where’s cap 21 ????

  • Yolanda Yong

    the ending really obvious , that da hua will pick terry, cz she says that can terry accept her be his wife again

  • jtlt

    The preview may be misleading but as rightfully pointed out below Da Hua asks whether she can be the bride of someone “again” after 1 year away in Australia.

    Things I noticed – Da Hua had a long soliloquy about Terry but not Guan Jun. And also, she didn’t run straight into Guan Jun’s arms after finding out the truth at the altar. She’s obviously messed up about her heart here.

    But right now, I seriously hope the writers make her pick one person. Picking neither will be stupid and waste our time. Hope that’s not the “surprise” we will all be waiting for.

  • Lynn6

    Wow…whatever happens from hereon…I love the church wedding ceremony anyway…Terry and Da Hua look so great together! Poor Terry must be hurting so much and yet he told Da Hua … never mind and proceeded to cancel the wedding. Terry is so gracious…Da Hua cannot find such a man ever!

  • visualbeans

    Great.. basically a whole bunch of them just ruined someone’s wedding/happiest moment. 自以為是的 thinking they know what’s best and can determine someone else’s destiny.

    • visualbeans

      And Terry’s already cancelled the wedding, why does Da Hua still have to run away? o.O”

      • lalala

        for dramatic effects haha

  • Erin

    I really don’t like Jin Ma!!!! 🙁

  • haist, poor Terry, he doesn’t deserve Da Hua, he deserves much better than her. I hope there’s a surprise on the next episode…still TEAM TERRY no matter what happens.

  • This show has a good beginning now it so…..Da Hua is getting on my last nerves

  • Karen Thompson

    How could you do that to Terry, Da Hua!

  • fourjyip

    poor Terry…silly Da Hua….

  • JQ

    ugh! that’s it -___- Da Hua i’m definitely going to show you my best friend Kitchen Knife and his twin Butcher knife, his distant cousin Submachine gun, his grandfather Tank and his grandma grenade.

  • Kim Ha Su

    come on! just let her marry terry and give us a happy end, they just keep make us nervous aigoo~~

  • Grace Huang

    IT SOOOO DISAPPOINTING HOW THE STORY IS JUST KEEPING ON DRAGGING!!!! i really want Da Hua to be with Terry but noooo, she has to step in and cost it. i am soooo disappoint how this story is ending. i know that for facts Da Hua is going end up in Guan Jun arm. i don’t like them be together because Guan Jun fall in love with her due to her beauty and that is it. -_-

  • chooka

    Big disappointment!! Why the producer n director keep dragging the story like this. Zzzzzzzzz. Huh 🙁

  • zen

    Why cant they just get married and end the story although Da Hua know that Guan Jun only wanna trick her ~

  • you99

    大花說 “你願意讓我在當一次你的新娘嗎” 在當一次…所以是Terry喔?!

  • helen sin

    i just hope she will pick one no matter who..
    i don’t want da hua picking no one and become alone at last-_-
    apparently this ep shows da hua don’t have feeling with guanjun at all..and she is very happy with terry…

  • asdfg78103

    如果真的愛一個人 就不會選擇放棄 因為他會相信只有自己能給她幸福(有這樣的自信勇氣跟決心 才有資格 去“愛”)!這三位主角都因為對自己的愛情 不自信 才搞得這樣下場! 不過這樣比起來Terry還是好點 從來都沒想放棄大花

  • sexybeast3000

    為什麼又去澳洲? 爛片,大花跟TERRY就好了。 我真的看不出來冠軍到底哪裡好。terry 大可以找到更好的人, 但是他依然愛著大花。 大花,其實蠻幼稚的--》 什麼叫做抓住幸福, 喜歡就喜歡, 不愛就不愛--》 這麼不果斷。

  • disqus_EYxlAUHjmI

    這部片名應改為 整形美女成功記

    • elisabethvu91

      whyyy? 😛

  • Not going watch this episode because I would get so mad. Can someone briefly summarize?

    So Da is going to pick NEITHER guy until after 1-2 years of waiting to decide who she likes?

    • elisabethvu91

      its not the end yet! dont know how many episodes it will be, but this is not the final episode! 😉

      • disqus_EYxlAUHjmI

        this is second to the last

  • ExactlyJoy

    said 2 weeks ago that they were going to use this trick at the end. get seperated for a yr or 2 n reunited wt one. Boring …

    love the start of this movie .. like the story line .. but get bored of the draggy ep n the old fashion ending. this is way the same as Office girl which got the great impression at the first ten ep n fail the last half from too draggy secen n MV.

    still love Terry .. though he seems crazy for being such a good cartoon character person.
    thanks 4 upload ..

  • it’s going to be terry!

    In the preview, Dahua said “你愿意让我再当一次你的新娘吗? translation “are you willing to let me be your bride once again?” again is the keyword here. she was never guanjun’s bride before! so it has to be terry!!

    • elisabethvu91

      I HOPE SOOO! They fit each other perfectly <3

    • terry

      i hope so too .. but the fact is , it sound like the key word where da hua agreed to guan jun when she is young T.T

  • So wait? Episode 20 wasn’t the last episode? She didn’t just leave Terry at the alter and then run back to Guan Jun like the leaked script page said?

    • this drama I think has 25 episodes, so we still have to watch for 5 more episodes to know the ending of this

  • Halo

    DH beeetter end up with Terry…I mean, GJ’s basically given up on her…and Terry loves her so much. Plus, quoted from DiaoChan from KO SanGuo. 一个女人一生最幸福的是,不光是被人爱,而是被一个好人爱。DH!! The 好人 has appeared! GO WITH HIM!! You won’t get anything better!! GO TERRY!!

  • Joe

    Shes going to pick neither…

  • Guest

    Da Hua should just get with GJ. She doesn’t deserve someone like Terry.

  • djwio

    terry i guess argh can’t you stop dropping the doll,toy or bear whatever

    • elisabethvu91

      I also guess its Terry.. since his hands are bit thinny haha! 😛 Hope it is Terry!


      I know right and can she stop carrying the bear everywhere D: I know it’s important to her I’m starting dislike that toy/bear/doll now LOL

  • Mooo



    ugh it’s so obvious jin ma doesn’t want da hua to marry terry. She kept saying how terry and da hua’s family background are too different and how if she feels/wronged da hua must let her know etcetc. It’s like do you THINK Terry will let da hua suffer by herself?!? -____-

    Also when ah xi asked her “if guan jun still loved you and only lied about being with xiao fei because he was 逼不得已 (compelled to) would you still marry terry” WHAT 逼不得已 he brought it upon himself for pushing her away. If he was a man he’ll actively pursue da hua alongside terry and not recoil at the face of competition.

    omg I just can’t with da hua’s stupidity I’ve had enough of her mopeyness for the past 3 episodes and I thought FINALLY she’s going to stop being annoying and stupid when she took those wedding pics with terry but NUP

    • elisabethvu91

      But its a natural reaction.. since she didn’t knew the truth.. what matters is now, what happens after she knows the truth.. Seems like Terry still has a chance.. :p maybe 😛

      • ROYLOVE

        true but the runaway bride/groom theme is so overused nowadays that it lacks meaning!! I hope she ends up with Terry too! but if she doesn’t she can just be with GJ she doesn’t deserve terry anyway :p

        • elisabethvu91

          yeaah runaway bride is so old-fashion 😛 but heey, how can u value one person is deserved for each other or not? Its all about love.. if love is there, then deserving mean nothing ;D hih.

      • lookingforsomethingbetter

        hey guest, I agree with you. i think the whole twist is so that Terry can be with da hua… legitimately. like it’s her own choice not guan jun’s choice for her.

  • teamterry

    Why do they always so coincidentally meet on the streets?

  • ki

    so disappoint this ep.

  • M

    yay!! we can finally watch the episode, i’ve been waiting all week!!
    i really hope we won’t be disappointed
    team terry ftw 😀

  • terrylove