King Flower (金大花的華麗冒險) Episode 19

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Tipster Rednimer
  • teamterry

    terry looks so good in the ombre sweater<3

  • Minflower Chen

    whats the song for her saying goodbye to her ex boyfriend help

  • WTF


  • Rosa

    我覺得健康檢查絕對有伏筆 肯定大花有什麼暗病 之後去醫 兩個都沒選 或是很多年後blablabla

  • goodendingsplease!

    this ending is so debatable!! I understand both side of the coins… but like most people, I wish she will be persistent in her love for Terry. Actually, I wish GJ would tell her that he has been lying and stuff. And her answer would be, I have moved on. And she should tell GJ thanks for letting her know her true feelings and how she have done her best in their relationship and now she loves only 1 person. Terry!

    nah.. but we know it won’t happened. But with so many pple against her and GJ together. I think the producer will make her go overseas or sth and leave the story hanging… hahaa.. the worse ending.. with neither man!

  • adad

    I kinda want DH to end up with GJ just because i see that she is that sad!

  • jiajia


  • guest

    I don’t care how much DH thinks she loves GJ. She seems to be happier when being with Terry, who truly cares about her, has the confidence to take care of her, and most importantly, loves her from the bottom of his heart. You can tell how happy a woman is from her look. When she walks down the aisle for the wedding ceremony, there are definitely sparkles in her eyes when she looks at Terry. Please! Be with Terry!

  • Benedict

    I have a bad feeling about this. It will be the last episode and she will not end up with Terry. Sad to say

    • mumu

      I have the same feeling, too. otherwise why do they expose that scene in the preview. I’m going to hate it if they do so 🙁

    • Lialia

      me too /. i will get so upset if she din end up with terry , everything goes too well

  • sunshine

    omg !
    they were rehearsing their wedding like everybody does before the day ~ 😀
    so she is wearing a different dress n hair style ! 😀
    please let her be with terry for once and for all !!

  • no, who’s ridiculous is that huxiaofei. she’s the one that wanted guanjun to stay with her even though he doesn’t like her. now, she’s complaining about how he’s not going after the girl he likes? wtf.

  • Lynn6

    Cant bear to watch Terry’s face in pain and so much in love when he left the shop! The look of concern on his face at the hospital and so extremely caring…simply incredible…we simply have to love this guy!

  • Sophia

    I died of laughter when the background music was the piano from “All by myself”

  • TH

    if terry and da hua don’t end up together i’m gonna shit bricks
    guan jun is not a man the more i look at him the more annoying he gets ugh someone roll him over

  • J

    jin ma is so annoying, telling terry to fuck off like wtf


      I know right… she is so narrow minded. you would think as a mother she’d want the best for her daughter but she always enforces her opinion on what SHE best onto da hua (like how she suggested not to accept liang yan’s father’s offer to being his god daughter) and doesn’t let da hua think for herself

  • JQ

    DA Hua, if you dare to break my man’s heart.. believe me, I WILL FIND OUT WHERE YOU LIVE, and I will introduce you to my best friend :Kitchen Knife

    • drama4ever

      Let me take my best friend with we me 2; AXE.
      Then lets go 2gether.

      • AegyoSua

        As well as bring GJ for making her always freaking sad when she needs to see TERRY is the man for her!!!

  • Leah Lin

    Da hua looks like she’s wearing two different wedding dresses/hairdos in the preview…8:11 and 8:30. i hope this doesn’t mean she bails out during the Terry Wedding and has another one with guanjun!

  • helen sin

    this is getting too fast-_-“..
    at least give dahua and terry a chance to date, so that dahua could have more chances to fall in love with terry:(
    i guess everyone know how this end up..dahua+guanjun..

  • teamterry

    have you guys noticed? in the beginning, towards the end of the theme song (at 0:41), Da Li gives Guan Jun 99 points and A Xi gives Terry 1372 points. obviously, that’s how much better Terry is!

  • Jenn

    i have a feeling that dahua’s going to end up with guanjun… and i don’t like it at all.

  • vicky

    is da hua stupid or possessed? terry’s treating her so nicely sincerely and shes giving him shit face? and da hua’s mom is such a shit face too! cant stand where this dramas heading ..

  • GG

    lol, this show is getting worse and worse, fast-forward for the win!

  • lb

    last minute of the finale, da hua wakes up from the dream.

  • Blossom

    Oh shit! I don’t think Terry is ending up with DH…..SOB!! 🙁


    ok fine da hua can end up with guan jun but can the producer make her revert back to her original self…. see if GJ willl like her then… He didn’t even like da hua in the first few episodes, remember when he said “”of course I won’t like your sis, if I were to like someone it would be that pretty girl (Liang Yan) from today.” He only went on a “date” with da hua on her birthday cause da li told him to….

    • Halo

      I can see where you’re coming from…but we also have to remember that he really missed her and stuff after she left…and that was when he also discovered it in his heart that he liked her.

  • Joe

    Im getting ready to hunt down the producer and kill him…

    • Blossom

      ME TOO!!!

      • devonski

        Count Me In For SURE!!!!!!!!!


    sorry but I can’t find Guan Jun’s “sacrifice” noble at all.. he’s only rejecting da hua because he’s plagued by his own insecurities (about having no career, about how he’s only manager because of Xiao Fei) and not because he thinks terry is the best for da hua..

    • lb

      you hit the nail on the head, insecurity not sacrifice. it has ALWAYS been about himself. his feeling, his view, his choice, his objectives…

      • ROYLOVE

        Totally agree!! I don’t even understand WHY da hua likes guan jun!! GJ actually questioned DH in ep 18 “what do you actually like about me” and if da hua wasn’t so stupid GJ’s words would’ve triggered her to reflect on her feelings and REALIZE the difference between sibling love and REAL terry love

    • Rose

      Agree completely!!! GJ is the worst, most-self absorbed, immature male lead ever. He pales so much in comparison to Terry… she’s an idiot for moping around for GJ all the time!!

      • ROYLOVE

        I reckon! I’ve never seen such a distasteful, irresponsible and self-absorbed main lead EVER. It’s ALWAYS about himself and he never considers things from other people’s perspectives

    • Halo

      OMG!! Best wording ever!!
      You’re logic is amazing <3

    • devonski

      Completely agreed with you, I can’t stand how Da Hua liking GJ. I like how Terry that has the confidence to really love Da Hua for how she really is, and present himself as a man that loves a woman.

  • Halo

    Oh. Dear. Lord….
    Something’s about to happen…and I feel like none of us are gonna like it….

  • 3838dot

    shouldn’t say yes when you are not sure about something!!!!!


    why do i have a bad sinking feeling after watching the preview…

    • 3838dot

      me too…. I bet its not going to work…. T_____________T

  • drama4ever

    DaHua better Love Terry 4 real. I will HATE this show if she says yes out of pity or something else and then Terry sees that she loves GJ and brings them 2gether. I MEAN IT. WE WANT DH LOVING TERRY AND ENDING UP WITH HIM

    • Guest

      i REALLY think you’re gonna hate this then…
      At this point, DH is still “in love” with GJ. She’s not gonna realize that she’s actually in love with a different man through her pain.
      With that being said. If she says yess to Terry’s proposal. It’s not gonna be out of pity…it’s going to be because she needs someone to use to get over GJ. In other words…Terry’s going to play rebound.

      • drama4ever

        I do not care how she’s gonna get over GJ, just that she does it. And I don’t think u are right about it 100%. I think she’s InLove with Terry. But believes she’s still inlove with GJ because of some childish fantasy she has had since she was a little girl. And growing out of that fantasy land she has but hasn’t realized it. She has been trough a lot WITH Terry. Comforting Terry trough all those painful moments. Feeling sorry 4 him, worrying 4 him and wanting 2 make him smile. Believe me or not but pity and feeling sorry is the 2nd step 2ward Love. And she’s already at step 4/5. She just need 2 realize it.
        Besides nobody likes GJ, so letting her end up with him is just plain stupid. I think the writers know that.

        • Rose

          Agree… feeling pity for someone means that you care for that person and want that person to feel happier… with time that grows into love. I just hope she doesn’t hurt Terry again… he’s been hurt so many times!

        • Halo

          No offense, your first sentence made you sound like an incompetent, fussy and spoiled brat that needs to get her way. No one wants to watch a drama where two people simply meet, fall in love, and get married all in one day with no reason right? No. Therefore, you SHOULD care about how she gets over GJ. Now that that’s out of the way, I will make it clear that I DO want DH to end up with Terry. But….
          As far as we know, DH grew up with GJ. They have allll those years worth of memories, and that’s not exactly something you can get rid of just because you played “wife” for a nice, caring, rich guy. We’ve all seen that she’s a nice girl. Wouldn’t that mean that it’s in her personality to be kind to someone who has helped her so flippin’ much (aka…Terry???)? Even if you weren’t THAT nice by nature, you’d still feel the urge to comfort someone during their hard times. You don’t have to be in love with someone to do that. Friends. Do. That. Too. I promise.
          And ha. You’re right. I don’t believe you. Since, by your logic. Simply becoming friends with someone is a step in falling in love with them. Sorry. But I’m not in love with anyone O.o. Logic fallacy on your part.

          • drama4ever

            Seriously..? She lived in the same house as Terry (by themselves) for a YEAR… Do that and then let’s see if u won’t fall 4 a guy like him. Love fades when u are out of reach. Well whatever childish love she had with GJ is gone… Beside a girl and guy can never bee REAL friends. There will always be some attractions cause it’s nature 2 produce those hormones. Maybe not all the time but during some situations.

          • Halo

            Ummm…except they didn’t live together “for a YEAR” as you so kindly put it. They got caught wayy before the year was up. Gosh kid. Keep up with the plot.
            And umm…boys and girls can’t be real friends? Sorry, we live in the 21st Century now. Plus. Get your facts straight. Sexual attraction is what is caused by hormones, not love. And plus..wouldn’t that just counter everything you said against GJ and DH? Since you know, they’ve had MORE THAN A YEAR together? Not friends right? They couldn’t be. 😉