King Flower (金大花的華麗冒險) Episode 18

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  • wen

    actually i watched this because of wen sheng hao(L. GJ) but now i ended up want da hua and Terry be together~ hehehee

  • nil

    is the song sung by James wen?

  • UGHH THIS IS SO UGHH she is so desperate for GJ

  • Lynn6

    Ending this drama in 20 episodes is way too rush now that we have gotten so far! Whether Terry ends up with Da Hua or not (although most of us wish that he does), Terry has truly CAPTURED our hearts. Well done Chris for such a convincing performance even though he is not the main lead, surely acts like one.

  • mika

    damn it!!! I seriously wish she can end up with TERRY!!! I dont really like Guang Jin. If he thinks Da Hua deserves better man, why he never think about himself? why is he so coward? where is his love? Is Terry presence really a good reason to give up? what a coward man!!! seriously i prefer Terry with DA Hua. somemore Terry knew that GJ purposely let him to have DaHua. in this point, I can see Da hua deserves much better love from Terry. GJ just better to be her brother forever. before Da hua change her appearance, HE just like her brother. whenever Da Hua care bout GJ (it was really obvious. we can see it again from 1st episode), GJ just respond as normal. when she become pretty, GJ feel like want to own her. Seriously, Please let Da hua and terry together. Terry is having enough hard time to lose his beloved girlfriendT.T

  • jtlt

    I have to retract some of my earlier comments. After viewing this episode and watching Da Hua pine for Lin Guan Jun, I think she’s one confused girl and may have real, genuine feelings for Lin Guan Jun. Terry might just be a side distraction?

    As charming as Terry is, does Da Hua really love him as much as she loves Lin Guan Jun? There might be the excitement of a newfound and novel experience with Terry (akin to a woman trying out her first pair of high heels), but Da Hua is as familiar and comfortable with Lin Guan Jun as a woman is with her favourite pair of ballet flats.

    The energy in this episode has changed somewhat. If the writers and producers are ending the Da Hua – Guan Jun story here, what do they have up their sleeves? They seem to be gearing towards reuniting them now. We were promised a surprising and unexpected ending. I saw a picture of a box of surgical tools in article at Koala’s Playground. Would Da Hua revert to her original visage? That would make neither man like her in the end, as superficial as they are ;P Or would Da Hua die? Go on a journey of self-discovery?

    I find the scene in the rain rather overused (and at times, fake). But the wet and cold encounter was impetus for Terry to declare his feelings, yet again, with much clarity this time. *melts* Just a few eps ago he was declaring his feelings and Da Hua, overwhelmed and saddened at the separation, collapsed straight into her mother’s arms. Have I seen this kind of passion emanating from Da Hua in relation to her and Guan Jun? Not that I can remember. There’s only this muted sadness now at losing what she had aspired to be (Guan Jun’s wife) and also not being able to reach the dreams that Da Hua and Guan Jun had together.

    It seems there is a clear overwhelming majority amongst the viewers conversant in English to ship Terry and Da Hua together. Many have expressed that they would go over and b****-slap the writers if Terry and Da Hua don’t end up together. But then again, seriously, did we really expect them to end up together until we saw their explosive chemistry? To be true to the original storyline, where a girl remains true to where she came from, where a girl, despite experiencing so much grandeur and newfound status, returns to a world where she felt she is most honest to herself and most authentic – that seems to be the main lesson here. After all, an adventure is always slated to come to an end.

    Viewers, looks like we are not in for a polarized ending, where one guy gets the girl to the exclusion of the other guy. I would feel devastated if the couple in question (Terry-Da Hua) don’t end up together, and my instincts are telling me now that they won’t. I wait with bated breath, a few more episodes to go!

  • lui

    Terry 演黄泰京应该不错

  • teamterry.


    • Blossom

      I love Terry & D Hua together!!! Plzzzzzzzzzz

  • Guest

    Really don’t feel like watching the rest of the episodes already . From what the drama has been plotting till now , It seems like the ending won’t be what most of us have been wanting for – 大花和Terry . If you all have read what Ms Koala have written for the last episode according to some photos taken by the official page in koalasplayground , it seems like she will go with GJ instead .
    我要Terry和大花!!! 哭哭~

  • RC


  • KN

    這幾個星期看這部戲, 越看越生氣, 不是戲不好看, 而是每次看到ㄧ些人的留言, 強烈地硬要把跟大花和Terry 湊在一起. 明明冠軍哥是那麼愛大花, 而且大花也是那麼愛冠軍哥, 你沒看到每次當大花跟冠軍哥在一起時, 才是最真實的她嗎?試問我們為什麼要追一部戲, 不就是衝著男女主角的魅力以及故事的感動來的嗎?為什麼要以網友的言論來改變劇情的走向呢?這樣, 使得我們當初因著男女主角追這部戲的人, 看得實在太辛苦了. 如果大花最後跟Terry, 我也不能怎樣, 對吧? 只是覺得追這部戲太浪費時間了; 但如果奇蹟出現, 編劇忠於初衷, 忠於夢想, 那我會給編劇大大按個讚, 表示這世上為理想努力的人, 仍大有人在. 註:溫昇豪和吳慷仁都是我很喜歡的演員

    • molly


    • Blossom

      If GJ really loves DH, then he should fight for it instead stepping aside for what??

  • lb

    sometimes what’s in a preview may not all be in the next episode, so there’s a possibility something happened in between.
    the drama fb moderator noted there will be surprising ending?!
    1-she ends up with GJ? duh, that’s given and poor writing, period.
    2-she ends up with Terry..what’s the surprise, it’s given considering their chemistry.
    3-she picks neither and goes study abroad (but where’s the $$$).

    where’s the surprise? i know 🙂 #4

    • lb

      and the only person who’s sure about his/her feeling is Terry.

  • smileyy25

    be hecka pissed if she doesnt end up with terry … guan jun only liked da hua because she became pretty, when she was ugly he didnt have the courage to date her,or say he likes her. Terry is a natural gentleman 🙂 always caring for da hua. Come on producers , let her be with Terry , its getting kinda draggy…

    • Guest

      But would Terry have like Da Hua when she was ugly to being with? He only like her because he change her look to look like Liang Yan he never got to meet DH as she ugly. Guan Jun on the other hand have see who DH really is before she was pretty. I think GJ like DH for who she is. His love or like for her is different from Terry because his way of show for her is different.

  • Rainey

    that part when they are discussing about the picture on the newspaper was so cute.

    Good job, Terry. Way to distract Da Hua by talking about the pictures. xD

  • JQ

    that’s it.. i’m going to make my boyfriend stand in the rain and look straight into my eyes with the same expression terry had when he was standing in the rain.

  • JQ


  • Zee

    Omg like seriously. I’m having a feeling that Da hua will reject Terry’s proposal… Terry’s going abit too fast… But I’m definitely on Team Terry!!

  • if she ends up with GJ i will kill the editor -_-

  • terry

    U…Gao…boring 🙁

  • you99

    大花+Terry <3

    • 8787940




    Best part of this episode was Terry standing in the rainnn with his brooding and concerning look hehe

  • rockinanime562

    I love Terry and Da Hua but Terry’s moving a little to fast. A proposal, really?!?


      I agree it’s a bit too fast, they need a bit more time for da hua to fall in love with terry but I think it’s cause the drama’s already done filming so this drama is going to end soon 🙁

  • exactlyjoy

    haha i guess, this is only my funny guess,
    she runs out of wedding .. go to GJ then everything looks messy .. She goes abroad for a year or two.. Come back … smile n End …
    by doing this all producer n editor team wont have to pick one of which. hahaha … badly wish my guess is totally wrong!!!

    • midori

      seems pretty possible especially if you look at the clues on fb..the script pic about a runaway bride, then the fb moderator saying nono, dont trust that, its goin to be a surprise some crappy writin like ur “bad” guess sounds very feasible to guna stop watching this show until it actually ends and i hear good reviews LOL

  • exactlyjoy

    y things seem going to GJ ?? come on … GJ is a nice guy , i admit .. but this series we need romance!!! Please switch back to terry ..

    The editor looks like they r not sure abt the ending of this series either. They keep distract everyone .. going to terry .. then move back to GJ … looks like they r still looking for the best n most satisfied one. COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! END it soon .. not drag this series too long

  • helen sin


    • midori

      lol yea tat i do not get at all either!! And i thot she’s goin to have an evil scheme when she found out about da hua being the fake liang yan earlier..but she didnt do nothing o.o? LOL….

  • samak


  • guest

    how many ep left?

    • jess

      i think 2…such a rushed ending.i dont even see da hua falling for terry not even now..she still calls GJ’s name when she’s sick like yep, i dont even feel she deserves terry anymore

  • I rooting for Terry!

  • Joe

    This ending is going to piss everyone off… i can see it already

  • liz

    hi i like 大花

  • liz


  • sammy

    i cant wait for ep. 19!

  • Joe

    this show is stupid! i dont even know wat their saying!

    • Blossom

      then DON’T WATCH! 😛

  • sexylady

    or kiss again

  • sexylady

    or make love

  • sexylady

    you can watch this show on ipad! i love terry! i want dahoa to be with terry! i want them to have sex!

  • hi

    getting married!

  • debby


  • Ds

    Why can’t be seen on iPad/iPhone?


    OMG. THE PREVIEW. MY HEART. TERRRRYY I still don’t trust the producers to give us a Da Hua-Terry ending though! Guarding my heart just in case it’s not the ending I want

  • phuong

    why do i feel like she is not going to pick Terry. I am going to be so pissed off if she ends up with GJ. Terry is such a great guy please pick him


      ikr… I feel like she’s not going to pick Terry either… one of the cast members uploaded a photo of da hua in a wedding dress with both guan jun and terry by her side so we don’t know who she’s going to end up BUT the actor playing the evil doctor uploaded a photo of the script on his weibo and the script that said da hua was running through the streets wearing a wedding dress and xiao fei was telling da hua that she was only pretending to date guan jun so da hua could be with terry and that guan jun still loved her so she can’t marry terry…….

      SERIOUSLY if that is the ending I’m going to be so pissed off and flip tables LOL

      BUT THEN the moderator of the FB page assured the ending was going to be a “unexpected” and “different” and the script photo wasn’t actually going to be the ending.

      • ROYLOVE

        OMG i bet the “unexpected” ending they’re referring to is da hua ending up with guan jun… because everyone thought she was gonna marry terry but NOOO she becomes a runaway bride and ends up with guan jun …..