King Flower (金大花的華麗冒險) Episode 17

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Tipster Rednimer
  • does anyone know what song is at 11:00 in part 3?

  • deeeeeee

    after looking at all the comments… if the producers don’t let terry and dahua end up together… i think everyone will start flipping tables and throwing eggs at the producers (just a metaphor) ~


  • exactlyjoy

    it’s getting wiered .. how can da li said all those to GJ ? it sounds so wiered to look down ur own brother who has passed all high n low together… the scene that 4 ppl sit & talk was so unreal. Who can talk about another guy while the couple is sitting together? so so so non sense.
    This is getting more draggy and lost .. the editor seems like they r finding the way to end up but , somehow, lost their way.
    Or, they just wanna give GJ the same important role as Terry to balance the rating n character. Both actors can b main actor who get the girl. let’s c what happend next … Hope DH can b wt Terry nicely.

  • cutiepie

    Where can I find one with subtitles?


    does anyone remember which episode was the one where terry thought to himself “da hua you are more and more like liang yan but I wish you weren’t so similar to her now” i saw it in the preview but never saw it in the actual episodes

    • midori

      dont think it was ever in any of the actual episodes..maybe it was cut out for the real thing

  • jiajia

    啊!! 欧阳泰、金大花,在一起在一起!!

  • jtlt

    The scene in Part 5, though cheesy, was so, so heartbreaking. Where Terry imagines a life with Da Hua and fantasizes having her around – I cried when he suddenly snapped out of each fantasy and realized he was alone. He then teared himself apart by indulging in the flashback of Da Hua talking about one-sided love and said to himself, “What am I thinking – loving someone who would never love me back.”

    The success of this show is mainly because you come to sympathize with all three characters in the love triangle. I am a clear Da Hua-Terry shipper, but I recognize the dilemmas and pain that Guan Jun is going through. Seeing the girl he actually loves (or thinks he loves) fall for another man but hold herself back just for him, is pure torture. So he’s making the brave decision to let go, albeit in an overly self-deprecating manner. But I do think that the love that he felt for Da Hua might have been a sibling kind of affection which turned out a little distorted by the fact that he was just too moved by her self-sacrificial example. So he reacted by thinking he was in love with Da Hua. You can beg to differ…

    Terry and Da Hua, however – it was a surprisingly beautiful and refreshing romance. She was the fearless girl who entered into his life without apologies and stood by him like a cheerleader when he suffered the greatest tragedy in his life – the death of his fiancee. She probably moved him by her sheer determination to be like Du Liang Yan, and when she did not lose her innocent self in the process. He was the guy who gave her confidence and saved her family financially when they needed it most. They both fulfilled each other’s greatest need at that moment, and through this they developed an unrivaled bond. Then he discovered that he really loved her for who she was and not who she was meant to ape (Du Liang Yan), and she subconsciously fell for him over time because she just cared too much. It helps that Chris Wu is unbelievably attractive and charismatic in this show.

    This show is complex, too, as Jin Ma said during the preview. The relationships are complex. Though Terry and Da Hua clearly like each other (and may even have some budding sexual chemistry), there is so much in the way. There’s the fact that Guan Jun is like an adopted son in the Jin family and the couple will have to live with him hanging over their shoulder. Then there’s living with the shame of having created a sham in the past – who can show their face in the company after that? There’s also the vestiges and baggage of Da Hua’s deep obsession with Guan Jun – it’s inbuilt in her as she’s loved Guan Jun romantically all her life, only to find that just when he loves her back, she’s already fallen for another man. It’s confusing for her, and the simpleton like her in terms of relationships, can’t deal with the fact that she is in love, real, passionate love, for the very first time.

    I have confidence in the producers of this show. It’s going to be a good resolution. Not because I know Terry and Da Hua will end up together, but because they won’t make a rash decision about this. They might even make an unpopular decision to not allow Da Hua to get together with either man, as there might be an uproar otherwise. I just know that the build-up to the rest of the show is not coming out of nowhere, and is for a purpose. There will be a thoughtful end.

    I’m enjoying this show so much!

  • TerryDaHuaFTW

    Sorry Guan Jun~ Da Hua is meant for Terry!!!! <3 u n her just stay as siblings would be best!! OMG!!! Pls pls pls let Terry and Da hua end up as a pair!! It's just so sweet to have a guy always be there for u~~ GOGOGO Terry!! Tell her sincerely that u love her!!! <3 <3 <3


    THE PREVIEW AH “are you treating as if I’m du liang yan again?” NOO DA HUA HE’S TREATING YOU AS IF YOU’RE DA HUAAAA

    ALSO I miss when Da Hua was always smiling and so happy about terry WHYYY does she have to avoid him and even say she doesn’t wanna see him again </3


    omg I hope this drama doesn’t go down the route where da hua and guan jun argue back and forth about whether they have a ‘future’. Guan Jun insisting Terry can give her a better ‘future’ and Da Hua saying she doesn’t care about all this blahblah she’s always like guan Jun and thus guan jun and da hua end up together : (


    what da li said to guan jun!! “your relationship with my sister is really weird, you can say you guys are siblings but you don’t seem like siblings, being a couple you guys don’t look it either. You know I always support you but can you really give my sister happiness?” OMG EVEN DA LI who’ve always supported guan jun is doubting them as a coupleee


    i like how terry doesn’t force her to do anything like … da hua felt uncomfortable so she said she was gonna go home and he let her go but her ankle was in too much pain which resulted in her falling on top of terry (hehe again). Then she told him to stop a few metres before her house and he let her walk by herself but she was in too much pain so THEN he insisted on piggy backing her SO CONSIDERATE :’)

  • Koo


  • Lynn6

    In part 3 when Da Hua hurt her feet, she is not comfortable with Terry massaging her feet … she is afraid of her inner feelings for Terry. Even when her brother asked her if she has been thinking of Terry in the last few days, she did not say NO but brushed it off.
    This is by far one of Chris’ best performance in a drama…this role as Terry really suits him and we all cannot help but FALL for him and feel sorry for Terry.


      I just watched part 3 too omg i swear she’s just suppressing her feelings because EVERYONE around her is questioning whether terry has feelings for her or vice versa so the MORE people ask her the more she thinks it’s “wrong” to have feelings/care for him


    oh wow for once I’m aligning with what da hua’s gambling dad said “du director and terry opened up da hua’s world which allowed her to experience many things that she couldn’t have if she stayed in this little small store”

    Isn’t the point of this drama about “da hua’s extravagant adventure”, it’s not an adventure if she just returns back to her small enclosed world after experiencing so much! I wanna see her mature, acquire new skills (whilst she was pretending to be liang yan) and do something more productive with her life than stay in her family store forever


    I can list so many OBSTACLES da hua and terry have to overcome in order to be together whereas if she’s gonna end up with guan jun just end the drama right here because she’s already back home and can live happily ever after with her guan jun… and isn’t the point of an OTP is to overcome plenty of obstacles in order to be together :'(

    if the director’s aren’t gonna give us a terry-dahua ending they should just end the drama right here and end our suffering


    OMG when da hua asked liang yan’s dad how’s terry doing and du director says “actually terry truly loves liang yan whole heartedly but you cannot blame death on anyone as it is out of our control. Since we’ve already lost Liang Yan, the only thing us, living people can do is to continue moving forward”

    Du Director is so kind and understanding!! OMG IS THIS FORESHADOWING THAT terry should move on with Da Hua so they can have a future togetherr!! Since Terry has already fallen for Da Hua and Da Hua is so fillial to Du Director why not get together (even though she looks exactly like terry’s dead fiance and du director’s dead daughter BUT AS LONG AS THEY DON’T TREAT HER LIKE A REPLACEMENT then everything’s fine and BESIDES terry DOESN’T TREAT Da Hua as a Liang Yan SUBSTITUTE anyway!!)

    omg du director said he wouldn’t object if terry and da hua started dating and eventually get married ahhhhhh even du director can see terry and da hua care for each other :’))

    lol me gotta stop analysing every single little thing as a sign that terry and da hua are gonna end up together

    • Nickie

      omg same here..every week after i watch an episode.i try to look for clues that they will pair da hua + terry together >,< It's such an obsession..but the more i do, the more i think they really won't!!!! WHAT A SHAMEEE..why cant the scrip writer see everyone's wishes!!!

      • ROYLOVE

        cries i’ve never wanted the main girl to end up with the second guy so much! Chris Wu made Terry such an enamouring character that the main lead, Guan Jun just seems so immature, bland, unappealing in comparison

  • shanshan

    Ep 17 part 4 at 12:11 when the 2 guys were driving the truck, they use fake backdrops to make it look like they were really driving on the street. SO FAKE! I got a good laugh. Though such visual trick was long gone!

  • sunshine

    ugh! this episode sucked ! 🙁
    the only thing that made me jump off my seat was the last part and the preview ~
    Terry is a better option for DaHua ~
    Team Terry all the way 😀
    ugh GJ is just stupid … if he get fired from the fat old man’ company .. he can still handle his little business with DaLi with the truck -.-
    he just dont think.. but well thats a good thing for terry ! <3
    looking forward the next ep 😀
    cant believe that dahua went back home and she started to act, talk & think like an idiot ~ -.-

  • Lialia


  • kyc

    i think shes gna end up with terry

  • JQ

    dear producer, can you please take da hua out of the casting crew, and replace her with me? don’t worry, I will be a WAYYYY better actress, I promise, I will be all over terry.. and I don’t mind fall on him 🙂 thank you for your time and effort 🙂

    Sincerely ,

    miss I want da hua’s role.

    • Nu

      lol lol join the queue!

  • 妮可

    BLEHHH i’m so pissed. I hate 冠軍, he’s irritating. I really want 大花 to end up 歐陽泰!!! he cares about her, like genuinely cares for her wellbeing, unlike 冠軍 and he’s always thinking about 大花. so sweet :’)

  • MINT

    Da Hua needs to end up with Terry!!
    however, i don’t think they are going to pair Da Hua and Terry together…it is obvious that she still likes GJ :'(
    please stop torturing Terry!

  • drama4ever

    OMG Terry! I’am team Terry all the way.!
    Damn I’am loving this drama. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a guy like Terry. Omg since “Autumns Concerto” with Vaness. I remember watching the guy playing Terry there and felt he was good but didn’t like him that much. Here he gives me the same vibes as Vaness. He SOOOO freaking HOT.

  • carol

    yeah!! it’s finally out