King Flower (金大花的華麗冒險) Episode 16

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  • 030


  • bbcream

    where is episode 17?? i tought it should be out today? =

  • Blossom

    where’s episode 17??

  • PG

    所以女主角都會是選有錢的那個 lol!!

  • joy

    btw , what is the song using on the KISSING scen ?

  • Joy

    please dont do the poll as once drama ever did b4 ( i love u so much ) .. Considered the whole plot, there is no way LY will end up wt GJ as whole story focuses more on Terry. Otherwise, the plot is too wiered and aimed only to confuse audience and also not reasonable at all.

  • joy

    what a HOT=IMPRESSED kiss … i was so touched by the word WO AI NI!!!


    omg i can’t wait for episode 17 i keep re-watching the first half of this episode :’)

  • whenpigsfly

    LOL at Da li’s dramatic princess kiss. haha

  • whenpigsfly

    Liang Yan’s father seem so kind!

  • 232

    Terry的勇敢我好愛 ♥_♥

  • bb

    大花被親這麼久 也沒抗拒 <3
    一定也對Terry產生情感 ^______^

  • jtlt

    Omg… the scene where Da Hua leaves Guan Jun’s stuffed toy gift and takes the goldfish that Terry gives her is symbolic… it’s a good sign!

    And that smoldering look that Terry gave Da Hua before kissing her and declaring his love! That must have taken the cake for one of the best “caught by surprise” moments in drama history. I bet Da Hua didn’t see that coming. Her hug with mum was so heartwrenching. She loves him without knowing why!

    This seriously bodes well for Da Hua – Terry shippers… if not, the writers would not have thought of dragging this for so long. Or maybe I am just deluded…


      OMGOSH i remember you from ti amo chocolate and sweet sweet bodyguard!! 😀

      I TOTALLY AGREE ITS SYMBOLIC that she left the grey bear at terry’s house.. ALSO how she clutched onto the goldfish even when terry was kissing her! if she was super shocked she could’ve dropped the goldfish box and everything would shatter but nup she only dropped the umbrella so it HAS TO BE A SIGN

      • jtlt

        Yes hello roylove I remember you too! Any dramas worth watching? I try to fill my recreation time with more serious pursuits, like reading Wilde and Kafka, haha… but I have taken a liking to this series! It has an interesting storyline.

  • jtlt

    It’s quite obvious from the opening credits that the writers didn’t know who she should end up with… but after the explosive chemistry that Da Hua and Terry had, I think they are leaning towards making them get together in the end. I hope it’s not an open-ending, I’d hate for that! Lots of Da Hua- Terry shippers. But I wonder what the reaction like is in Taiwan… if the Taiwanese fans are shipping Da Hua-Terry, it’s likely to go that way too.

    There are some parts of this drama which are really implausible, Guan Jun’s sudden wave of success and the entire plot to get a replacement Liang Yan by making another girl undergo plastic surgery. This made for some good fun though.

    Creepy plastic surgeon cum emergency doctor finally makes an appearance! What puzzles me is what happened to Liang Yan’s mother… I don’t know whether I missed something, did Liang Yan’s mother pass away when she was young or something? Otherwise it’s a bit strange to leave her out of the momentous scene when Liang Yan’s dad finds out the truth about her death.

  • The way she forgot the gray doll and how she was holding on the gold fishes…wake up Da Hua.

  • oh my this episode is sooo good! my Terry is so good. the kiss, oh my that kiss in the rain can’t get any more perfect! i swear i couldn’t stop smiling and i was a mess after this scene…these two deserve a happy ending.

    Can’t wait for the next episode..a piggyback. seriously i think the writers want to kill me,

  • bb

    想到大花要離開 Terry一定很難受 ==

    他回憶的都是大花了 O_O

  • cawoes

    awwww. da li and ah xi were the hilarious ones. da li,”i’ve left a mark on you and you are my woman”. classic!

  • koo


  • lb

    let me guess, she ends up with neither men & a lame open ending. TW dramas love open endings these days because writers falls short in concluding the storyline they laid out.. i sure hope this drama doesn’t suffer the same consequence.
    Da Hua & Terry, who else?!

  • drama4ever

    In the preview when the reporters asked DaHua what kind of relationship she had with GJ, did he say “no relationship”?

    • wiiTneSs

      Siblings relationship

      • drama4ever

        Ahh tnx 🙂

  • paperdoll

    fast forwarded other parts without terry and da hua….. Omg can’t wait for next week’s episode where he piggy backs her! someone pls pass chris wu an award for having the sexiest stare ever

  • Lynn6

    Part 3 – Da Hua looks and feels confused after the kiss from Terry. Well…does look like she has feelings for Terry but feeling of love or feeling of concern? When Guan Jun tells her “that is the reason he likes her”…not much reaction from Da Hua.
    We are all hoping to see a Terry and Da Hua ending. On the one hand, I don’t want to see this drama end too quickly but at the same time, cannot wait to see the conclusion.

  • 030

    好感動 = =
    一定要和TERRY在一起 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    林冠軍怎麼能和妹妹談戀愛 噁心 .

  • Blossom

    Honesty is the best policy!


    omg when terry walked over and kissed her and said “i love you thank you” afterwards I MELTED and SO GLAD da hua didn’t immediately pushed him away omg she didn’t push him away at all ahhhhhhhh

  • Guest

    I like this drama in general especially Da Hua and Terry. They make a good couple. The one complaint is 林冠軍’s character. How does one who used to be such a loser not accomplishing anything or hold down any job suddenly be a successful businessman? It’s too much of a stretch and not believable. I believe people can change how they relate to others but they cannot do something they had no prior knowledge/experience overnight. Besides, he only got the piece of land through blackmail and not by any other abilities. How can someone like him have the wherewithal to run a company!

  • LULZ


    • 0_0

      I was about to post my comment on this too. How in the world did this old man get an acting role in the first place?

  • hotshotace

    Part3 00:37那種表情… 林冠軍GG了….

  • hotshotace

    Part 3 那種表情… 林冠軍GG了….

  • hotshotace

    okay forget about wut i said last episode… She should end up with Terry

  • please end up with terry i love him

  • ohhh the way terry says “Da Hua, wo ai ni ” I just died
    it’ s heartbreaking !!!!!

  • QQ

    ohhhh love love love~~~~

  • amy


  • fourjyip

    Da Hua….loves Terry, plssssssssss….

  • sugarcoatedlies

    so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet <3

  • viewer

    please end up with terry <3<3 so damn charming <3 I love him ahhhh <3

  • Joe

    that rain scene…. OMFG!! GO TERRY!!

  • Guest

    Whr can i still watch this show instead over here?

  • babyangel1317

    she better end up with terry i love him

  • guest

    OMG there like two kissing scene in this episode. A Xi & Da Li kiss scene was so cutie. Than you have JDH & Terry kiss scene in the rain.

  • momo

    thanks !♥

  • Dan