King Flower (金大花的華麗冒險) Episode 14

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  • swish

    Hate to say it, but her friends and GJ all sound like over possessive and undereducated countrymen. They have such old fashioned philosophies on what should and shouldn’t happen. Aside from the fact that they’re trying to force her into making decisions to their liking, they’re also manipulating her into conforming to their mentalities. All it says is that they do not trust her enough to make her own decisions as an adult. Nobody can learn without first making mistakes. You can’t call it an educated decision without first having taken lessons.

  • So far at this point, I don’t see any hope of Terry ending up with DH (even though I am a Terry-DH shipper). DH is so in love with GJ and will be even more touched if she knew that GJ settled her dad’s gambling debts and had to ‘sacrifice’ to work for the mafia boss. At this moment she has zero love for Terry and had avoided any physical contact with him for GJ’s sake. She looked so uncomfortable with Terry when he tried to be close to her. It is really frustrating and it hurts so much to see Terry’s pain.

  • Guest

    James Wen is a very nice guy and acts well, but, I am sorry, he is NOT a leading man quality. He looks like 大花’s uncle or 哥哥. Chris Wang seems more like a lover and leading man. Normally enjoyed watching scenes with James in it in other dramas, but this one just skipping all scenes with him in it, esp. with that annoying chubby old man who plays the mafia don.

  • ilycl


  • Lynn6

    Most of us in this forum have really fallen for Terry…his acting was not so convincing at the beginning of this drama but he has truly won us over!! For a love drama, chemistry between the couple is so important, does not matter that Terry is not the main lead actor but he practically is, having a lot of screen time. This is really one of Chris’ better performance!

  • Tria

    I guess i’m the only one who feel bad for 杜亮妍 T_T

  • sunshine


    cant believe the truth its about to come out !!

    nooooo 🙁 i love watching terry and dahua together !


    this episode was a lil bit boring ~

    and the ghost thing was a lil bit creepy ^n^

  • Barbie

    Da hua should just remember how much she has loved Guan Jun. Terry is at fault for altering her looks, make her impose as Liang yen. He has no right to fall in love with her after so much that she has gone through. He was always thinking of himself. It is about time we Da hua think about what she really wants instead of always sacrificing for people whom she loves.

  • Guan jun gor

    I don’t understand why people are saying guan jun looks old, looks the same age as terry. But I do agree there’s no chemistry between guan jun and da hua. Before the make over there was definitely alot fun and intrigue between them but not now.

    • drama4ever

      Actually GJ looks a lot older than Terry. Maybe because he is older irl. lol

  • anonymous

    I like both guy, however it bothers me to see how Guan Jun is all over Da Hua now. I’m sure it’s mainly because of her new look. Most guys are very visual so can’t blame him. I just don’t believe he’d accept Da Hua so willingly, if she’s still ugly.

    Oh, and what’s up with that freaking loser gambling dad. Stupid out of control weak man.

  • xiaotianshi

    I don’t like Guan Jun either, he looked so old (more like an uncle than a boyfriend feel lol) plus no chemistry at all with Da Hua!!! Both of them together doesn’t give me an “awwww” moment like Terry and Da Hua do. Every time Guan Jun appeared, he’s jealous and mad which is very annoying. Can’t he trust Da Hua and be considerate to her current position?

  • CW

    To my, guan jun is like a brother to her or a father to her. The way he takes care of her and everything is too brother like. I dont see them together at all. Guan jun looks too old for da hua. Terry is more like the guy that likes a girl but won’t say it. The way da hua treats terry is more like a crush but she just doesnt know yet. But I dont like how Terry handle the situation at this moment, he looks to evil. He seems like he would do anything to take dahua back to him. I dont like guan jun the most because every time he would be asking da hua to make sure if she likes him or not. Like STFU why are you so scared for? Urgh, so I’m more into Terry’s side cause once you let go of someone, they are no longer yours and Guan jun is a bitch for doing that.

  • JQ

    Reality check: Da Hua doesn’t live in a real world. because by now.. she’d have gotten few slaps on her face.

  • Cindy Ruan

    Does anyone know which version of Canon in the show? Thanks 🙂

  • drama4ever

    I’am with TERRY all the way. No matter what.!!
    I think he’s gonna have it the hardest through the drama. I don’t want him 2 suffer. Hope DaHua ends up with him.

  • helen sin


  • Valerie

    看到大花跟冠軍的談情畫面, 表示很無感, 心底裡更暗自許願, 千萬不要接吻呀…不要不要… !! 如果他們將來有床戲的話, 相信我會嘔吐! 他們太沒有chemistry啦, 只是像兄妹, 看他們卿卿我我簡直就是對觀眾的折磨!
    相反的, Terry跟大花之間, 只是一個眼神, 已經足夠讓人心動! 建議大家可以到台視官網的節目討論區留言, 希望可以撮合大花跟Terry~~!

  • Joe

    The storyline is kind of repeating itself :S

  • storyoratory

    What is the name of the song during the trailer at the end, around 8?

    • leantower60

      It’s 何苦 by James Wen.

      • abc123

        aka guan jun

  • Blossom


  • Mimi Zhang


    • prince charming

      last! mwah! xxx