King Flower (金大花的華麗冒險) Episode 12

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Tipster Rednimer

    omg da hua is so dumb for choosing a gift that is unique to both her and her mother!! her cover was blown way too easily

  • lala

    HAIZZZZ!! I don’t think the ending will be the one I like….. But still….. plsss go with terry larhhh!!


    i don’t like this move.

  • miisy

    i share the same feelings as everyone else! i really hope she will end up with terry but im certain terry has no chance. the dramas ending soon & so far dahua still has no feelings for terry, so obviously shes not gonna suddenly fall in love with him in the last few episodes! its sad, terrys character has so much more going on than guan juns, why was the script writer such a idiot! the shows gonna either make her end up with guan jun or shes gonna end up with no one, and were left with a open ending. fml. i hate those endings the most….

  • Blossom

    what if Terry’s secretary let the cat out? she knows everything……

  • Mitz

    Like Ming Dao in Frog Prince where he was not liked initially as overbearing and a cold, rich brat, Terry would eventually win the heart of the lead gal. My 2 cents’ worth.

  • Guest

    seeing the preview makes me not want to watch the next episode..does the writer have to do this to fans??? make terry evil just so da hua and guan jun can make some sense?! =.= so stupid

  • Shanshan

    The acting was fantastic when mom found out the true identity of her daughter. WOW just WOW! They made me cry!

  • MBoo

    I don’t like how I can’t watch this on my iPad 🙁 wish it was compatible like the other dramas

  • Tammy

    I want her to be with Terry

  • haha

    Love it when terry puts down his fringe!

  • Lol

    I saw the pics alrdy more likely da Hua wif terry… 😀

  • i wan the dahua to with the terry lah haha… jiayou oo terry


  • 232


  • 030

    TERRY好帥哦 >< !!!!!!!!!!!!
    他越希望大花不樣像亮研一樣再次離開他 .

    棒 ~ Terry加油 …………..

  • Sunshine

    Ahh I’m dying ! Can’t wait for the next episode !
    Awww finally her family knows the truth 😉
    Terry is right, DaHua deserves a better man for her after all the hard work she has done 😀 she should end up with him !!
    I wouldn’t mind if she end up with GJ but I found him a lil bit irritating ,sometimes I can’t stand him…
    But well..
    Let see 😉
    Looking forward the next episode 😀
    She looks so pretty with the wedding dresss !! Aaaahh

  • JJQ

    EMERGENCY( life threatening) MY FOLLOW SUGO PEEPS!!! can anyone provide a method where i can convince the director to change the script make terry and da hua as a couple and not the other way around!

  • JC

    “The furthest distance in the world
    Is not the distance between life and death
    But you don’t know I love you when I stand in front of you”


  • Guest

    Ugh! Big eye circle contact lenses make Ah Shi look startled (in shock). Don’t know why many young girls go after such look. Leave those for Coslay!

  • Guest

    Can someone tell me in this episode did the mom finger it out JDU came to see her onher birthday?

  • as

    it would be retarded if da hua ended up with guan jun. they dont even have a story in the drama. feelings can change and da hua needs to be with terry!

  • eun

    The drama would be more interesting for Terry to be the lead. Just because his character has more conflict to work through in order to be with the heroine than the male lead. He’s recovering from a beautiful first love; his rich, she’s not; she’s got the dead fiance’s face; their accomplices to a big and life altering lie with enormous consequences; he has the looks, she doesn’t; he has a crackling chemistry with her and are learning from each other and growing as a person in each other’s company; on top of that she’s in love with a childhood friend. If he manages a believable happy ever after with her with all those on his shoulder then that’s a great drama and hero.

    In contrast, the other guy’s conflict just pales in comparison; he’s got the advantage of growing up with her and recipient of her loyal affections from the start; he has complete knowledge of her past and personality; the same social status; and now after years of just lazing around he’s suddenly a genius strategist in business and apparently has suddenly realized that he’s in love with the heroine; and he’s an all around good looking nice guy. Plus the starting and ending credits emphasize that he’s the lead.

    As of the moment I’m not completely sure if any of the male lead would have realized or nurtured affection with the heroine if she had remained with her original face. Now, if Terry doesn’t just suddenly turn evil like the preview seem to hint then I’m totally on board the Terry ship. If he does turn suddenly turn evil when all past episodes indicate that he’s tender, loving and good then that is just poor plot and character writing.

    • Jtlt

      Great analysis. I agree totally, Terry is more complex than Guan Jun as a character. But I don’t know whether the complexity and the hint of darkness/deception in his character would have driven him over the edge to become a totally sinister character. According to the “making of” clips, the end was an open one and totally dependent on the audience feedback and writer’s tweaks. Hope that Da Hua ends up with Terry, if not a zillion fans of this show will revolt.

      • eun

        True, There are a few more episodes left. I wonder if the writers are gonna thrown in some birth secret in the plot to spice up Guan Jun’s character. After all not much is known about his own family and how he came to live with Da hua. Even still, I doubt it will make their pairing more palatable at this point. As long as they continue with Terry’s character development with a sensitive pen then he has the edge on this.

        • lb

          i’m completely on board with both of you. solely on chemistry alone, Da Hua has a tender & blossoming bonding with Terry, where as Guan Jun, he’s only comes across as a childhood big brother. at this point and it’s already mid way to the plot, it’s very hard to grasp any romance between them two. but knowing how some TW writers tend to doze off, i sure hope they don’t stray on this drama, it’s moving along at a good pace. in addition, please don’t give us an open ending, that’s just poor closure on the writer’s skill set.

    • drama4ever

      Terry is the lead guy. Lol

      • Lizbeth


        • drama4ever

          Yeah I’am pretty sure of that

    • miisy

      omg i sooo agree with you! that is exactly what i was thinking!! i hate the idea that this could of been an amazing drama, but everythings just falling under the mark at the moment!

  • drama4ever

    She better end up with Terry. 4 me this drama is all about him <3

  • drama4ever

    This drama is all about Terry. They better let her end up with Terry. And they better not make Terry turn evil.

    • Halo

      I’m fairly certain that the producers wanted to make it seem like GuanJun is the lead. In the beginning song thingie, they purposely had Dahua turn into this eloquent and beautiful princess-ish thing and was forced to choose between Terry and Guanjun. Before she is able to choose though, her mom crumples up what i assume is kind of like her “dream”, and Dahua is forced to go back into her not-so-eloquent house, still wearing the fancy clothing. Personally, I saw that as “even though she might like Terry and vice versa, she’s trapped within her boundaries.” Therefore, it would make sense that Guanjun is the lead.

      I am all for Terry getting Dahua, he’s too good to her to NOT get her. But i’m just saying, Terry really isn’t seeming like the lead male here…

      • drama4ever

        U have a point there but the way I see it is that each time she want’s to take the ring from Terry first and she’s always leaning toward him when they both stand beside her in the intro. I don’t know but as fare as I’ve watched other taiwanese dramas I think Terry is the lead. He seems fare to good not to be + he got all the attributes most lead guys in dramas has. And his part in the drama has a lot of story wrapped to it. To much 4 him not to be the lead. Ohh and the story about her getting surgery looking like his fiancee and falling inlove with her after. I really think they have chosen him as the guy she ends up with otherwise they wouldn’t build the story up like this. If they crash his character after all this people will get mad and crazy as hell. This drama will be a flop. And I think the producers knows that. Beside we all know that we like guys with atributes like Terry. >Rich from start, smart/clever aka high IQ, hot, sweet, caring, gorgeous face with captivating emotions when he looks at her, loves with all his heart, businessman-minded and strong.< That's the kind of a lead-guy I always fall for. Seriously. 😀

  • Blossom

    and Guan Jun is a nice person.

  • Blossom

    I can bet that Da Hua will eventually ends up with Guan Jun; she always keep her promises….

  • @.@

    i just hope 大花 won’t end up alone, not choosing any one;s

    • miisy

      i have a horrible feeling thats exactly how its gonna end! shes probably gonna go somewhere to study or whatnot, few years later comes back & were left guessing who shes gonna be with! otherwise she probs gonna end up with guan jun, terry has no chance. sigh

  • Halo

    I hope this drama doesn’t end up like 终极一班2, where the lead actress ends up with the guy most don’t want her to end up with..
    Go Terryyy~~

  • Halo

    I hope that this drama isn’t going to turn out like 终极一班2, where the lead actress ends up with the guy most people don’t want her to end up with…

    Go Terryyy~~!

  • imhungry

    sausages Dx

  • Joe

    Got a feeling Terry is going to turn evil…

  • Ssk

    Can’t watch

  • JC

    weeeeeeeeee new episode~!