King Flower (金大花的華麗冒險) Episode 11

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  • vian


  • lb

    Please fix the videos, it’s down again. Why is this drama keep having viewing issue?

  • yunaaaaaa

    Wow she doesn’t end up with Terry?
    LOL i guess I won’t watch the ending then 🙂

  • LOL

    阿喜 haha xD

  • Benedict

    大花重情重意 难得

  • ChocoLateFrapee


  • Chrishy

    I feel so sorry for Terry because Du Liang Yan died

  • Rainey

    If Da Hua doesn’t end up with Terry, I’d be very sad….

    and today is such a plot twist! :O

  • Henry

    I feel like there is going to be a disaster and depressing/sad to watch at the end. One possibility is guan jun tells her mother and they will storm through terry’s business location and makes things TERRIBLE

  • drama4ever

    OMG Terry and her is SOOOO cute 2gether. I LOVE TERRY
    He’s so different from Autumns Concerto. I liked him there but GOSH I’am loving and adoring him 2 bitses here. He’s sooo damn smexy

  • Joy

    Terry asked her to leave him twice!!! .. the last time he had someone driven her home … in my opinion, he doesnt use DH in feeling mode. He is more likely to be opened to real DH ( since DH & LY charactor n’ behaves r totally different ) .. he starts to like DH as she really is. Ofcourse , loneliness n familiarity r the key and also the story is more about Terry than GJ, his company & others. There has been not much story abt GJ except the street boy so far. Terry is so warm n nice .. Hahaha .. I, personally, like to see DH ends up with Terry more than GJ 😛

  • love_ KF

    she’s better with terry<3

  • Jtlt

    This is such an awesome drama… I love the dilemmas that each character is put in. And surprisingly, I’m rooting for Terry to be with Da Hua, no matter what he’s done against Du Liang Yan’s family. There’s just more chemistry between him and Da Hua.

  • Velene Yu

    oh dear…. lookin forward to next episode! ;P

  • Kris



    Terry is seriously damn sweet to her lah . ): It’s like the past eleven episodes are all mostly Terry and Da Hua scenes !!

  • 030

    真的好喜歡Terry <333333

  • y


  • Theresa

    🙁 can’t see.

  • Love _KF

    Link down??? Please fix it soon

  • Lb

    Videos are down, please fix them. Thanks much!

  • how

    I want her to end up with Guan Jun!!! He was supposed to be with her from the beginning! Jinghua is just REPLACING Terry’s gf T_T

  • jade

    The writer really needs to make it right for Terry. There is no point watching this drama if Da Hua ends up with Guan Jun.

  • shanshan

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Poor mom is gonna find out Jin Da Hua has never left!

  • as

    if she doesnt end up with terry this drama will suck

    • Vet

      I agree. 99 percent of the fans want Da Hua to end up with Terry, and I am sure most will be greatly disappointed if she does not end up with him.

  • AL

    I feel sorry for Terry that Du Liang Yan death but I don’t want Jin Da Hua to end up with him. I think he using Jin Da Hua as an excuse to not want to get over DLY so he can keep JDH to be with him because he doesn’t want to lose her to Lin Guan Jun. Also I don’t understand why Jin Da Hua doesn’t care about her family any more. In the last episode she seem to care a lot about her family now it seem like she forgot her family and playing the rich girl.

    • Cindy

      she knows her family is doing fine. She just wants to help Terry that is in a very difficult situation. Terry himself made her go to home 2 times! If she doesn’t want to, it isn’t his fault and he isn’t using her since she is person who wants to stay and help him.

  • oooops

    they are yelling so loud in the office… how can the truth still be hidden? Everyone on the floor can hear! unless the doors and walls are soundproof.

  • Blossom

    Tery is using Da Hua…..hope Da Hua will eventually ended up with Guan Jun

    • Jiajia

      yeah, he was using her at first, but he wants whats best for her now. I mean…he sent her home…

    • el

      he wasnt really using her because she knows the truth and she agreed now theyre slowly falling for each other

  • mint

    I really dont wanna watch the rest of this drama if she is going to end up with guan jun… terry is sooooo much better than guan jun!!

  • Halo

    ok. she NEEDS to end up with Terry…he’s so much better to her and for her…

    • haha

      agree 😀 but sadly she made the wish to be with… at the lantern thing so there’s little chance this drama that she will end up with terry

      who knows there maybe a twist

  • jener

    Aww! i feel so sad, when she say she wd not fall in love with terry. she wd probably end up with guan jun cause he is the supposedly male lead 🙁

  • jojo


  • JC

    I don’t know about you, but this series is ALL ABOUT TERRY!

    <3 Terry~!!!

    • rm

      Terry covered up his fiancee’s death, her parents didn’t even get to mourn her -that’s psychopathic!

      • Cindy

        this is the only thing that bothers me. Her parents deserved to know and to mourn about only daughter.

  • debby


  • TT

    so excited for this ep!!!!