King Flower (金大花的華麗冒險) Episode 10

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  • lovetaiwan

    yes i agree too! I hope she end up with Terry… a better choice.

  • Guest

    Can’t see video

  • 030

    Terry 真的很帥欸

  • pet name

    Wu KangRen is so good in both “What Is Love” (花是愛)and this drama!
    I’m a fan now.

  • pinkyb

    I have a major Chris bias, however, I still can’t quite agree with what Terry has done. So while I am torn between the two, I still think it makes sense that she end up with GJ. But GJ has a long way to go in order to prove himself a better man. His past isn’t so great and she knows that, but it’s what he does going forward that makes the difference. I hope that he can change for the better.

  • Blossom

    My heartfelt for Terry…….:(

  • Cyndi lee

    Why I can’t view the video!:(

  • Lynn6

    This drama is really getting better and better…Chris’ acting (as Terry) has really picked up as the drama progresses! Gosh…he has truly fallen heads over for Da cute to see him threw the drawing to cover the toy!! He asked Guan Jun if he likes her now because of her looks now…actually I wonder too whether Terry would have fallen for Da Hua if not in Liang Yan’s appearance

  • Blossom

    Da Hua is simple, but honest….hope the best for her.

  • Kris

    我希望大花跟Terry在一起 拜託拜託!!

  • sl

    杜董病倒了..會不會就這麼去世了 或者臨終前得知女兒去世的消息..

  • lb

    Can’t see the videos.


    Terry seems like he has already fell deeply in love w/ her. I’m just hoping that she is not his rebound girl or simply just a replacement.

  • Huixin

    Y I can’t view e video? ><

  • JC

    月有陰晴圓缺 人有悲歡離合…

    看了下集預告 只有淡淡的哀傷…

  • Sandy

    Terry <3

  • Sunshine

    Im so in love with this drama !!
    Aww.. Terry is so caring when he’s with dahua <3
    Looking forward the next episode !
    Keeps getting better ! Can't wait!

  • guest

    WTF? clarisonic ad placement??

    • Kelly

      LOL it was so random..

    • elie

      lmao it realli was SO random o.O

  • ally_ht

    OMG She’s so adorable when she spoke a bunch of English words and then went “Terr~ry”.

  • miisy

    oh man i really wish she ends up with terry!!!!

  • ewnnewk


    • guest

      真的 這才是最匪夷所思的地方

    • Daphne

      yea man..feels like the father’s guna want to kill terry when he finds out his daughter is already dead, he didnt get to say bye to her and he’s been living in this lie all this time…o god

    • kyc

      according to the preview.. looks like the father is gna get sick n probably die not knowing that his real daughter is dead..

  • RandomFellow

    First One! 😀