King Flower (金大花的華麗冒險) Episode 09

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  • NN

    King Flower is not working -.-

  • kuk

    I can’t se this episode ? what has happend?

  • ron

    全部影片都被移除了, 看不到了!!

  • ugh

    This may sound offensive to some, but it’s only the truth. It’s commoners like the mother that are just too simple minded they ARE simpletons. They lack the natural instinct to ward off conniving bitches.

  • Guest

    Hope that annoying secretary Lene Lai won’t ruin this drama as she did with TI Amo Chocolate… After her role became more prominent that’s when we stopped watching TAC.

  • eleize

    the chemistry between guan jun and da hua is sooo much less exciting than terry and da hua..maybe it’s also cuz of chris wu’s awesome acting skills

  • Velene Yu

    woah. i almost had a heart attack near the last part when guanjun called out da hua’s nickname XD lookin’ forward to next week’s! Why oh why… do we have to wait for a week?! T.T

  • jess

    i knowww i only wanna watch terry and da hua’s story/love develop..i wish there wasn’t another male lead..pls pair da hua and terry together!!

  • observer

    they should drink some wine before getting in the pool…

    • tiffany

      i agree

  • Annonymous

    Who took the pictures for Liang Yan and Terry? lol

    • smileyy

      thats what i wondered too.. it seems like a lot of dramas do that..

  • lb

    Don’t quite understand why they picked this older male lead, guan-jun to pair with a younger female lead. I know this actor is more popular than the actor plays terry, but he looks like her older brother, if not, young dad. Unlike some older actors who can pull off playing a younger role, he looks his age. there’s nothing wrong except in this youthful, vibrant storytale, he’s not a good pick. The chemistry isn’t there, very forced.. argh, she needs to pair with a more convincing male lead or i definitely go with

    • lb

      With terry. But 9/10 asian dramas end with pairing the leads..

      • smileyy25

        so guan jun is the main lead?

        • Info

          Guan Jun 溫昇豪 is 35 – Da Hua 謝欣穎 is 27 – Terry 吳慷仁 is 30 and the secretary Kai Le 賴琳恩 will only be 24 this year but she looks more mature than her age

        • elieze

          seems to be that way but i so hope they pair terry and da hua together in the end

    • Guest

      How old is the actor who play guanjun?
      Is he older than the one who plays terry ?

    • Miisy

      I agree, but I don’t think his too old for the girl but rather he looks too old for his character! He looks way to mature & business-like for his character. For one, his clothes do not suit him at all! It’s so awkward to look at! I think they should changed the actors characters! I think the guy who plays terry can do both characters, while the other definitely looks better playing the rich, mature, suit-wearing type! I wish they made this drama just about terry & the girl, I don’t like the other one, his love story with the main girl is just so boring!!

    • jj

      Chris Wu (Terry) is very popular too. He was the main cast of Autumn Concerto and Main lead for What is love.

  • phuong vuong

    The story is finally picking up I cannot wait for next weeks episode

  • Blossom

    Love it!

  • JC

    Da Hua has had a breach of contract ALREADY….LOL

    But I guess Terry is falling for her, so that doesn’t matter…kekeke

  • linda

    那些愛覬俞別人錢財地位的人, 很賤!!! 想盡辦法要打聽別人的隱私. 不管老板要做什麼事, 那是他的自由! 真不懂這些小人的想法!!!

  • hii