King Flower (金大花的華麗冒險) Episode 08

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Tipster Rednimer

    terry is so sad and da hua is so oblivious :((((

  • kyc

    i wanna cry for terry… hes so sad but can’t tell anyone…poor thing

  • :(

    Terry 真可怜…

  • jess

    god i dont wanna wait another week!!! wanna watch the next epi now… >.<

  • ooops

    In the preview, it’s easy to cover up her mistake by responding to his calling her name. I say “HuH” all the time when I didnt hear things clearly… just add “What did you say?” after… LOL

    • shanshan

      True I’m sure she’ll cover it up. People say “Huh?” all the time.

    • jessie

      or maybe Guan Jun will know..and so will the Kai Le least they will both be more suspicious..i have a feeling this mistake is not guna hold on very much longer…

  • lunchboxthermos

    ooooh, next week looks exciiiiting!! especially when Guan Jun calls her name!
    on a side note, man, the guy playing qin mo really cannot cry-act at all…hahaa.

  • JC

    Qin Mo is heartbroken because his love left him…

    • jessie

      lol i know everyone is seeing it..Qin Mo loves terry! so the real reason he lied to Terry is cuz he’s jealous of Liang Yan haha