King Flower (金大花的華麗冒險) Episode 03

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Tipster Rednimer

    the dad is the biggest douchebag omg does he not feel guilty at all for gambling away for much money and he has the audacity to blame it on the “feng shei” of the house or it was because da hua’s mum gave him ‘bad luck’ for always sulking/crying

  • mengwei

    pls fiix it pls

  • irene

    hi i can’t see it on youtube as it says that it has erro so maybe can u fix it or make another link? ty

  • jess

    oops nevermind..he needed someone to help him judge haha….

  • jess

    if he wants to keep the trip secret, why doesnt he just drive there himself with his own sports car??? why ask the driver to =.=

  • Sign

    I think liang yan is dead ..maybe the doctor friend is trying to give the guy some time to get used to his life without his fiancée .

  • SH

    LOL Isn’t the male lead poor… then where did he get the Lacoste Jacket LOL ^^

  • Abc

    Very unethical doctor, to even suggest something like that..

  • Blossom

    I wonder who Da Hua will ended up with??

  • drama4ever

    I look forward 2 her makeover. Well I look forward when all the ep. are out. 😀

  • 台茂耶!!!

  • yeya

    the doc is hot but there’s some srs sketch goin on here which is awesommme. i like how they make it a literal makeover and give some entirely unplausible but more interesting reason for the makeover. for love the evil music that always comes up and the shady lighting they give him and that terry dude if the terry dude is having some dark wrenching moments. evil tones ftw!

  • ???

    does anyone know the device that Terry used to transfer the photo from his phone to be directly printed out?

    • ST

      LG NFC android enabled pocket photo,printer

  • Dinging

    What the hell is this? Who is this doctor, not only is he a terrible actor, the character he’s playing is a mountain rescue officer, an emergency surgical doctor, a plastic surgeon and a complete sleeze ball by the looks of things. I still like this drama but this is lazy whoever came up with this character.

    • w61232



      • red34

        what Dinging is trying is say is that it is virtually impossible for a person to take on some many “roles”. For one thing, if you specialized in plastic surgery, then you are not involved in trauma surgery unless your expertise is consulted.

  • dahua123

    this is super unrealistic. so the doctor friend seemed like the main surgeon when the girl was in surgery and now he is going to be the plastic surgeon too? Does that even make sense? I think i’m just super biased against the doc friend. I can understand that he doesn’t want chris to be sad (if the fiance is dead), but to LIE and give him FALSE hope is NOT something a friend should do. I can just see where this is going…Chris is going to fall in love with DaHua but then feel super guilty about betraying his “alive” fiance, which will make it hard for the Chris-DaHua ship to float. AHhhhhhhhhh i hate the doc friend already >__<

    • Guest

      come on! this drama was never realistic to begin with. The possibility of two unrelated people looking so similar to each other is already very slim. the realism of the drama isn’t even important. what is important is whether the story line good. how about we all just accept the idea that the main male character’s friend is a sleazeball jackass with possibly many majors and profession. if you think about it in another way, his friend is a genius! (but in a bad way…)

  • joyc

    this reminds me of the female version wo de wan mei nan ren

  • guest

    i have always been waiting for the make over

  • whenpigsfly

    So sad that liang yan passed away.

    • jwj

      did she?? i feel like the doctor is hiding something….?

    • Blossom

      how would you know??