K Song Lover (K歌情人夢) Episode 01

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熱血音樂青年皓子,因獨樹一格的創作風格與唱片公司簽約,進入了人人稱羨的唱片圈,但後來卻因堅持理念,離開了唱片公司安排組成的少男偶像團體「SUPER 131」。

就在皓子對音樂圈失望透頂的時候,懷才不遇的痞子唱片製作人杜飛卻找上門來,直言皓子在音樂上是有點才華,但若要證明自己的音樂理想,還須要努力磨練,並邀請他參加自己創立的歌唱團體「Super Seed超有種」,一起參加《亞洲頂尖音樂大賽》,給「 SUPER 131 」一些顏色瞧瞧!

皓子也不知哪根筋不對勁,居然被看似不正經的杜飛打動,並答應幫杜飛一起訓練那些不知道是哪裡找來的團員:他們有的是夜市麵店小妹,只因算帳時節奏感奇佳,而被杜飛打造成MC HOT Girl;有的在唱孝女白琴,因哭喊極富感染性和穿透力,而定位可走搖滾女唱將路線;有肺活量異於常人的健身教練,被相中可完美詮譯台語拉尾音的抖音技巧;還有唱歌油到不行的KTV少爺,杜飛卻認定他可以唱出R&B的靈魂!

杜飛的前女友歌壇天后Karen,也被杜飛內心對音樂的熱情和堅持所感動,來幫這群對音樂充滿熱情的「Super Seed」團員排練歌舞。
這群「超有種」的團員們,就像現代年輕人的縮影,他們都有對音樂的熱情,都有一個遙不可及的理想,但卻還不太明白自己的天賦,也不知道自己將付出多大的努力和代價,他們能夠在看起來不太正經,卻飽經世故的杜飛帶領下,經由參加《亞洲頂尖音樂大賽》殘酷的比賽中,逐漸脫胎換骨,打敗比美韓流明星,星味十足的「 SUPER 131 」,成為閃閃發亮的明星嗎?

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  • Mavis

    好好看! 青春又熱血~~
    對麻~不要只喜歡國外的團體 做出屬於自己的音樂啊!
    台灣的團體 YEAH ♥

  • Van Fan FTW~~~

  • ita

    Please little bit explain to us what regarding this story…please write in english ..all in chiness …please…please help …hope this can follow after ” love” now ending

    • Checkie

      I will just be translating what the description wrote, hope it helps!

      A company signed a contract with the hot-blooded musical talent “Hao Zi” (AKA Nicholas Teo) because of his unique composing style, and successfully debuted into the entertainment industry (more specifically, the album industry) as part of the company’s idol boy group, [SUPER 131]. However, due to the difference in ideology, he left the group.

      Just when Hao Zi was utterly disappointment with the album industry, the under-appreciated producer, “Du Fei” (AKA Van Fan) invited him to join his singing group [Super Seed] (超有種, Zhao You Zhong). Du Fei bluntly point out that although he appreciate Hao Zi’s musical talent, he need to practice more to prove his musical ideology, and to achieve that, they are going to join the “Asia Top Music Competition”, along with [SUPER 131] and beat them.

      Hao Zi were tempted by seemingly indecent Du Fei and agreed to train along side with the group members who he did not know where they came from. One of the members from night market noodle store, just because she has unexpectedly good tempo when she is settling the bill, and Du Fei saw the potential in her to be a MC HOT Girl. The other one was from singing “Professional mourning” as when she is mourning, she have extremely high appeal and penetrating power and have the potential to be a rock and roll singing talent. Then, there is a fitness coach with extraordinary vital capacity having the potential to perfectly interpret the Taiwanese singing tactic. Also, the young master from the KTV shop with extremely greasy singing, but also seen to have the potential to be able to sing the soul of R&B!

      Du Fei’s ex-girlfriend, Karen (AKA Evonne Hsu) is a well-known singer in the entertainment industry. She was touched by Du Fei’s passion and determination towards music and assisted the members of [Super Seed] with their singing and dance choreography.

      These members of [Super Seed] have the shadow of the modern youths, all of them have a passion for music, a dream that is out of reach. They do not really understand their own talent, how much effort they have to put in, and they seem to be indecent, under the lead of Du Fei who went through many hardship, participating in “Asia Top Music Competition”, will they beat the Hollywood, k pop idols and [SUPER 131] and become a glittering hot star?

  • azwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp

    only watching this to listen to 范逸臣 sing…hope this drama won’t disappoint me

  • jwjw

    nicholas teo!! <3