K.O. One Re-act (終極一班3) Preview

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  • yolo

    最爱大东和鬼龙的 “PARTY TIME”!

  • Myron Haha

    🙂 re-act or 3..whatever you like it to be call…but this is still the real k.o one 3/re-act after k.o one 2…if you watch all the episode without skipping…even 1 second…you will see some episode are bringing up the memory between lei ting and da dong in k.o one 2…so dont argue… ^^ but some may skip and miss the best part…because of the language/subtitle..hope you can find a better solution to fully enjoy the show…for the other that can read/listen chinese…lets wait for the next episode… ^^v 希望汪大東会跟雷婷在一起的这一次… 应为一定有很多不爽k.o one 2 汪大東和雷婷的结束..对吧~ 😀 hope da dong didnt dissapear this time ToT ..peace ^^v

  • jingxuan

    waiting for epi 19


    yeah i agree manzxzx this is so much better than ko one 2. i keep forwarding when i was watching ko one 2 (return) now this is so awesome. cant wait for more episodes of ko one 3 (re act) !!!! <3


    waiting for ep 13.
    please hurry

  • Darenmia

    I only can read EL, my Chinese is very bad hahahaha

  • 是的

    Eh pls leh. If you all not happy with this show thn dont watch lah. kpkb smlj sia.

  • Fang_kpoplover

    Did you guys even read? is written as “re-act” not “3” pls read properly before commenting it…

    • yah yah

      well, “re-act” was entered by the person who loaded it up. The official Mandarin title IS “3”. Maybe some ppl can read Mandarin, but you can’t

      • noob yah yah

        lol yah yah… go the official web see la.. they wrote re-act.. haiz research before talk this shit la

      • Fang_kpoplover

        i’m a chinese okay~ like i cannot read chinese like that …. why don’t you say ppl who can’t read english.

  • josurrphinee

    this is ko2……

  • Vanessa Yang


  • Zoro


  • 断肠人


  • dude

    is this the same as ko one 2? :/

  • Love U U

    feel not reli nice ;(

  • Jill

    為何男女主角口條都這樣差阿?尤其是男生 演戲演了快二十年了!拜託預算編一下 訓練口條

    • Dr.Mstery


  • YJ

    Wang Da Dong is back at last!… Hope he doesn’t disappear halfway through like Season 2. I did not finish the drama even now since the episode where he was gone. Please make me complete this 3rd season…..

  • Danieca Garcia

    Can’t Wait To Watch it !! <3

  • kxlwvss

    why is like the same as 2? is just 異能指數 變成 突然飆高而以

    • Danieca Garcia

      i guess its better than KoOne2 🙂

    • jckira

      they stuffed up KO.one 2 cuz da dong left the cast to film ‘you’re beautiful’ so they had to change the plot halfway thru. Now that da dong is free hes back to the cast so they decided to just start a new one with new (but similar) storyline

  • Sharon Chan


  • tiff

    when is it coming out???

    • Guest


    • Danieca Garcia

      Tonight.. 🙂

  • chen

    Just wish it will not wind up like the 2nd half of KO One 2…..
    Good to see Xiu, Melody and Sunny Wang are back~


    OMGGGGGGGGGGG! :3 超期待!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!希望明天快到!!!!!like 
    if you feel the same><! :3

  • whenpigsfly

    I thought it was the first episode 🙁 But oh well…watched this already, but thnks!

  • pearl