K.O. One Re-act (終極一班3) Episode 17

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  • lohyuankhai

    Is so many

  • Minty

    KO One 3, so exciting!!!! =D

  • Bernard

    why start from episode 16 become like Youtube??
    the speed get slower..
    before that start from episode 1 till 15, there’s no problem..

  • lol

    all those smart ones who are so sure that Zhige aint KO2, can go hide themselves lol.

    • swagdog

      Erhem the swag dno what guy haha so sure that zhige is ko50 and go around kpkb like dog. Cfm hiding now

      • lol

        Lol! I think i know who you’re referring to! LOL

  • yalunismylife

    can play a short while of dadong, xiu and jiu wu meng zhu’s part? I really miss watching yalun appearing in ko one :X *ok I know I’m random. But I really miss xiao yu and ya se (ko one 1)*

    • WEN

      me too … i wish xiao yu and ya se wang can act in KO ONE 3 RE- ACT

      • yalunismylife

        yea I really hope too )):

    • yalunforeverawesome

      Really miss xiao yu and ya se!!! REALLY MISS Ya Se saying those Shakespear quotes and Xiao yu being always cool-headed… 🙁

      • yalunismylife

        yea yea )):


    Lei Ting is being such a bitch .. Da Dong wanna help her but she just scold him like it’s his faul

    • I like how ironic your name is. FYI, Wan Jun is Lei Ting childhood friend and he’s been protecting her since then and now you are saying that wan jun is giving you problem? plus its really ironic how you said lei ting is a bitch and yet you don’t want her to be separated from da dong.

      • XIU&AHXIANG<3

        I’m not saying Lei Ting is a bitch , I’m saying that shes ACTING LIKE A BITCH. Fucking scriptwriter make people unsatisfied with this story .. everybody dying and the best couple in this show is separating.

        • floof

          this is called conflict. would you rather everything be sunshine and rainbows and for leiting to just not question the current happenings that are strange and foreign to her in nature? that would really take away a lot from her character and the storyline. wanjun is important to her, in a different way that dadong is important to her–consider the strain her mind and body is feeling from the impending possibility of her childhood friend dying, and not having the ability or knowledge to do something about it. if a script 100% adhered to the wilful wants of its audience, might as well not have a show at all. they’re not entitled to you alone. as for other doubts you have, maybe you should wait until they happen before you jump to conclusions and comment on them.

          • XIU&AHXIANG<3

            Last time Lei Ting separate with Da Dong ratings and audiences of this show dropped , so yeah. Da Dong and Lei Ting HAVE to be together.

          • floof

            uh, yeah, but it’s already kind of obvious that dongting is endgame this time esp since ko one 2 messed that up. keep in mind that even if they are the main protagonists, the show is not exclusively about them, that they have other obligations and do not exist solely for each other

          • mandy klein

            But Jiro is very popular and without him the show only a big shit!!! He makes Ko One Famous and only him!

          • Dude


            thumbs up to this. they alr did this in 終極一班2, dont have to do it again. Ill like to see more of da dong father though.

            Moral of the story is ”Happy times dont last” .

          • Tan Ming

            That’s right, ONE N ONLY DADONG aka JIRO

          • XIU&AHXIANG<3

            I’m sorry but the story clings on Da Dong. If he is not in the story many won’t watch, go google it yourself.


    How did even Da Dong dad become evil? Wu Shi??!
    And Gu Zhan and Zhi Ge are half brothers :p

  • mingjieluver

    nxt ep will be so sad

  • win1589

    very sad but I still hope the next ep will post on this website so that I can see the best part

  • WonderOfKOONE

    Cao Ji Li is from Ba Mo Zhan Shi ,it suddenly remind me of KO ONE when WangYaSe was posses and JiAn (Which he also have a sword called Ba Mo Zhan) and i think Cao Ji Li is sent by MengZhu to kill Zhong Wan Jun ….

  • Lim Su Yue

    Sad leh..this episode..T.T

  • wtss


  • GMCatalyst

    Next Episode Will Be Damn Exciting !

  • jiu wu meg zhu

    i think Meng Zhu sent Da Dong to Zhong Ji Yi Ban is to find who is the one who is selling the pills while Cao Ji Li has a another motive to Zhong Ji Yi Ban is to find the one who is making people become (Wu Shi) and stopped him

    • Zjyb

      I think the one who making Wushi is HeiLong . Not Sure .

      • WonderOfKOONE

        i dont think is HeiLong i think is DaDong Dad

        • lol

          it’s not dadong’s dad, he himself became a wushi, so it cant be him. most probably it’s heilong.

  • boowave

    OMG! how ?! Jiro must save everyone ! ><

    I think he can play as a band to save them? definitely there will be dong cheng wei as a team scene?

  • SpeXial ~

    So DaDong Actually Don’t know his dad also YiNengXingZhe?

    • GOD

      He knows, since the first ZhongJiYiBan.

      • SpeXial~

        Really? You Mean KO 1 ?

        • lol

          no, what he meant is, the first season of zhongjiyiban, dadong’s parents already told dadong already.

        • Joanne


  • mingjieluver

    part 2 very lack!!

    • mingjieluver

      please fix!

  • 132


    • 人猿毛毛


      • ruffles

        television hahahahahaha! Hell Vision!

        • Kimtaevin

          Hell Vision 的药头是黑龙

      • lol


  • what

    This episode is very interesting! The next episode will be more interesting. Urgh the PE teacher is getting on my nerve why would he do that? Can’t wait for the next ep!

    And I kind of want Gu Zhan to be with Qiu Qiu. :/ Can’t wait for the appearance of KO1 (not sure if Zhong Wan Jun is the real KO 1 or just because he is demonized) & KO2.
    I hope Da Dong’s parents won’t die D:

  • fewjifjwe

    just wtf is wrong with the culprit – boring to death wanting to ruin everyone’s life lol.

  • Pat

    What happen between zhan n zhi ge?

    • Kylie

      prob they are half-brothers

      • Your Dirty Dad

        In more simple term, we should say Zhi ge dad fu*cked Zhan mother without protection.

  • fewjifjwe

    ew….wwwtf is that PE teacher doing

  • mandy klein

    Oh no i hope Da Dong and Lei Ting are not breaking up !!! Next episode would be so sad,because Da Dong’s parents die and Wan Jun too.What will happen with Da Dong and Lei Ting?! Would be there a future are beiing together????

  • Wengy Cham

    I can’t wait for the next ep… its getting better and better

  • AAA

    YAY! Fighting demons like in 终极一班, This is the 终极系列 that i like!

    • Joanne

      same, I love the action

  • KOoners


  • jirosGIRL

    ok confuse again why lei ting walk out to dadong? what is the conversation of dadong and the PE teacher with xiu? thanks

    • KOoner

      Leiting walked away from Dadong bcos she felt that he doesnt understand how anxious she is about Wanjun’s disappearance after Dadong tried to ask her to take a rest from looking for Wanjun and also, she finds it very tiring to not know what Dadong is keeping from her. It is just like when you are very anxious about something and someone keeps “getting in your way” and that person dear to you is keeping some secrets from you, it is natural for you to get frustrated.
      Dadong and Xiu were confronting Cao Jili about his motive in disguising as a teacher in Bale High School and they found out that Cao Jili is a demon slayer sent by MengZhu to accomplish a mission similar to Dadong and Xiu’s mission. Both were not on the same side though, bcos of the different ways to accomplish the mission: Cao Jili wanted Wanjun to turn into a WuShi so that it would be easier to lure out the “ultimate bad guy” while Dadong wants to save his friend at the moment. Hence, they were confronting each other.
      Hope it helps.(:

      • jirosGIRL

        it help a lot 🙂 thank you!!!

      • Joanne

        OMG thanks for this!

    • Tan Ming

      PE teacher wants WanZ 2 become a zombie in order 2 catch the evil mastermind but Dong says he will not let PE teacher hurt WanZ n it seems
      they r all working under Mengzhu but with different motive. Aiyoh so
      confusing n wat is worse is this scriptwriter is seriously going bonkers.
      Suddenly everybody just randomly appear n becomes zombie n killing
      each other. I have a feeling LeiTing ends up being alone because she is
      now siding WanZ n putting all the blame on DaDong. It is really not fair
      2 DaDong to be treated this way by Ting(:

      • jirosGIRL

        heart breaking poor dadong 🙁
        thank you 🙂

  • dontkillme

    kind of wanna see yanyan and linglong together ._.

  • Zhi ge and the Girl got something hiding … They both are Yi Neng was not review their pts yet …

  • 終極一班3

    Meng Zhu is the culprit listen at the end of that demonic voices… it resembles Meng Zhu’s voice

    • lol

      it’s not. In KO series, characters with high 战力指数 will have this kind of voice. That voice that you heard at the last part was actually heilong voice. you would think that it was mengzhu is because in the steel dimension(which was where mengzhu first appeared) mengzhu has to uphold the hold dimension’s magnetic field. so ofcos he is also one of those characters with high yineng, but you could check out the ko one(the first series). watch the last episode of ko one, where heilong wanting to become a real demon, you could hear his voice. overall, it’s not mengzhu voice.

  • clarence

    w8 wat about zhi ge super high Yi Neng? remember when tei ting and zhang pk da dong say that zhi gr can show a very high zhang li zhi shu?

    • I think Zhi ge is like Wu Shi Zun from KO hide from everyone then appear at the end for the girl in the trio also another Mystery yi neng

  • 武屍尊

    Next is fighting against the demons
    Still a mystery who is Zi ke’s dad secretary
    and fake tian xin teacher

  • 东婷恋


    • Tan Ming

      Blame the scriptwriter, one moment LeiTing n DaDong so loving n the
      next moment Leiting blames everything that happens to WanZun on

    • lol


  • Panda

    Next episode cfm very exciting!!

  • SpeXial~

    Really Confused. Who is DaoFeng ?

    • Chaxl

      DaoFeng is DaDong’s dad.

      • SpeXial~

        Oh. Then How about MengZhu ? Thanks Tho 🙂

        • lol

          mengzhu appeared in zhongjiyijia, he’s from the iron dimension

    • lol

      dadong’s dad.

  • meowie

    Will this version end with a 善恶大战 again..? :X Way too much demons…

  • esther_lim

    I think Da Dong’s father is demonised because during the scene where he was talking to hei long, he told hei long not to demonise da dong and his wife. So from there i think it means that he actually blocked the bu sheng bu si thing from them and got demonised. They’re probably gonna show a flashback in the next episode i guess….

    • 武屍尊

      Da dong dad got demonised in KO but was controlled by Meng Zhu, if im not wrong Meng Zhu send da dong is to stop his dad and the person behind all the plots …

    • annie

      Yea, actually hei long also warned him that after a few weeks he won’t be able to recognise his beautiful wife and good son; plus agree to let him’play’ with his wife and son after he is demonised.

  • Kyys Euphrasia


  • zhongjifans

    omg dadong father also zhong bushanbushizhan T.T

  • hello

    看一眼講一句話…..都好 Q__Q

  • 拔小鸟

    拔魔岛的都喜欢云寒 LOL

  • abcde

    Maybe Dadong’s dad tried to protect his family from something, then he became demonised, because I remember a few episodes ago he said he wanted all bad things in his family to happen to him.

  • Kabe

    what the hell that da dong’s dad is wu shi as well? and why so suddenly?

    • Guest

      Da Dong’s parents have Yi Neng all along. They’re both powerful assassins named Dao Feng (刀瘋)/ Father and Dao gui (刀鬼)/Mother. They wanted to start a new life, thus, keeping themselves from using their powers.

  • Vanessa Yang

    如果雷婷和汪大东最后在一起 我会杀了编剧

    • ICYing

      如果雷婷和万钧最后在一起 我会杀了编剧xD

  • Vanessa Yang


  • Random_Person


  • オレンジ ああ

    fast out K.O. One Re-act (終極一班3)18

  • 星梦天使


    • rtg


  • 星梦天使


  • 星梦天使


    • fuk u all


  • you know who

    more more more!!!!!!!

  • Ko love

    Is there something wrong with my laptop or is it there is something wrong with the eps uploaded? Why does part5 not continue from part 4? Worse still, part5 only has 41 secs

  • ROAR

    when is the next episode coming? is the update per day??

    • Wenhui

      1ep per week

  • Jervinmason

    AND there’s two red eye person leh!!!!

  • Jervinmason

    Omg da dong’s dad became zombie fighter, means his power is even more powerful than before. BUT how he become when he hardly appear on the screen. AND i thought da dong’s mum is second most powerful yi neng xing zhe, how come da dong’s dad hit her a few times and she can die just like this…… ok this so so so confusing >:(

    • Kabe

      Yes Totally agree. so confusing about the this not make sense story. Da dong’s dad just became zombie fighter suddenly. Totally not make sense.

    • lol

      becos, daofeng and daogui are both very powerful charactor is this show, whereby, dadongs mum, daogui, still loves dadong’s dad, daofeng. so ofcos she can’t bear to hit daofeng. but becos daofeng has already become a zombie fighter, he has totally lose all his memory, so he cant recognise his own wife.

  • acb

    holy shit!! next episode…..!!! dadongs dad become zombi too????

  • acc

    why peici didnt see xiu …sad~

  • Adina ‘Ang’

    perhaps its becos of zhi ge’s dad that zhan lost something or someone precious to him? and why is suddenly this episode dao feng will become demonized?! its so not clear! dammnit. hurry nxt episode!

  • 黑龙和花灵龙是兄弟


  • Genius

    Why does this show seem like it’ll end by episode 20. 🙁

  • cueijiureniu

    next episode complete tragedy of hell

  • Kiat

    AHH CANT WAIT FOR NEXT EPISODE ! Whenever There’s da dong , his parent’s almost , everytime demonized . X family , KO 3anguo , ko 2 (All yi neng users disappeared including his parents) and this . AHHHHHHHHHH

  • 辜裘辜裘辜裘


  • huiheiu

    Epic Fail zhi ge xD

  • 544


  • whenpigsfly937

    Zhan wanting to kill Zhi Ge must be because of Zhi Ge’s dad?

  • bb


  • lol

    YEh!Same!Dun die!Da Dong Parent and Zong Wan jun

  • asdasdasdasdasd

    i feel so excited by the next ep.

  • Leene

    NOOOOOOOO, dun enddddddddddddddd D= -waits for next week- -sobs-

  • meow

    Zhan 🙁 🙁 🙁 I actually felt more bad for him then Lei Ting or Wan Jun… this episode is so sad! :'( next ep looks even more heartbreaking…….

  • whenpigsfly937

    Hahaha When LinLong touched his lips I couldn’t help but to burst out in laughter!

  • WanJun

    WanJun gonna die soon._. If wanjun never block Leiting and dadong, the one that is gonna die is DaDong. Must Blame HeiLong . Lol.

  • WanJun

    Omg. Next Ep all in chaos . all kill each other .

  • meow

    Omg super sad at the Zhan and Qiu part……………. :'( I want them to be together so bad!!!!!

  • asd

    next episode is exiting hohoho

    • Panda


  • Gelangielol

    oh ma gawd. That preveiw’s soooo intense, how did DaoFeng become demonateeedd 🙁 gunna feel so sorry for dadong next episode.

    tbh… leitings being really pathetic towards Dadong, hes trying to help but shes just blocking him out and making it as ifs everything is on him…

    but…I’m so looking forward to the next episode!

  • qwertyuiop

    why ? how can this happen 🙁

    • 陳乃榮

      its the plot of course this can happen ( spice things up abit )

  • WanJunFan

    damn confuess . cant really understand .

  • Qzk

    Other than here where can I watch it

  • jirosGIRL


  • la


  • xoxo

    终于来了!! 等了一个星期了 ! 开心