K.O. One Re-act (終極一班3) Episode 13

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Joanne

    gu zhan so nice to qiu qiu

  • Mark Muelle

    What is the title of the song in ep 13 after da dong and lei thing play the piano?

    • Joanne

      Im also dying to know

  • Rachel

    Wat episode did da da ong and lei ting 告白?

  • dex mala

    wang dang dong,,and all ko one,,very goood

  • ?

    Why does the episode freeze sometimes when I watch it?

  • amanda

    gu zhan so good to qiu qiu! GUQIU <3

  • tyas

    wang da dong and lei thing si favorite couple…

  • Eugenie Lam

    I want King and Wan Jun!!!! T^T

  • Xell Tohoshinki Cassiopeia

    I want King and Dong to be a couple….

  • mel

    am I the only one who cares and like the other couples like qiuqiu-zhan, nageshui-yanyan and han-zhige/caocao more than the main one king-dadong/wanjun? hahaha xD

  • Myron Haha

    lei ting and da dong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no wan jun and lei ting !!!!!!!!!! NONONONNONONONONONONONONNO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dongting forever !!!!!!

  • lalalalalalalalala

    56:05 where can I get the pink pig ??????

  • Lim Su Yue

    I pity WanJun actually… He’s always the one giving up King and protecting her in the dark..:c

  • jckira

    lol part 1 ending whr da dong is under the piano, he did the funny face ‘gao mei nan’ does when she looks at ‘tai jing’, whats with all the references?? lol

  • Girlgirl

    what time will ep 14 come out ?

    • KO

      probably awhile more just be patient 😉

      • girl girl

        alrights 🙂 Thks 🙂

        • KO

          haha no problem
          waiting too ^^

  • KO1Sky

    I think hei long will remember that he help da dong in KO 2 just like how he and king remember the past while playing piano

  • KO2Lex

    I find this love plot is made up by someone, so that everyone gets hurt and jealous

  • llooookjkhg


  • iloveguqiu

    Don’t tell me gu zhan will become bad in the end…. i don’t want….. 🙁

  • iloveguqiu

    i love qiu qiu and gu zhan. They are so perfect for each other!!!

  • Catty Wong


  • jirosGIRL

    may i ask why jin bao san snatch the cow stuff toy from dadong?

    • Tan Ming

      Cow wings is like a matchmaker Doll God. Whoever gets it will meet the
      person he/she likes. Baosan likes King that’s why he tried 2 snatch n later
      tried 2 buy the cow from Dong. At first Ting didn’t want it bcause it likes to
      poo but later she realised y Dong managed to get the xtra cow bcause dong
      is the one she likes n both of them actually saw the cow together 🙂

      • jirosGIRL

        sweet!!! thanks Tan Ming 🙂

  • selina

    like qiu qiu and gu zhan , 希望最后qiu qiu 会喜欢辜战然后会跟他在一起。

  • tyre

    what’s pei ci’s hair color? because here it looks brown, but in other pictures I’ve seen it’s like reddish? O.o

  • Jiatian Zhang

    i have a feeling that Zhi Ge is KO2 since he was able to block Da Dong attack earlier. his father also look very weird when he appear in the show, maybe he was the one who was sponsoring Hei Long with Hell Visons.

  • orij

    Jiro Wang is 32 yrs. old already right? When is he going to have a girlfriend? or get married? As a fan, I want him to have a life too as a normal guy, not just as the artist Jiro Wang.

    • mandy klein

      I think he has long been a girlfriend, but that is out of the environment of the reporter Jiro shields held out his private feast . Well in his retirement he would marry to the slow thinking to start a family because he wanted to be never late father . Furthermore this type of look you, who would leave him untouched long 🙂

      • cole chong

        hey dear, i thought there’s only 13ep..how come it’s not finished yet? so r we expecting ep14 this weekend?

        • mandy klein

          hey cole , how are you;) yeah i don’t know when the ending are near;) I think ep 20 is already the last one ,but i don’t know eather;D but Lei Ting and Da Dong are so a very cute couple are they? <3 I love it how Da Dong confesed on her and told her in a shy way ,that he likes her;) I hope they kissed in the next episode i hope so very badly;D

          • cole chong

            hey Mandy,im good:) yeah everyone just cant wait4 d kissing part but i doubt its gonna b romantic cos d drama storyline is abit playful-funny-gay i would say..but its a good thing that they drag a lil longer cos then there will b no coming up Jiro drama/movie yet 🙁

          • mandy klein

            Good to hear ,yeah it’s horrible when they fast kiss and then the moment is crushed by everyone;( But this time i have a good feeling ,there will be a kiss .And many romance scene about Lei Ting and Da Dong:) They celebrate her birthday…i’m so exited what up coming next.No a new Drama with Jiro is starting i think around october then will be airing “My Boyfriends” Furthermore i hope Bloody Doll,but i think they changed the date for that as always^^

      • orij

        RIP english, kidding;) . Anyway, thanks!!! :))

        • mandy klein

          No, google translator ;D:D

  • 漂亮的母狗

    我希望雷婷和王大洞之间会有吻戏 <3

  • asdfghjkl


    • Tan Ming

      scroll down 2 a day ago comments it’s there 🙂

      • asdfghjkl

        Thanks 🙂

  • jeiw

    scary if zhe ge ‘s zhan li zhi shu is way higher than everyone else


    CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHEN KO REACT ENDS AT WHAT EPISODE? I heard from my friend that it ends at EPISODE 20. But on the other side I hear rumors that it’s gonna end in like 3 or 2 episodes. By the way Da Dong and Lei Ting.. finally my wish come true. They deserve happiness together unlike Wan Jun who is TOO over protective and gloomy , and shud get over her already. He shud be with Qiu Qiu and Zhan Ge be with Yan Yan .. otherwise if Qiu Qiu be with Zhan Ge , with everyone chooses, then that means Wan Jun would be alone. I hope Da Dong and Lei Ting won’t separate <3 and if Xiu save Ba La high school that would be cool 😀 He would think that Lei Ting is Ah Xiang and that would be interesting to see how he reacts xD thats all I have to say.

    • py


  • KOKO

    what’s the ending song name ? anyone know ?

    • 一个人还是想着一个人 by 曾沛慈

  • 123


  • Tingdong

    I think someone will come and interrupt the kiss, then Lei ting will push Dadong away immediately and sit back up. Coz you know, the show likes to tease us so much, it’s getting annoying. :))
    But I sure hope it happens. If not next ep, then in the ff. eps. 😉

  • OldPervert like your Dad

    Still waiting for the first sex scene to appear.

    • carol nguyen

      sex scene ??/ what is it ?

    • Emomato

      Why would you expect a sex scene from this show? T.T

    • My dad’s nothing like U freako

      You’re on drugs, aren’t you? Or you’re just a wasted sex addict? I feel sorry for you. Get a life. 🙂

    • joewj

      in your dream …

    • mandy klein

      When the kiss scence’s are so hard to get then would be a sex scene never exist in these show’s.Especialy when it comes to Jiro:) He don’t like intimate scenes ,like in the Purple House where this hot kissing scene’s and sexuell scen’ts appears!!! He is getting nose bleeding and afraid of those scenes ;D But he is already for all this in his age:D :D…

    • Tan Ming

      that’s right, YOU, OLDPERVERT LIKE YOUR DAD will be the main
      actor n the drama will air on 30th February 2044, good luck

  • Emomato

    東婷超可爱的!!!〈3 战球也是 〈3 戏里的情侣都好登对

  • jabsgdfgfh

    差点要死了! 那part3开始的一分钟一直握紧拳头对着电脑喊我爱你 LOL!

  • sdfsfsd


  • 6rtyh


    • Rikamo


      • dennis


  • Tan Ming

    Finally, Dong Ting together, so sweet. Hopefully now their Unfinished Love
    won’t be lost in another dimensions. 14.20 the look on DongTing’s face when he managed 2 pick the soft toy
    so cute n funny

  • xuanxuanzz

    the last part was funny. advertisement for drugs.lolololol

  • 007


  • missyou

    did u guys saw the reaction from hei long when the who metion about jin bi dian long ?

  • JW

    what is the song that LeiTing n Dadong played on the piano?

    • Puayboonpeanut Loh

      shu bu jin de xing kong by pets ceng / zeng pei ci

    • guest

      It was the ending song for KO1-2

  • Vanessa Yang


  • wtss


  • linlin

    isnt tt secretary is the singer Yuki?

  • lilypad

    Isn’t it always like the next episode is the most interesting 🙂

    • OldPervert like your Dad

      Just like porn. It get more and more interesting until the final part where it cum-ed

      • Perverted Geezer

        You sure are funny. Hahaha**hole :)) You are a wierdo and nobody wants to have sex with you right? Haha!!

      • mingjieluver

        hey stop being sick lar

  • minmin

    love polygon…
    dadong leiting < wanjun < qiuqiu < zhan < yanlili < nageshui…

    • guest

      is li yan yan

  • Kyys Euphrasia


  • vodka

    who is the hong se yan jing?

    • OldPervert like your Dad

      Some adult stuff kids like you shouldnt know

  • Nana

    Duan Chang Ren with earring & Hei Long without it

    • lilypad

      Wow, you’re really observant! I can’t even tell.

      • Puayboonpeanut Loh


    • Get

      Already mentioned in the last few episodes comments..

    • xuanxuanzz

      only on the left ear

  • kk

    uhhh i need some ko action

    • OldPervert like your Dad

      uhhh i need some sex action

  • KOThree

    OMG ! this is the best Ep of all 😀 DaDong confess to LeiTing and LeiTing accept DaDong ^_^ OMG ~!!! and i think the next Ep will be related to KO2 😀 and why cant just WanJun forget LeiTing >< GuZhan and QiuQiu so sweet 😀 BEST EP of all

  • Pei Ci

    there’s one part after the ending song

  • High

    Who else is non stop replaying next week’s preview?

    • OldPervert like your Dad

      Just like you non stop moving in and out of a girl hole

  • Random_Person

    OMG is this really ending in 2 episodes? Things seem to be getting serious again…and the ending credits are scaring me! Does someone die?!? D:

  • fjewij

    so CONfused which one is duan chang ren

    • Giro Meng

      Actually, the book appeared in X-family and KO one–only innocent, pure people can read and understand it.

  • mandy klein

    Wan Jun is so a annoying person!!! Every time when Lei Ting and Da Dong are so cute together he crashed the perfect moment of them or is nearby ^^

    • mandy klein

      Lei Ting and Da Dong are so cute together,he can make her smile and she forget everything;)

  • Caron

    下一集 就到 東婷 閃 咯 !!
    期待期待 ~~ 0.0

  • jirosGIRL

    can anyone pls tell me about the “confession” bridge scene and also in church conversation between dong and leiting… thanks

    • ten ten

      this was a direct reference toward ko 2, where King originally confessed to DaDong. 😀 the Piano piece was also from KO2 🙂

      • jirosGIRL

        i get it.. i know their love story continues ive watched KO2 what i mean is what their saying coz i dont understand chinese. 🙂 thanks

        • Tan Ming

          Bridge~Dong trying very hard 2 tell Ting that he likes her n
          when he finally did, Ting says she likes him too…yeh!!!
          Church~Ting saying she envy Dong 4 having such a happy
          family while she only has housekeeper n WJ as family.Dong
          welcome her 2 drop by his house anytime 4 meals.
          While talking Dong started humming a tune n while playing
          at the piano, Ting n Dong has the same memory flashback
          of knowing each other and being together. Wow so sweet n
          touching, it’s like an unfinished love …….lost while travelling
          thru the dimensions. And the Flying Cow part is like only
          couple fated to be together sees it???

          • jirosGIRL

            i know right.. i almost lost of breath while watching the confession scene its a mixed of funny and shivery chilling feeling :).. love it. dadong is so cute..and yeahhh they have also a stuff toy cow with wings cute!!! thanks

          • Aiyrrhamae Ilustre

            Thank You ^_^

  • MZohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I think I get the whole events.
    The one sponsoring HEI LONG is Zhi Ge’s dad!
    ZhiGe’s dad is rich and may be the druglord selling Hell Vision.
    When HEILONG exposed himself, the organisation ( ZHIGE’s DAD) sent his secretary to kill HEILONG.
    But he mistaken DUAN CHANG REN for HEILONG.
    Thus he attked him.
    I can see the final battle is HEILONG went crazy and took hell vision while hitting everyone and ZHIGE’s dad come to his senses and shield his son.
    KO2 should be ZhiGe.

    • blahx3

      i doubt zhige is KO2. He is not in the KO Ranking , so i think he is like Dadong , his power is too high to be in the KO Ranking. I am not sure , but I am sure ZhiGe is a powerful chara.

  • Sooyoungie

    part 5, around 10.37….so da dong and lei ting would not be together at the end? awww if it’s true, I’m sad 🙁

    • lilypad

      Hopefully it’s not true 🙁
      I want them to be together…

  • momo

    watch part 5, after the preview with the song, if it’s true, so lei ting will block a blow for da dong? and they would not be together at the end ?

  • xin

    how can zhan be so cool and sweet at the same time i don’t understand!!! I’m falling from him~~~~

    • aaronyan<3

      falling for*?

  • nick

    this episode is connecting the ko 2 return. i love the twist

  • Cherryblossom

    Damn ! Da dong and lei ting is so sweet ! OMGGGGG! <3

    • jirosGIRL

      super!!! 🙂

  • [*ting_ting 926*]

    辜裘 也太閃了吧!
    da dong so cute.. A0A

  • JOY

    ZHAN is so cute…. quiqui and zhan should get together in the next ep. really hope to see them together

  • JOY

    lei ting should be together with wan jun

    • Minggyiii

      Agree ! 😀

  • whysoserious?

    So next episode is Da Dong & Lei Ting gonna kiss? Hmm…

  • 曉婷

    雷婷 好像 一直 臉紅耶..真可愛 A3A xDD
    大東 告白那段 好好笑哦 xDD MvM
    我支持 東婷 也支持 辜裘 AvA

  • fjewij

    xiong di should be hei long and duan chang ren battle?

  • fjewij

    everytime after they confessed their love to each other and start dating

  • whenpigsfly

    Zhi Ge is not from this dimension?

    • kiat

      zhi ge is . He’s just a person who’s very pure . Watch the previous season , Dont you find xia tian and zhi ge both of them are alike ? The book only allows yi neng user with straight mind to look into it .

      • missyou

        i thought that everyone with fighting point is yi neng xin zhe ?

        • koone

          Need to have pure heart to read the book. 🙂

  • Xavier Earthytrek

    Zhan T^T~~~who is he really and why his reaction with the book so big T^T hope heilong didnt do anything bad to him~~~

  • A


  • whenpigsfly

    Must wait another week D:

  • fjewij


  • whenpigsfly

    Haha Zhan x Qiuqiu!!!

  • 6rtyh

    part1 – 05:48 我的召喚獸去了哪?

    • ZhaoHuanShou

      i was thinking of it too! LOL

  • aaa12

    heilong inside the room omg …

    • OldPervert like your Dad

      Which room? The room where you use to have many sex?

  • jirosGIRL

    thanks for the fast upload….

  • the 4th


  • KayaRoti


  • Kayla

    Damn fast!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jerome


  • Anyhow

    First Person