K.O. One Re-act (終極一班3) Episode 10

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Gaston

    no new ep today

  • fioewj

    the difference is ONE GOT EARRING AND ONE DONT. AM I RIGHT?

  • Pea ! !

    难道曹吉利是Ko1 ? ….!

    • Kristina


  • dennis

    going to post ep11

  • Kirinz

    When will it post EP 11?

  • Kirinz

    what time will it post EP 11?

  • k-178

    I can’t watch this video by iPad( ;´Д`)

    • Jolin


  • peicifan

    omg next ep is so exciting !! it is so hard to decide lei ting to be tgt with dadong or wanjun. hais, if leiting tgt w dadong, then wanjun like very kelian.

  • mingjieluver

    omg this show is getting more and more interesting!!!

  • whenpigsfly

    I predicted that Duan Chang Ren was Heilong in the previous KO. Hmm… this time am guessing that Zhi Ge’s dad has tried to supress his Yi Neng just like how XiaTian has his Feng Long Tie. But in actual fact, Zhi Ge is KO1. However Dadong’s mother seems very wary of Zhi Ge’s father. Which makes it very suspicious. He probably hates Dadong’s parents or something around that line. Truthfully, am quite lost. Perhaps have to wait a few more episodes to see. Which means the scriptwriters did a good job this time, haha XD

  • fuckme

    is there episode 11 o

    • mingjieluver

      yes there will be^^ new episode will be up only when it is aired on GTV but if you have mio tv go to channel 502/503(cant remember) you can watch it every sat 10.30 pm^^

      • shimin

        now only ep 1 is out

        • mingjieluver

          yea for miotv

  • OldPervert like your Dad

    Can people from different dimension have sex and have baby?

  • k

    i think zhi ge’s dad is the one manufacturing hell vision and that zhi ge’s zhang li zhi shu is actually really high

  • GeneisDar

    Anybody knows what advertisement is that in part 5 the very ending???? Or they just promoting the song? :O

    • 濕滑的公雞

      Just some condom ads

    • Guest

      It’s an anti-drug ad.


    I think Chao Ji Li is good , because he is the meng zhu in KO 3an Guo , he also come to help and see whats wrong with the KO rank but maybe also he is just a teacher with high zhan li zhi shu trying to help … Xiu’s band maybe helping Da Dong defeat Hei Long because supposedly it’s Xiu duty and his band 😀

    • H

      cao ji li si not the mengzhu in ko3anguo

      • XIU&AHXIANG<3

        I’m talking bout MAYBE Cao Cao is Cao Ji Li, on a quest to find out why the KO rank is like that

  • esther_lim

    Definitely one of the best episodes so far! Hope the rest of the drama will be equally as good and exciting! Can’t wait for next friday! =D

  • 妃非


    • 你的爺爺


      • 妃非


  • Vanessa Yang


  • LALA

    part 4
    heilong got wing or dragon head LOL!

  • Mah Cj

    I suspect zhi shui do not allow his son come to ba la because he manufactured hell vision and make hei long as the reseller.

  • Saiyanxiatian

    Hoping that xia tian can help da dong in the future episode,,, And hoping that some old members of zhongjiyiban will return…

  • Adina ‘Ang’

    the show is getting more and more exciting as the story progress. i got a feeling that da dong father is also in onto this mission or he is investigating it on his own with his friends.

    seriously i am getting fed up of this fucker who keep derailing this show comment board. this is a place to comment on this show not a place where u can anyhow say ur fucking comments. seriously fuck off.

    • esther_lim

      I am thinking that maybe Da Dong’s father is Ah Gong from KO Family (I forgot which dimension it was in whoops~) Like maybe he did a switch with Da Dong’s really father like how they switched Xiu and Liu Bei in KO 3an Guo.

      • timecrisis

        i doubt so… da dong’s dad and mum is the legends leh if you watched KO1 you know uh.

        • Adina ‘Ang’

          yup he is a legend but what she is suggesting is perhaps the two switched thou dao feng’s character is very different from xia tian’s ah gong. and its tie shi kong same as where xiu came from.

  • I wanna to watch now!

    EP 11!!

    • angry

      No way you can watch them. Noobs

  • Cjmah

    what is the role for fake tian xin for helping hei long in hell vision?

    • Adina ‘Ang’

      getting rid of da dong from ba le.

  • wtss


    • love辜球

      不过在第9集, 裘球有因为孤单戈而脸红心跳。

      • love濕濕

        不过在第36集, 裘球有因为孤单戈而濕了

  • DanDan Ge

    This episode is better than KO2 finale LOL

  • KAKA

    Gu Zhan found Jin Bi Dian Long in the library few episode back.
    They say Hei Long wants something from the school, the new chapter of Jin Bi Dian Long?

    Maybe someone is the new Jin Bi Ke?
    This season is getting interesting

    • esther_lim

      If possible, could you help me go over what was the Jin Bi Dian Long and Jin Bi Ke? Cuz i completely forgotten but dont have the time to go back to watch KO One

      • JJ

        jin bi ke is the first principal of ba le in the first season. he is the writer for jin bi dian long. jin bi dian long is said to tell the events that will happened in the future.

        • Jiao Jiao hao da

          JJ = Jiao Jiao

        • esther_lim

          thank you! =D

  • Ko2Lex

    I think wang da dong dad , Xiao ge dad and the nerd teacher got something weird with them.
    I like that Hei Long from KO part 2 His kind and willing to help da dong and searching his Duan Cheng Ren … But Part 3 his too evil.

  • asd

    i feel that cao lao shi is from ko 3an guo then come to help da dong also .

    • Ko2Lex

      I got a feeling cao lao shi came to this dimension became KO1 because in Ko3an Guo he is a commander ….

    • time crisis

      yeah i feel that too, he gave me the caocao feeling and clumsiness at times

  • abcde

    我觉得曹吉利是KO One

    • abc


      • Adina ‘Ang’

        same but what are his intentions for setting up tian sin lao shi and hei long? is not the ko list made by hei long as stated in the drama recap?

      • def


        • ghi


  • love辜球

    裘球和辜单戈 吵架真可爱。 辜单戈故意惹裘球生气。 可是最后辜单戈乖乖的听裘球的话更可爱!!!!

  • 路人甲

    黑龍沒有耳環 斷腸人 有耳環 我發現了 XD

    • OldPervert like your Dad

      裘球沒有穿胸罩 King有穿胸罩 我發現了 XD

  • Jiaselyn


    • OldPervert like your Dad

      Yes my balls is nice. Liked them?

  • wanxian

    no no 坏的不是断肠人是黑龙

  • LOL


  • disqus_4ZhmtSJ8zw


    • disqus_4ZhmtSJ8zw


    • LOL

      曹吉利应该是好人,不然他为什么对金刚老师有兴趣? 我想曹吉利战力指数很高

    • wtss


  • shakalaka


    • OldPervert like your Dad


  • Lynne Basri


  • Lynne Basri


  • Lynne Basri


    • Tekkan Aira

      Zi Da Kuang is Da Dong , I think you’re referring to Zi Lian Kuang

      • Lynne Basri

        o..okay…tq for ur info….

  • phuong

    i love qiu qiu and gu zhan they are so cute i love how he listens to her

    • AAA

      me too

  • S


  • 123456789009876543211234567890

    Why cant we watch on phone?????

    • Ugly and Dirty

      Just a phone addict.

  • ko123


  • WuJhiShim

    Finally, k-o-one-re-ace got something now

  • D

    I think that doctor student is damn funny la hahahahha

  • D

    I think part 5 05:05 start is really funny HAHAHA the 2 brothers part! HAHAHA

    • Aries

      Right?!?!?! That “woo-oh!” kid is HILARIOUS!

  • angel

    ya se wang and xiao yu should come back to help

    • Tokyo Hot

      Too bad Aaron Yan and Jiro Wang are not on good term. They refused to act together. That y KO 2 story have to be bulid around those new classmates

      • esther_lim

        not on good terms? why???

  • jirosGIRL

    DaDong and lei ting kiss… will it happen? aughhhh torture need to wait for next week!!! looking forward for that kiss 🙂

    • OldPervert like your Dad

      Why not just have unprotected sex.

  • miong

    i miss lei ting’s fighting scenes

    • OldPervert like your Dad

      You mean fighting without clothing on the bed?

      • awrjogtn

        i love ur name hun x

  • asdsa

    I’m so glad that they decided to film another KO One series. This is way better than the other one.

    • OldPervert like your Dad

      i hope there is a KO porn series. KO family KO 3guo KO one… Now a KO porn should mark the best ending.

  • ???

    wonder is cao a good guy or bad guy?

    • OldPervert like your Dad

      You mean Cao Ji bian. i love stoking them

  • Rosa

    劇情一下子緊湊起來 要人命啊

  • show

    Getting more and more exciting.

    • OldPervert like your Dad

      Did you cum-ed?

  • lilfir

    Dadong’s dad feels like the one in Sweet Sweet Bodyguard! LOL!

    • A

      cos its the same actor.

    • Xiao Mei

      Ya and he have also act in 終極一家 & 終極三國

    • lilfir

      no no. i meant he sorta brought his character potrayal in Sweet Sweet Bodyguard to this KO ONE 3..

  • AAA

    why cant they post all together? so irritating!!!! have to wait for another week

  • dongzhuo

    LOL Dadong’s dad so cute!!!

  • super star

    i want to see next episode! T_T

  • han

    xiu need to show his power

    • zxczxcc

      I guess he wont appear ? He’s from the other dimension , further more if he showed , DCW will overpower Hei Long for sure .

      • mi

        yea especially cos xia tian is thr 🙂 his zhan li zhi shu is like 50 000+ :):) hei long can’t beat him

        • LOL

          xia tian is yi neng zhi shu not zhan li zhi shu

        • esther_lim

          But if Xia Tian comes in, then Da Dong will have his power sucked away by Xia Tian right? So in a way they can’t bring Xia Tian here

  • Jiatian Zhang

    Thats very fast!!!!!! Thanks alot…
    Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

  • random


  • la

    i think DCW will go study with dong also. haha!

    • Xiao Mei

      Ya I wish that will happen

      • zxczxcc

        Not possible . They are from different dimension .

        • Xiao Mei

          Ya but very hard to say cuz da dong need help

          • la

            I think will, cause i remember in one of the trailer, i saw xiu in dadong’s class. or did i remember wrongly?

          • Xiao Mei

            If thats really true I want to see how xiu reaction when he see lei ting

          • ahhdtsjdh

            OMG YES! :DD

        • meechee

          DCW did show up in the original KO one though, so it is possible.

  • GUEST !

    can’t wait for next episode!!!!!!! argh !!!!

  • jirosGIRL

    ohh yeah party time!!! thanks

  • la

    so fast?!

  • meow