K.O. One Re-act (終極一班3) Episode 09

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Pea ! !

    好多剧情都只是蜻蜓点水 演了一大截卻沒有小結的 讓人一頭霧水 …
    不過我個人認為是蠻好看的 , 演員的說話方式好好笑
    斷腸人演得太好了 …

    • 神崎美月


  • Lynne Basri

    hope dadong don’t disappear in the middle of the drama?

  • Lynne Basri

    hope i can watch it by tomorrow morning…the girl so ugly…..

    • Mandy


  • Charrr

    Been looking forward to Friday all week cos episode 10 is coming out today^^ yay

  • Tan Ming

    I really dread the last episode because the ending looks kinda sad and not so
    rosy for our beautiful and LoveTorn couple, DongLei O___O. KO2 not together,
    hopefully KO3 is not like Romeo n Juliet. I am already crying from the look on
    their faces. I better get a box of tissue ready just in case I cry…..
    P/s: Mio TV Jia Le Channel 502, 7/9 Sat 10.30pm showing KO3

  • Loneheartz

    Hope DaDong don’t disappear half way through

    • mandy klein

      Or maybe both of them dies? Because the ending screen shows not positive scenes of Lei Ting and Da Dong;( Lei Ting lay injured in Da Dong’s arms and he looks very sad…

      • Loneheartz

        If the both of them dies i am pretty sure the fans will go on a rampage

    • melody

      the ending is both of them disappear while zhong wan jun is looking for lei thing

  • mandy klein

    I would like to see a kiss of DaDong and LeiTing ^^ I hope they become a cute Couple soon!!!

  • Tan Ming

    Whoa Da Dong fake tattoo looked so cute and he soooooo handsome!!!!!

  • aaronyan<3

    da dong fake tattoo damn ugly.

    • mandy klein

      Who cares?

  • Ivyyy

    黑龙终于又出来了 :)

  • shadow

    srsly can’t wait for next episode~~ how i wish that battle scene with hei long with the Da dong and his groups can been seen now OMG i AM IMAGINIATING!


    Duan Chang Ren keeps forgetting stuffs… it is actually Hei Long doing those stuffs? lol

  • Brian

    Da Dong is the coolest

  • Wengy Cham

    support k.o one like always <3

  • whenpigsfly

    Wan Jun seems like a sad loner from KO2 and even now. Hope the production can get a nice girl character for him cause it really seems likely that Leiting will end up with Dadond cause she doesn’t seem as close to Wanjun as they were in KO2. I think I mentioned before but QuiGu is super cute! Even Na Ge Shui and Yanyan! Haha! Secretly wishing there will be more of Zhi An’s scenes. 6 Sep, please be here soon! With more fighting scenes please!


    if qiuqiu goes with guzhan and leiting goes with dadong, than who will be with wanjun?

    • mandy klein

      No one?:D

    • LOVES3P

      Not to worry. qiuqiu, guzhan and wanjun will have 3P

  • OMG


    • LOVESKO3

      what’s Zhao men?

      • sharen

        DaDong weak point

        • jirosGIRL


      • Ashleigh Tucker

        The part where you use to make baby or play girls

  • SouthWest

    Come on, PeiCi. If you can sing Xiu’s song in this series, surely you can have a scene with him in this series?

  • J

    hope next ep Ya Se Xiao yu return help 大東

    • ashbvahb

      I was hoping the same thing but unfortunately, they’re not in this drama. sad!

  • wtxx


  • wtxx


  • Tan Li Wen

    damn. i really like 沛慈’s version of 在你离开的那一天. it would be better if xiu was the one playing the guitar! or best if she collaborates with 东城卫 again!!!!

  • Giselle Jaslyn Toh

    goshh, i want next week to come fast! ^^

  • OldPervert like your Dad

    Boring and stupid show. Not even one nude scene. Rather watch raw adult videos

    • MIB2

      seriously? Looking for nude scene? You probably shouldn’t be here:o

    • ewoj

      u’re one crazy bitch 🙁 u re nothing like my dad

  • AAA

    even though i dont like xiaoli, but it is bcoz of her, we can see the QiuqiuXGuzhan moments

    • OldPervert like your Dad

      i dont like xiaoli too. i prefer dali breasts

      • ugotpwned

        perverted twisted shit

        • EatMe

          Pls dont be rude to ur dad

      • jayz

        although this is not very nice but HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH xD

  • HM

    Omg cant wait for nxt wk to come !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SouthWest

    How can HeiLong be so powerful? Didn’t he lose all his powers before? Even with the drugs I don’t think it’s possible for him to be this strong.

    • assacsa

      I was thinking the same thing too. But finally, we can see some good scene coming up

      • smiley123

        maybe he master another evil ability or develop a drug which has a stable power surge

    • OldPervert like your Dad

      Does HeiLong have a Hei and Long lan jiao???

    • xmchlle

      maybe bc its a different dimension.. they did mention in the other seasons that there is 12 different dimensions with a clone of themselves in each

  • carmen lau

    Y does it have to be a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CD


  • Valent:x


  • Catty Wong

    ><ep10!!! fast

  • Guest

    cool men><!!! 快给我上传10!!!


  • Keith

    吉他彈得真是==,脩~where u go

  • Jpm_4EVES

    OMG!!!! I love 裘球 and 辜戰 together, they are so cute!!! I liked the part where when he pulled her up they were starring at each other like 汪大东 and 雷霆 XD 🙂



  • meechee

    ..urgh, waiting a week for the next episode is gonna be tough.. i cant wait for it!! SHIPPING GuQui !!

  • ❥❥FattyAmanda!❥❥

    cant wait for ep10

  • AAA

    what is the name of the song that lei ting sing in part 2? please reply

    • mz.sini

      It’s 东城卫 – 在你离开那一天
      Dong Cheng Wei- Zai Ni Li Kai Na Yi Tian

      • AAA


  • I don’t get it KO2 hei long was like so kind KO3 he become evil again …. is there a link to KO2 or diff story

    • Phua Chu Kang

      Maybe it’s because in KO2, Hei Long was lonely and had no one there for him. He was kind probably because he felt that he had lost everything.

      • Sakai

        Plus, in KO2, he has lost all his powers so he can’t be fierce or risk being easily beaten considering his old age. He’s just an average old geezer in KO2, in KO3, he still has his dark powers so he naturally, became rampant.

    • ewoj

      its a different story ko3 duan chang ren is still here so i assume hei long is still in mental hospital

    • meechee

      well this is a different story line because it shows what happened after lei ting and wan jun went ten years back and changed the past. so everything that happened in KO2 is irrelevant. mostly.


      KO1 link to two stories
      u watch KO2 then watch KO3 u will not be able to link it as the story had being changed by Lei Ting and Wan Jun so u should watch KO1 then u can be able to link the story better as u can just treat KO3 as a continuos of KO1
      Hei Long in KO1 is a evil person although in KO2 he is not so but in KO3 he is

    • whenpigsfly

      Heilong became kind in KO2 is because of Duan Chang Ren who went missing and eventually passed away. That triggered his conscience. However here KO3, Duan Chang Ren is still alive and Heilong probably escaped from the mental institution and got power hungry once again.

  • 終極無間道 maybe they can make another show

  • Vanessa Yang


    • Xiao Mei

      我说过是黑龍吧 🙂 你当时感觉是假甜心

  • leekrit

    Can faster upload ep 10 i want to see !

    • 123

      one more week~~

      • leekrit

        i know so long

  • Xiiao Encore

    why i using ipad cnt watch ep9?

  • KoThree

    QiuQiu and Gu Zhan really looks like a couple 🙂 and DaDong and LeiTing are really cute ^_^ cant wait for the next EP when HeiLong comes back and cant wait to see who will defeat HeiLong

    • SouthWest

      HuYuanJueLuo Xiu will defeat HeiLong.

  • Girl

    Hahaha why do I think the chemistry between qiu qiu and gu zhan is better than wang da dong and lei ting!!

    • Jpm_4EVES

      true that !! i believe in that so much lol 🙂

  • guest

    hahaha 5:42 his shirt says i kiss jiro

  • Guest 1

    Wow. There’s some new scenes in the ending sequence!!! Looks like we’re finally getting some real drama!

  • Bryan U-Vin

    if that girl is because of hell vision and become stronger, then it shouldn’t officially said she is Ko7.

    • asjcask

      I agree..I don’t understand why too because ko9 qiu qiu can whoop her ass

    • Enchanted Rain

      to climb up the ranks you have to beat someone higher up on the ladder. she must have secretly taken hell vision to beat whoever the previous KO7 was and replaced him/her on the charts.

  • Oi Soo Hui

    Can’t wait for EP 10 already.

  • Nico

    OMG, can’t wait for next episode! i had suspicions on duan chang ren that he was his evil brother or something but yeah. A huge fight coming up 😀

    • ko3!!!

      yeah , it was damn obvious when he started to forget things he did! and da dong exchange himself for king! so touching!

    • meechee

      haha me too!! i figured it out when i saw the Hell Vision in the bottle in that back room 😛 when did you guess?

  • whenpigsfly

    Gu dan and Qiuqiu looks cute!

    • AAA

      I love them being together

  • Han

    part 2 not workingzzz

  • Dcwingk

    In iPhone can’t watch this program

  • jirosGIRL

    thanks looking forward for eng sub of this… hopefully soon 🙂

    • meechee

      haha i cant find the eng sub of this ep or any of the previous episodes either. im lucky my chinese is mediocre enough that i can read most of what i dont understand 😛

  • Lalala


  • Yuri Socute


    • Ashleigh Tucker