Just You (就是要你愛上我) Episode 11

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  • cendol

    why i cant watch it?

  • ma-xiu-li<3

    no sub? there are some words i cant understand.

  • lollipop313cool

    I cant watch ep 11………. Whats with the rockrecords and sanlih??

  • stephanie

    not able to download episode 11 from download center. pls fix it.

  • :D

    what a good father Liang Liang has . how i wish i can have a father like him .

  • sofia

    is the bitch a actor from a diffrent country cuz she annoys me when she speaks

  • Princess

    Im enjoying every episode.. Great to watch…!

  • O.o

    How many times is Liang Liang going to get almost-fired and they come back? We should make it a drinking game.

  • Jpm_4EVES

    haha i like how Dean said Omiyage instead of 伴手礼, he is so charming when he speaks Japanese lol!

  • Yeah


  • 这戏好看!

    There is no sound for part 6:(

    • LOVESKO3

      if you use your phone to watch , there will be no sound . consider using computer or laptop

  • Lynn6

    Dean is such a great guy and so gentle with Liang Liang … he is good looking too eventhough Aaron is the lead actor.

  • Lovely

    Y part 6 no sound

  • chen

    the smartphone ad is so obvious….

  • Julia

    thanks so much for uploading and fixing it XDD

  • Jayna

    part 4 no sound

  • jaslyne

    uploader, part 6 dont have sound. pls fix

  • mayagolane

    finally episode 11

  • Ukiringo Freeze

    Uploader~ please unprivate part 2 on YT can’t watch right now

    • Ukiringo Freeze

      Thanks uploader ^^

  • Gogo..life

    omgosh, that !@#$% ex-girlfriend!

    • la

      i help you say. that knnb ccb.

  • Guest

    Is there any website I can watch this episode?

  • Rachel Castillo

    can’t wait for the next ep hope they nbe a couple next ep then because liamg liang already confessed.Qi Yi hope you will confess your love to liang liang too.Liang Liang ♥ Qi Yi 4EVER

  • dee

    cant watch part 2 🙁

  • Sabrina

    why part 4 no sound??

  • Jaden

    part 2 can’t seems to load?

  • Ukiringo Freeze

    Finally uploaded thank you uploader ^^,