Just You (就是要你愛上我) Episode 10

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Farrenhit

    Dean is so kind

  • JayCRuby

    I think youtube doesn’t wanna promote any song from this drama…so everytime there is a song…they mute the music out….SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the youtube sux big time … part 1 no sound then part 6 4mins no sound again !!! and it happens since ep 6

  • I don’t understand why is Qi Yi so angry with Dean ….

  • Mavis

    Typical Story line, but i just can’t stop watching because of Aaron! My guess is since Liang Liang already leave a bad impression on Qi Yi’s mum. Later she is gonna have a
    hard time with her mother in law and Qi yi’s mum may be siding Jia yu instead.

  • oops

    the 嘉愉 voice like duck LOLL

  • Lynn6

    Dean and Jia Yu addition to the drama makes things more interesting …looks like Qi Yi is actually soft on the inside but was abandoned!!

  • judy


    • cold


  • musicgenesis .

    whats the song playing in the background in part 3 07:00?? Female singer!

    • leans

      It’s by 林凡. At the moment there isn’t really a name for the song.

      • musicgenesis .

        thank you!

  • Erica Mae Rescobillo

    Why No Languages ?

  • CarolT1998

    其實lyla廷漂亮的, 演戲也廷好的!

    • Fernanda Zhu


  • chicken

    part 6 again starting from 4:39 no sound .

    • kirara

      yeah.. just right at the good part too!!

  • Zee


  • Shannon


  • Na2S2O3


  • April

    其实DEAN比较爱亮亮 他每次都无条件相信亮亮 不管外观证据怎么坏 他是立即相信还有站在亮亮的身边的 这才是女生需要的

  • chloexkiub

    幹嗎每個禮拜都發現沒聲音的問題呀 T_T

  • anon

    I like the pace of this drama and the overall feeling. So relaxing ~

    • hohliu

      I fully agree. Great Sat drama after a tiring and stressful work week.

  • jo

    part 3 @ 05:08 那是斗牛要不要的书吗?哈哈哈怎么出现在gaze里!

  • angela


    • :D


  • Anti-Marianne

    next episode is liang liang’s big confession!!! Must watch <3 This drama is so far so good 😀

  • mayagolane

    oh my god !!!!! this is really good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!