Just You (就是要你愛上我) Episode 02

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Audrey

    Please fix the bug. Keep replay the song

  • victor yong

    怎么一直卡 一直卡 🙁

  • skuld420

    程妈妈家的齐翼… ^_^

  • Rosa

    幾乎所有偶像劇的女孩都是這樣單純 衝動 “有愛心” 我覺得他們除了蠢沒有其他可提之處
    求愛365裡面的女生就好多了 像回一個正常人

  • Na2S2O3


  • Zack

    看完 “亲爱的 我爱上别人了” 这部剧就是垃圾

    • 都不好看


  • Lim

    i just realised the opening song is sang in hokkien? 0_0 i thought it was chinese all the while…

    • asdfasd

      it’s taiwanese..


    Aaron is so cutee <3

  • Rachel

    qi yi seems lonely something bad might happen with his stepmother and his father thats why he has a cold Impression in this Drama


    Aaron is just so handsome

    • Rachel

      yeah you´re right they look cute together