Just You (就是要你愛上我) Episode 01

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  • Farrenhit

    Lol……….ji ru lin XD

  • LaLa :D

    wow…can’t believe all the Fahrenheit boys all landed lead roles nowadays

    • Farrenhit

      i thought only araon landed n the lead part and expect for jiro .But the other fahrenheit like clavin and wu zhun i rarely see them acting drama nowadays

  • Judy Chao

    i don’t like her acting.

  • Ballerina

    Aaron tone up..prefer his previous look with a little baby face.

  • 影评人

    荒谬。看了十分种就知道 不值得看了。

  • fuckannoyingppl

    can people just shut the fuck up. other people are just saying their thoughts on the drama and the actors/actresses. is there a problem with it?!

  • dd


  • miso

    taiwan idol dramas really need better plots sigh, such a waste of good actors like aaron

  • laughsyi

    did aaron lose weight?

  • adsf

    ugh, if you don’t like the drama/actresses/actors, then don’t watch this drama.
    on a brighter side, my fangirl nerves are acting up, omg aaron has gotten so hot:D

  • acyl

    Same house as the one in what is love 😛

  • Sophie


  • teddy@bear

    Plz la, dun watch if u hate it tat much, no one forces u to watch! Fed up with all those silly comments~

  • AZSH

    wtf. the thing is… no romance in the office is against human and employee rights unless this was already set when the employer signed the contract with the employee so whatever rule he set is pretty much invalid AND illegal because he isn’t the law. Therefore this drama is retarded to begin with already.

    • Gori

      Then why don’t you think of a better plot?

  • Lim

    Is there any dl link for the songs?

  • Lim

    The opening song is nice too

  • Lim

    Not bad, towards the middle of the show, i like it more 🙂

  • pearl

    that’s such a cool door!

  • June

    This is like shit! -_-“

  • Nice songs!

    All the songs are so nice!! Starting song: 心爱的 by xiaogui and zhuo wen xuan. Songs in the middle of the show: 村上的猫,千分之一,大确幸 by xiaogui

  • gdgd

    OMG love the starting of the song!! wonder who sang it..

    • Wing Yan

      Xiao Gui<3

  • choc-olatepudding


  • Karen

    Sorry not watching

    • Jer

      YAY , Love aaron but not that girl

  • Karen

    though I like aaron’s acting but his face kind of fake maybe due to plastic surgery?
    And this girl is over acting. oh gosh.

    • livss

      OMG! I sooooo agree with you. Last time I was crazy about Aaron, but after his nose job… he look so matured. Lost his babyfat and cute friendly face. Now he look so arrogant with that face.

      • Z


  • Mitz

    I like Aaron but he seemed to have lost his baby fat and I almost couldn’t recognize him with all that guy liner..

  • Bubbley

    I mainly watch this drama because of yalun and his acting skill improve alot. Whereas the main actress lack of acting and her expression is poor seriously why she was cast into the main lead. might as well get someone to replace her….
    the plot of the story is not that good as i thought but i will continue to watch it and see …

  • guest

    haha it’s so cool how the girl piggybacked the guy!!! it’s usually vice versa 😀

  • anonymous


  • lambe

    How come all the Farenheit guys are in similar roles nowadays? Cold exterior, warm inside. All with deep secrets…

    • jli0324

      it has nothing to do with the Fahrenheit.. it’s mainly because that kind of male lead sales… the Fahrenheit boys just all landed the lead role, so they’re playing that character

  • Lisa


    • Ed Ho

      exactly what i thought

  • shuan

    why? i honestly think that’s the setting of the girl character, not because that her acting skills arent good. also, aaron’s character in this drama has finally changed, more funny, i say. but the plot is so predictable… they gonna live together+the guy is the CEO+the towel is gonna fall off… …

  • keke

    The plot is so predictable, I can tell that towel is going to fall off when the guy come in and he is allergic to seafood when she puts the ingredient to the soup.

  • s

    是李毓芬演就好啦 至少耳朵会舒服点

  • guest


  • Shan

    Can not stand bad acting+ weird looking actors/actresses + stupid same-old-same-old plot. Oh yes I have every right to complain on the “first” “just aired” episode. They should polish up acting skills playing supporting roles, not as lead characters. We audiences are to be entertained, not to be treated as guinea pig, patiently waiting for the acting to improve!

    • W

      If you really think they are acting very badly and are weird looking , then dun watch ! no one is forcing you . At least they did put in effort.

  • <3<3


  • Lynn6

    The opening of the drama is a little odd because legally, if she is the tenant and has a tenancy agreement, the landlord or owner cannot simply enter the property without permission of the tenant/occupant. The new owner must still respect the tenancy signed by the previous owner because property is sold with tenancy. Anyway, I agree that we should continue to watch the rest of the episodes as some drama starts off slow but will catch our interest and the actors/actresses will grow into their role more!

  • Colderness

    i still got get the plot of this drama lol

  • Yubow

    Stop saying this drama arent good . It’s just first episode right ? U dont like the female lead den dont watch la , wat for watch alr , still comment ?

    • Guest000

      I agree with you. It’s so annoying how they complain about this drama even though it just aired! and i’m sure they only choose to watch it because of Aaron Yan and i’m surprised that everyone is saying that guo xue fu is ugly. before i always saw comments saying about her that she is pretty now i’m seeing comments about her saying that she is ugly.

      • logicisoverrated

        Typical aaron’s fangirl behavior: criticizing pretty much all of his female co-stars for not being pretty enough (because no one is up to aaron’s “god-like” standards), while forgetting that he got his pretty looks from plastic surgery. Meh. Don’t worry. They’ll grow out of it…

        • yl

          his looks are born with it. MEH.

        • choc-olatepudding

          Don’t generalize. Most of his fans seem to like her on FB and WB.

  • jener

    guo xue fu is rly pretty.. but i cant say the same for her acting skills.. way too exaggerated

    • unsure

      her words are really mumbly too……

  • Yun

    love tis drama :3 LOVE

  • tsk

    seriously the main female character is so cringe-worthy. i can’t stand it. its not even worth it to bear with her acting for Aaron. so not watching it. Love touch is so much better.

  • Boring



    • Agree


      • zara


        • Shameu


        • Seriously

          TiamTiam lah. Watch show also want to quarrel.

  • Zoro

    只能說點點點 炎亞倫的這角色跟汪大東現在演的角色一模一樣….有潔癖跟海鮮過敏 WTF

    • zara


      • -_-


        • Zoro

          也些人智商有問題 請原諒他吧
          不能理解別人說的話 然後亂罵人….

      • lala

        zara 好像很喜歡找人吵架! 你有情緒管理的問題喔! 需要看精神科醫師了! 我覺得你應該是得了類似躁鬱症的疾病

  • Fang_kpoplover

    I prefer Tia Li than her..her face just look weird to me. At first i just want to watch this drama without looking at her appearance all because i just wanted to focus on yalun but i just can’t.

    • Guest000

      But Tia Li’s acting is not too good. I think Puff’s acting is better. I think it’s weird how people choose not to watch a show because they think that the actress looks weird. It looks like it will be great show and Aaron & Puff has great chemistry.

      • Fang_kpoplover

        Is not just her face look weird, the main mistake about the drama is actually choosing her into this charater.. can’t you that she’s very 做庄, at 2:06 part 1 , and also she doesn’t match this lead female’s charater…

  • ㄇwef


  • selina

    like yan ya lun in this show , he is very handsome , also like 郭雪芙 , she is very cute .

  • guest

    what a waste of a drama. the girl’s acting sucks. Her expressions look half-assed and the way she talks is so monotone..why’d they even choose her..

    • King

      she’s a newbie; but one who can attract many viewers. In Taiwan she is part of a girlband “DreamGirls” they attract a large amount of male fans…large amount of fans means more viewers

      • guest

        her acting’s a turn off..

        • King

          Thats your opinion yes. But her character in general is a turn off. she portrays a noisy hyper active girl; personally I believe she is trying but this role wasn’t made for her either.

          • guest

            roles aren’t suppose to be made for actors or actresses..if they’re good actors/actresses, they should be able to portray it. It doesn’t matter what she’s acting as, she’s not into character. I’ve seen her in other dramas, wasn’t that great either. It’s the way she projects her voice

  • Twinkle Star

    Part 5 听不到黄鸿升的千分之一!:(

  • Lilian

    我终于知道振华为什么出国十天了 =3



  • lusyyy

    arron!!! <3

  • Noëlle

    Can’t see part 5 :sss

  • Julie

    i don’t like the girl paring with Aaron Yan!

    • Guest000

      I think she is cute.

  • vivian

    Hi the part 5 of this show is muted, part 5 the audio is muted and dun have sound when the show is playing. can you fix back the audio of part 5.

  • QAQ 看到Part5變沒聲音了

  • carmen

    Y is there no sound?

  • Elaine