Just You (就是要你愛上我) Episode 19

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  • Rachel Castillo

    just you will end on 8th november.end it will be the 21 episode.i´m excited i hope they will get married.oh double wedding would be romantic with kate and alex

  • Polaris

    the both husband looks so funny in that awkward situation

  • Jess

    Ohmfg, i lol-ed so hard at that GPS line hahah

  • gee

    Next week it’s going to end already, this drama is awesome, gonna miss this lovely couple 🙁

  • guest Catherine

    这集很好看, 我真的哭惨了。齐亮下星期会闪死我们吗? ^^

  • jo

    Haha…this seems like the most ridiculous kidnap.

  • Na2S2O3


  • kendra

    Can’t wait for next epi!!!

  • AnonWho

    When Jerry was staring at his trembling balled-up fist after Liang Liang did the palm-reading thing for him I thought he was going to punch Liang Liang in the face HAHA.

  • hohliu

    I love how QiYi deals with Jia Yu. he take time to observe and analysis the situation. he does not trust her but he knows the only way he can protect Liang Liang is not by bing reckless and thoughtless. He will take time to understand the situation before making the best solution to solve the problem. Even Jia Yu did not suspect Qiyi did not believe her story and her false acting.

  • kpoppie

    the behind the scene of qi yi helping liang liang with her shirt by pulling it up was cute! hehe and him keep wanting to kiss liang liang when the script didn’t say so was just… TOO CUTE CANNOT TANK.

    • Aries

      I’ve noticed that since the beginning.. the BTS are always more intimate <3

  • lomickylo

    why dont have eng sub

  • LovingAaronWithAllMyLife

    Jia Yu doesn’t deserve Jerry..

    • Sammy

      Ikr.. Jia Yu is so evil..


    Is it me or is there anyone thinks jerry is cute?

  • <3 watching show

    omg!! is so nice!! they finally know their own feelings! for me, all the roles is damn nice expect for jia yu! but anyway! she cant disrupt them anymore^^

  • esther_lim

    I feel so sorry for Jerry!!!! He’s just being used the whole time! I know he really loves Jia Yu but then like.. from the things she’s done wouldn’t he realise that she’s not someone for him especially since he’s so nice??? Feel so sorry for him… Hope that by the end of the drama, Jia Yu realises that he was always there for her and falls in love with him but Jerry decides that she’s not the right one and gets over her hahaha that’ll be a pretty cool twist.

  • mikly

    i love this drama so much 🙂

  • Charz

    Can anyone be more innocent and kind-hearted than liangliang? Omg love her ttm.

  • Guest

    um sound? Starting from part 1? or is it just me?

  • Kimba

    I guess it will be more the. Ep20 less then 25 I guess

    • esther_lim

      really? I thought it would end next week from the looks of the preview… no?

    • Guest

      20 eps
      finish next week, well from wiki

  • Hanane

    I watched it even if i didnt understand a word, cuz i cant wait more


    Thank you for this amazing episode!!! Probably the best taiwan drama this year

  • maeinwollongong

    Haha! Liang is one of the few who can make her kidnapper cry. It’s like a counselling session, with a pinch of danger…

    • kirara

      oh i love it.. she keeps asking him.. do you know the way?? do you know the way?? She doesnt have any bit of nervousness in her.. she’s so brave!

    • esther_lim

      I find it kind of funny and an interesting twist to the usual kidnapping scenes we see, but in a way its a little bit over the top hahaha but still a very interesting scene.

    • Aries

      lol more like the clumsiest kidnapper “我有GPS!” hahahaha!!! i can’t believe that spewed out of his mouth! but yes… she has got to be the most secure kidnapped victim ever… “I charged a bathing suit to your account. I’ll pay you back later.” Best kidnap scenes EVER!

  • Veleneeee

    so quick! thanks! 😀

  • la


    • PN

      really like finally