Just You (就是要你愛上我) Episode 15

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  • Ernie

    Ops…my link cannot watch episode 15…who can help me ? 🙁

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  • jiji

    omg..tq tq tq sugo web you are the best. MY Link

  • 天啊!嘉愉是瘋的嗎?

  • kai

    good drama ever!it must be jerry,the secretary qi yi give to jia yu.what a brilliant plan he have.next episode was so exciting.

  • Aries

    Part 4! LOVE Part 4 <3

  • Lynn6

    Very nice to see the story continues even after Qi Yi and Liang Liang are together .. given many abrupt endings in the dramas lately, I almost thought the director was bringing this to an end this week … we get to see more!!

  • selina

    希望齐翼 不会跟亮亮 分开,最后希望齐翼把禁爱令 给撕掉,不要听丁嘉瑜话, 不要把禁爱令撕掉,超级 超级讨厌 丁嘉瑜 ,丁嘉瑜真的是个 讨厌 鬼。

  • <3 watching show


  • May

    I can’t watch, it has been blocked due to copyright issue, can help?

    • Khai Shuen

      u can watch at MY LINK….. the MY LINK is beside Part 7…

      • May

        Yes, it works. Thank you so much.

      • nad_oppa

        hello,sorry….i don’t understand ‘your link is beside part 7’…i can’t found it…help me!

        • nad_oppa

          i found i founddddddddddddddddddd……….thank you

  • Emily

    I can’t watch it !!

  • chloexkiub

    天啊 人家都說失去的東西不要再強求了,還在那邊說會拿回屬於她的東西=_= 討厭死了
    不知道爲什麽偶像劇的第三者總是這種轉牛角尖的人== 這個世界上真的這麽多這種笨女人!!

    • Felicia Yu


  • chloexkiub

    that ex-girlfriend’s crying scene is so bad =_= trying to act painful at the same time…but it makes me cringe!

    • 樱雅瞳

      yeah! It almost look like she’s on drugs or something. Way too dramatic.

  • ???

    the ex-girl friend kept saying that the reason she left him is for his sake. Until now I still don’t know what is the real reason for her leaving him??

    • kai

      she elope w/another man name jerry.

  • kirara

    Anyone with me to run down Jia Yu?? She’s making my skin crawl! 😀

  • MM

    qi yi is so evil……..

  • </3

    buffering -_________________-

  • Rachel Castillo

    qi yi will resign as the ceo of gaze.and jia yu’s friend will be the new ceo.he looks like a troublemaker

  • lilie

    for those who cannot watch dur to copyright issues, you can use an ip changer software and use the US ip and you can watch without any problems , i have been using it for 2 years now and it works reallt great!! sorry for my english mistakes, it’s my third language :p

    • Sean

      mind to teach how to do this?? i can give you my email so we can talk in personal

      • lilie

        ok, because i rather not to give the software name out in public, mine is [email protected]

        • Sean

          ahh, thanks lilie.. i found my solution for the problem… if anyone still encountering the copyright issues can leave ur msg here i will reply asap

          • jane

            heey how does it work?

          • lilie

            plz leave me your email, i’m going to send it now. sorry for the delay i encountered some problems with outlook but it’s solved now!

          • Von
          • dkikokiko

            [email protected]

            thank u sooo much~~

          • 너의 누나ت

            Mind to help me too? T.T

          • Sean

            may i have your contact to give u more detail?

          • lilie

            would you mind to show me also how?? you never know where one method is going to fail, i would be thankfull you already know my email 🙂

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            My email is [email protected]
            Thanks! 🙂

            for the MY link is the buffering is too slow..

        • Sean

          oh, thanks anyway lilie i found the solution to solve the problem… if anyone still encountering the copyright issues can leave a msg here imma try to help

          • Von

            I don’t get it. I’m using an iPad does it still apply?

          • lilie

            yes you can danload it for ipad also

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        ps there are 4 i in kiiiiki

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    • Sarah Lim

      I tried to change to sg and taiwan also cannot. 🙁

  • MichelleMoo

    Please fix this

  • MichelleMoo

    Have been waiting for so long but now unable to watch 🙁

  • peggy

    cannot watch so disappoint waiting for one whole week…………please let us watch and any way to watch

  • ichigo

    Malaysia cannot watch!!!

    • adel

      so sad. malaysians cant watch

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  • Sean

    cannot watch due to copyrights… from malaysia =(

    • Sarah Lim

      Not the first time! Been waiting for a week already.

      • Sean

        thats sad.. there is nowhere i can watch it by today

        • Sarah Lim

          YAY! Mine is working already after changing the proxy

          • Si Tze

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            teach me also

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