Just For You (只為你停留) Episode 62

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在冬天的陽光下,有一對兄弟,過著相對距離三百公尺,截然不同的生活。 哥哥喬楷騰(李沛旭 飾),是水電師傅,在地表騎摩托車,車後座綁著磨損嚴重,髒汙、但同時也宣示戰績的工具袋,為了家計放棄國手夢。 弟弟喬襲明(簡宏霖 飾),是王牌律師,在三百公尺高的辦公室,周圍的大片玻璃,可以鳥瞰大半個城市,十年前的那天,喬襲明歷經人生中難以承受的重大打擊從此封閉自己。 每個人或許都曾因為某個人某件事而停留在原地,追本溯源,如果能找到停滯的原因;就能找到停留的意義。

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Tipster Rednimer
  • 李長法

    my one issue with this drama is how forgiving liang yun’s mom is of her ex-husband. its like unrealistically forgiving. she never really got mad at him or anything.

  • Isenkk

    How come the family dinner with BQ? A bit weird…

    • peacie21

      haha i thought of this too.they needed the spare seat to show the father. XD

    • Melody

      You mean without BQ ? I don’t see she’s there. Lol

  • Lynn6

    looks like this drama will close with happy ending and reconciliation for the 2 families .. I guess DQ should be going home too in the final episode!! Yes, like the special guest appearance too …

  • peacie21

    so proud of AT+LY hahaha so AWESOME!!no need for stupid breakups then random reconciliations 😀

  • peacie21




    this show has so many amazing guest appearances but THIS ONE IS THE BEST <3 <3 <3

    edison wang x jolin i'm gonna die like rn.