Just For You (只為你停留) Episode 37

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在冬天的陽光下,有一對兄弟,過著相對距離三百公尺,截然不同的生活。 哥哥喬楷騰(李沛旭 飾),是水電師傅,在地表騎摩托車,車後座綁著磨損嚴重,髒汙、但同時也宣示戰績的工具袋,為了家計放棄國手夢。 弟弟喬襲明(簡宏霖 飾),是王牌律師,在三百公尺高的辦公室,周圍的大片玻璃,可以鳥瞰大半個城市,十年前的那天,喬襲明歷經人生中難以承受的重大打擊從此封閉自己。 每個人或許都曾因為某個人某件事而停留在原地,追本溯源,如果能找到停滯的原因;就能找到停留的意義。
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Tipster Rednimer
  • Bao Qi is really getting on my nerves LOL, can anyone be so stupid?? And Dai Qi’s creeping me out…Hope this show won’t be draggy with this twins stuff…

  • JC

    Really really don’t like the older sister! Can’t wait to see Xiao Xun’s first kiss.

  • peacie21

    we are officially unable to tell who is who now

    now there are so many problems in this show:
    1. the twins
    2. xiuxiu’s mother
    3. shaoxiang (why did they introduce him then stop his story altogether lol)
    4. ava (who now sounds like she’s hiding something)

    and the most important, from ep 1 until now
    5. the father’s mysterious suicide

    • Isenkk

      Agreee…. Got confused..who is who…喬律師doesnt look like sick….somehow his acting dont convince me…

      • peacie21

        HAHAH i was gonna say that him falling sick was so random and unnecessary too

      • 李長法

        he’s technically not sick. just food poisoning haha

    • 李長法

      maybe it’s just cos you haven’t been paying close attention lol shaoxiang? was that the rich kid that xiuxiu’s mom tried to set her up with? maybe he truly doesn’t ant to interfere with xiuxiu and ah zhu. her mom is definitley a money hungry lady. all about money and status. as for Ava, shes either got some kind of deathly cancer, or she may be going into an insane asylum. im going with that shes either deathly ill, or shes getting to the point where she doesn’t want to live anymore, since her husband is already dead. may have no family, so shes living as she wants, till she feels like her time is up.

      • peacie21

        i have been paying enough attention, thank you. my frustration is real and justified.

        no production is going to cast someone like shaoxiang if the character isn’t notable in some sense. it’s likely that he’s going to be somewhat evil since he usually plays such characters (although I was hoping it’ll be otherwise, but now I doubt so).

        duh we know the mother is a money-hungry lady. that barely solves anything. we need to see solutions instead of more question marks with every episode.

        ava’s secrecy happened like today, so.

        in any case, the story is draggy af with so many loose ends.

        • 李長法

          lol relax. i think maybe xiuxiu will somehow be stuck in the middle of either working for shaoxiang and keep it a secret. hope nothing bad happens to them though.

  • Lynn6

    DQ is supposed to be so sick and unstable one moment and the next, they are swapping again and she can look so well in front of her mum and have that “evil” smile .. rather strange!!

    • peacie21

      the lawyer explained it. he said, “some criminals will pretend they have mental illness to get out of their crime” 🙂