Just For You (只為你停留) Episode 29

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在冬天的陽光下,有一對兄弟,過著相對距離三百公尺,截然不同的生活。 哥哥喬楷騰(李沛旭 飾),是水電師傅,在地表騎摩托車,車後座綁著磨損嚴重,髒汙、但同時也宣示戰績的工具袋,為了家計放棄國手夢。 弟弟喬襲明(簡宏霖 飾),是王牌律師,在三百公尺高的辦公室,周圍的大片玻璃,可以鳥瞰大半個城市,十年前的那天,喬襲明歷經人生中難以承受的重大打擊從此封閉自己。 每個人或許都曾因為某個人某件事而停留在原地,追本溯源,如果能找到停滯的原因;就能找到停留的意義。
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  • JC

    OMG, how stupid could she be? I only want to watch Xiao Xun’s part.

    • peacie21

      honestly i applaud vera yen’s acting but the character is just unrealistic.
      and it is so unbelievable that she can hide this from her parents and bf for so long considering she’s supposed to be the type that says EVERYTHING she’s thinking according to the first few eps.

    • Cloud39

      Me too… I fast forward whenever is Vera Yen’s part. I only watch Xiao Xuan’s part. I am waiting for the family and the bf to find out abt the eldest Sister… such a stupid plot.

    • annie christian

      I’m thinking about fast-forwarding the sisters’ part from now on. Getting more and more ridiculous. It would be good if Bao Qi grew some balls (metaphorically of course).

    • Melody

      I don’t think that she’s stupid, I think she just had that innocence mind. Her brain just couldn’t think more than that. I meant, she always lost, and kindly help other people without thinking that she can solve by her self or not. Also she won’t know there a danger sign around her or feel that way because she’s her lovely older sister. I don’t like the story line too, but this is just how characters set. two completely different personalities. 🙁

  • peacie21

    i have to admit that i dont feel like watching this anymore
    (pressing on for a-teng and liang yun 😀 thank you for saving this show.)
    sorry jolin, i watched this for you but..