IUUI (我愛你愛你愛我) Episode 12

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  • diewenqi

    omg … wenqi is a bitch and her dad is a selfish cunt

  • Mel


  • Buse

    At 21:00 and 46:00 minutes what are they talking about? Sky seemed to be sad. I do not know their langues :/ help me pls 🙂

  • carla

    難道沒有人覺得趙文琪他爸演得很誇張嘛 @@

    • Dude

      不会啊。 我看过这样的父亲,演得还蛮不错 的。就是个粗鲁的生意人想关心女儿。

    • Vinna Sung


  • Just a comment

    Can’t wait for next ep! >.<

  • Dee

    Does anyone know the song that played while Sky and Dandan were speaking by her bedroom door at the 51st minute?

  • jiji

    san tien is so sweet in protecting dan dan

    why dan dan look so exhausted…big eyes bag

  • darkshoppers

    I think the kiss is to make Sky realise that Dan Dan is the”one” he cannot live without..because all along is Dan Dan is the brave one that admit her true feelings to him…

  • Vanessa

    I have a feeling that wen qi is gonna get her eyesight back but then lie that she’s still blind so that the wedding wouldn’t be canceled. But then sky will find out. And then dandan and sky will live happily ever after. I really hope it turns out like this.

  • ee


  • JuZhu

    dude why….
    that kiss is only gonna make getting over each other even harder. =__=

  • 030

    兩個幹麻親阿 = =
    噁透了幹 而且都要結婚了 真的是甚麼鬼戲阿

  • Kiko


    • dui ya wo ye bu zhi wei sheng me ta men yao xuan ze shan hai zi ji na ? ai qing shi zi si de

  • yoko

    yeah fine for me too! omg! they kissed! I was like yikes at first

  • Ciara

    is it just me, or is there no sound on part 2?

    • Vivi

      It works fine for me thou. Might wanna try again?

  • yoko

    yayy finally!

  • Dude

    thanks for the fast upload! 😀