I Love You So Much Episode 16 The End

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Jennn

    I would pick shao feng too!

  • Charlotte Leafinaz

    love the ending <3

  • xxx

    at the first i think le di is quite pity,but at the end i think le di is a little bi forceful and childish,why she just chase yu jie,and not realise that shao feng is the one that always stay by her side?

  • Now

    all of u spoiled the ending for whoever watches. THANKS A LOT

  • 少風終於苦盡甘來了!!! QAQ

  • Trehir

    Actually the drama has an ambiguous ending. Shaofeng did not get Ledi. What is certain is that Ledi did not choose Yujie at that point in time as Shaofeng has always stood by her. But she did not choose Shaofeng. It is very telling that in the makeup competition, neither Yujie nor Shaofeng managed to catch her and she fell. This seems to indicate that neither guy will end up with her …….yet. Maybe there will be a part 2 to resolve this?

  • TingTing

    sha feng done too much for le di, and i love the ending

  • ying

    i love the end! i love 少风 whith le di

  • Sheri Sk5

    OMG LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  • Aileen S Wu

    Ledi is the biggest mistake in this drama… Not only her acting is disappointing but also she made her charactor in the show annoying. I tried to like her from the beginning, but I just can’t. Now that I finished the whole show, I reali regret wasting time on this. The professional actors in the whole show are only blue and dong. 🙁 but nick did reali well in the show I think. I prefer blue thou

  • random person

    i accidentally read the comments

  • Guest

    LOVE the ending!!! ^^ <3 <3 <3 Even though it's quite unexpected since Yu Jie's actually the main character… Anyway, Shao Feng's SO shuai!!! XD Wooowwh!!!

  • Guest

    the perfect ending 🙂

  • Bubbleee

    No ! Impossible ! She was still wearing YuJie’s necklace , she couldn’t forget him ! She’ll go back to YuJie ! It’s so stupid GRRRRRRRRRRR I hate this ending ! Blue T~T

  • daisy363

    omg i love the ending sooo much!!! this the first and only drama that i know that falls in love with the cute 3 person who gives out everything. it has good actors/actresses and i just this this happy dance!

  • SxblueSJ


  • SxblueSJ

    Ledi should go with Yujie so than Shaofeng can go with me:D hahahah joking~
    The ending is a little too short!!!

  • Dimico

    I dun like the ending 🙁
    Luv u Blue 🙂

  • Joeech212

    Yes she’s with Shao feng <3
    <3 <3 <3  <3

  • Gin

    don’t know why the first time a side character actually beats the guy lead in getting the girl and i’m really happy. gogo nick/shao feng! shao feng is truly the model for all boyfriends and girls should really have flashbacks like that and sincerely appreciate the boys that have always been there to support you instead of ‘friendzone-ing’ them! 

    this show is worth spreading around as it has really meaningful parts to it 🙂 and the plot is awesome too, especially the twist in the ending!! <3

    honestly you guys down there are really 'spoilers'… watching part 1 of this video and i already know the ending… 

  • nickforever<3

    first time, the poster is misleading. but i loved the ending. shao feng deserves to have his love. he’s what every girl dreams to have. he’s good looking, great personality, selfless (he doesn’t care about his love, just as long as the girl he loves is happy) and he has a great smile. i love Nick overall too. love his songs so much.many people are saying le di doesn’t deserve him, but shao feng doesn’t care so you shouldn’t care either. he loves her no matter what and she just said that they could try going out. i loved this movie from the beginning. it’s humorous and the actors/actresses are the best! <3

  • me

    oh gosh! I never expect this ending! But i really do want her to choose shao feng…! wow!!

  • Nick’stheBest

    I’m just happy that Shao Feng’s with Le Di in the end ;D I love the way she flashback at all the times she had with Shao Feng and realizing that Yu Jie is just someone that she truly admires while Shao Feng is someone who loves her more than she loves him. I believe that most females agree with her, our dream love is to have someone to love us more than we love him. And that he will make us happy and put us first. <3

  • Nick’stheBest

    Is it just me or Shao Feng and Le Di are starting to wear same color of clothing? Couple Clothes? ><

  • Gummybear

    I really love this ending 🙂 nick is just so charming <3

    In many dramas, usually the second male lead who likes the girl never ends up being with her but i love how they made it happen in this one!

    • Nick’stheBest

      I agree!! Nick is so charismatic! <3

  • Anniengsh

    i like the ending. Finally dao feng can be with le di after he protects her and was with her when she is unhappy. I also love nick…

  • Zy_homa97

    love nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so handsome

  • icy

    love the ending!!  Shao Feng is every girl’s ideal man!!

  • Blossom

    Shao Feng is every women’s ideal lover…….. 🙂

  • Tracy

    I love the ending. I love the way SHAO FENG loves LE DI. Finally SHAO FENG got his love. Wonderful story!

  • Eevahs

    Finally there’s a love story with an unexpected ending! 😀 <3 Nick forever! 😀

  • Jenny

    Le Di don’t deserve Shao Feng! He gave all to her, but what has she been doing? LOVING YU JIE ONLY! Until the very last moment, when Yu Jie picks another girl only she pick Shao Feng like leftovers.  -_-

  • Samantha

    Dont know why…love the ending 😀
    Reli love nick <3

  • Gloria

    they actually followed the voters vote and made shaofeng the choice in the end! but the be honest, tht was a shitty ending, BUT IM SOOO HAPPY to finally see a drama where the guy who deserves it gets with the girl

  • DramaAddict

    For me, it doesn’t matter if LeDi goes with ShaoFeng  or YuJie. Even tho, I show some preference for ShaoFeng because of how he acts, I like the way how he lets LeDi choose the one she loves. 
    But I will also have to agree the fact that YuJie was supposed to be the main character, so he was supposed to be chosen by LeDi. 
    The ending of the drama doesn’t match to the poster, or they should change it, adding ShaoFeng in it. The poster actually leads us to something wrong. I guess they made it intentionally, to attract people to watch this, since Lan Cheng Long are popular, and Nick Chou not. Or Maybe the director wanted to create something new. 

    But I highly disappointed the fact that the director rushed the end of it.  

  • Blossom

    <3 this drama so much!! Hope to see more of Nick in future dramas…………….yes!!!

  • LING2

    Both GuYS are awesome!!! so it doesnt mind who LE DI goes with… Thats what i think so… XP

  • Yaa


  • Jenn

    OMG love the ending but it was definitely unexpected.. shao feng<3
    yu jie should have stayed with wen xi then!

  • lamichel

    呼一直都唔敢睇comments 公佈結果時還真是吊癮呢 lol 整整10多分鐘
    反而還樂蒂面對現實的選擇了少風 真好 🙂

    還有… 周湯豪… 真的很…帥…喇!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shy

    • 大愛周湯豪&LPF&JPM<3


  • abs

    yay!!! i love le di with shao feng so so much!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!! true, choose the one who loves you more than you love him….

  • parischim

    FINALLY ! LE DI CHOOSE SHAO FENG 😀 they are perfect match 😀

  • Dicksun

    There should be an episode 17 where Le Di chooses Yu Jie instead. Not really satisfied with the fact that the opening and ending have been showing those two together all lovely and shit but ends up being the opposite wtf?

  • mika

    Although it seems that the director tried to finish this drama quickly, i should admit that i love the story plot at the end (although i know most audience expect that she n Yu Jie to be together) but let’s see from other point of view n not to be bias. What i get from the quick snapshot of last scene/episode from this drama is ‘being loved is much better than loving someone’
    From the very beginning, we can clearly see that Shao Feng’s support was infinity towards Le Di. Yet, we clearly knew that Le Di is loving Yu Jie so much. I don’t even realise until the end when Shao Feng have done a lot of effort to fully support whatever Le Di’s love and do! Somemore, he even reminded Le Di in making sure her true feeling. For me, Shao Feng has done perfectly. If I was Shao Feng, I will do the same thing (although it might sound ticklish, but for me..loved by someone is much more fortunate than loving someone). Being loved by someone, we may feel the meaning of love and by the time, we can slowly respond it rather than by loving someone that we know he/she love us so much but it still (i think) our love much greater than him/her. It’s totally different when we are being loved by someone. He/she gives much greater love to us. Nowadays, it’s higher percentage n rate for those who r giving n delivering their loved than the one who is receiving love. sometimes, we should think wisely n broadly. cheers

  • Lenkao20

     if they end this like that, why the hell they giving them as couple in opening and in the ending, it’s really weird how dramas this days ends 🙂

  • almost happy ending. except for BLUE. I don’t like the ending so much. But Shaofeng is a nice guy!
    The ending has too much flashbacks.. a bit annoying… But I’ve enjoyed this! 

  • Zhien_hua

    okay…. I love the fact  that they finally made the guy I was hoping for to end up with the lead, but they could’ve done some more le di developing feelings for shao feng moments… at least moments like worrying about him without realizing it, or her heart beating faster when he hugged her, hell I would’ve even agreed to some rain scenes thought I think that has been done too much in dramas since meteor garden… the ending lacked some more scenes to tie up the good, fulfilled, happy feeling you feel after watching a drama…. To the director, script writer and who ever you are that wrote this story yes I’m talking about you guys *just in case they are reading this -_-* you did a poll right? you could’ve prepared a heart warming ending for both guys (since you had so much guts on letting the people decide) that would fit and close the story in a proper way…. not the he loves me more so I chose him ending …. Is there a China version of this that one has less cut scenes maybe that one would give me an explanation O_o

  • Blossom

     Can someone tell me the title of all the songs in this beautiful drama? Thanks!

  • abcd

    err for me, i dont really support who. but in real life, i will choose nick 🙂 of course we will like to be the one that is loved instead of being the one that loves. it was a good ending but UNEXPECTED. i think i used 5 minutes to digest the truth. but seriously, i need another drama that will has an ending with both the leads end up together. hahah, maybe because i just finished watching ex boyfriend last week. gahh. why dramas nowadays so realistic :(( 

  • Longingfortuby


  • dramas24/7

    Apparently they didnt know how to wrap up the ending and did a poll of who the viewers wanted the girl to be with. And guess what? SHAO FENG!

  • Blossom

    I wish there is a continuation of ‘I Love You So Much’……..can’t get enough of Shao Fong & Ler-Ti!!

  • Jing

    This drama is leading people one way, but ending at another way. It is bizarre! They should be more careful to choose the right actors for the characters. Hope no more dramas will give an unexpected ending drive faithful audiences nuts and call themselves creative!

  • kit

    I love shao feng!!!!!!! It is right to for le di to choose him:)

  • Lynn

    so she chose shao feng instead of yu jie??

  • Guest

    I want a Shao Feng in my life!!! 😀

  • 5215

    the ending was ok……. but i feel like there was something missing… not super satisfied with the ending :S but i love nick though and I’m happy she chose him over Yu Jie!

  • lousydrama

    WTF ! xia le di suppose to be with chang yu jie .  argh . was so excited about the drama now end up like this. stupid.

    • the same! but after voting the script has changed or something

  • Fenfen05

    Good result….i love the end story…it is very meaningful of choicing our true love…

    Ha….ha…our real life not luckily and we did know what we want so,i like LeDi familiar word clean our heart may see the beauty lar….I really feel warm and peace to watch the end story…

  • Asouhina

    it’s not a supprize a begin of a love end with this love

  • Asouhina

    this end suck a litle, but she end happy with one man. Il love this drama, even if some thing don’t appel me!

  • Jengwen_57946


    • amylee99

      对啊! 随便两下就没了 -.-

  • Blossom

    I love all the songs in this drama……….<3!!

  • Guest

    I love the ending! The sweetest thing in love is when it happens unexpectedly.

  • Prince_camila


  • He

    Yeah! 二男終於可以同一女!

  • Dottt

    wonder if yu jie and cola are together or something..

  • Guest

    ok, a lot of  people are saying that they don’t like this ending and how it was altered because of the popularity the Shao Feng-Le Di couple recieved, and i’m not saying that it’s not true since it probably is. Buuuutt, isn’t that what these production companies need? They wish to make the larger population happy so that they receive a better ranking/rating or whatever. The better received the drama, the more money comes in, therefore, no company is going to rid themselves of money that, theoretically, came relatively easily.

  • Cookiemonte

    I totally LOVED yu jie in the beginning but I still liked the ending better when le di chose Shao feng <3

  • 123


  • yee mei esther lo

    its funny:P
    i even loved yujie &ledi @@

  • WT1314

    I love that film!!!

  • Joanne

    who no can at where see this show?:-)

  • Ukiringo Freeze

    One of the best drama ever… cheeky that during the small clips it shows that le di only with yu jie which make us think that le di confirm will choose yu jie to a certain degree … then * poof * the ending was an awesome surprise… idk if anyone of you watch different country dramas… but taiwan has the habit of replying the old scene  

  • I Love You So Much Rocksz !

    i love the ending ! i love it when le di is with shao feng! when you watch most of the show the ending will be lyk example: le di at first lyk shao feng then she lyk yu jie but most of the show will be lyk le di and yu jie together but this show the ending is le di love her first love so i LOVE this show =) why dun you love someone which love you more than you love him ? if you can choose you will choose someone which love you more than you love him and will never leave you even though you didnt choose him or will you choose someone that you choose and will anytime leave you ? Obviously you will choose the first option rite ! =P SO THE ENDING OF THE SHOW IS GREAT !!!!=) I LOVE IT !

  • CarolineMeiMei

    unexpected ending! blue and le di got along well, but they never seemed to match emotionally compared to le di and shao feng. shao feng and le di look better together anyways. 😛

  • Jinn

    Just reading these comments before ive finished the episode ruins the ending…

  • Vio

    I Knew it!! le di finally u open your eyes widely and see who is better….=P
    keep the sweet love, both of you=D

  • CJ

    Had been catching this drama every Sunday night, except this last episode.  Enjoyed watching the parts where Le Di never gv up on Yu Jie.  After reading all comments here, i dun even feel like watching the last episode anymore.  Every comment on the “last minute” change Le Di’s decision has made me lost interest to see the ending.  I think I should just stop at Episode 15, & presume Yu Jie has made a successful confession on the next day…….

    • I Love You So Much Rocksz !

      i love the ending ! i love it when le di is with shao feng! when you watch most of the show the ending will be lyk example: le di at first lyk shao feng then she lyk yu jie but most of the show will be lyk le di and yu jie together but this show the ending is le di love her first love so i LOVE this show =) why dun you love someone which love you more than you love him ? if you can choose you will choose someone which love you more than you love him and will never leave you even though you didnt choose him or will you choose someone that you choose and will anytime leave you ? Obviously you will choose the first option rite ! =P SO THE ENDING OF THE SHOW IS GREAT !!!!=) I LOVE IT !

  • Carolrol47

    雖然結局出乎意料之外, 但是我喜歡, 超喜歡啦~!!少風才是最正的嘛~!

  • Winstonluc

    Best ending ever! Blue and ledi never had chemistry anyways, he looked like her big brother dont really match.

  • May

    throughout the entire drama, it’s always about yujie & ledi loving each other except the last few mins, ledi suddenly chooses shaofeng?!!!

    blue is the main lead! he acts way better than nick. i think the poll is totally screwed! even the taiwanese papers say so!

    • Z Shuyan

      nooo shao feng is way cuter than yujie shaofeng did way more stuff for ledi than yujie!! this is the best ending for the movie

    • Hihi

      I absolutely agree!

    • … … …

      … … … i dun think so lor 

  • Guest

    best ending!!! was getting ready to cry until shao feng got le di! 😀 the beginning and ending song are rather misleading though :/

  • Dottt

    i love the ending because everyone thought le di is gonna end up with yu jie =D GO NICK
    dam they should of kissed at the end… if they made a season 2 .. i’m gonna love it =D
    but..it still doesn’t make sense..even the poster of the drama is le di and yu jie…

    • Vio

      i think maybe they change the ending last minute?

      • Jo

        they did… (kiss and change the ending)

        • Dottt

           yah i think they changed the ending..i think the director was gonna make le di and yu jie together at first but then did the polling thing then shao fong and le di won so yah

    • Jinn

      They purposly made it so everyone would think le di would end up with yu jie!

  • Dottt

    i love the ending because everyone thought le di is gonna end up with yu jie =D GO NICK
    dam they should of kissed at the end… if they made a season 2 .. i’m gonna love it =D

  • Nycz

    this is a first… this the first drama that i have ever watched where the female lead doesnt end up the the male lead.. its surprising and i love it! i just with they can show more of xiao fung and le di development at the end

    • Wanhzen2001

      Totally Agree !

    • Dottt

      more surprising when the female lead goes with someone else =D cause then the ending wouldn’t be “obvious” like some dramas…you can just see that they are gonna be together at the end..

  • makichan

    this is a TERRIBLE  ending!!!!!!!!!I HATE THE ENDING -.-

  • Guest

    First drama that I lost interest about 2 episodes ago. I came back to check out the ending.

  • ME


  • Angela721521

    wasai nick完全把blue打败了。。。 更有观众缘!!!

    • guest

      of course! blue doesnt have a actress mom~

  • Meg

    Yay!!!! Love the ending! Nick super cute!! Mwahxxx

  • Zacquelin

    I love the ending.. i hope got more show from nick.. hmm.. 

  • Aguadines

    i didn’t like the ending.. sorry …. le di should choose 
    yu jie. awwww 🙁 i’m  very disappointed :'(((

    • georgia

      yeah nice joke…. no…

      • Hihi

        ………………..way to be an ass about it 



    • … … …

      Agree !

  • guest

    y is the ending like this??/

    • Guest

      Because Nick is freaking awesome!!!!!

  • Dorothy

    真係好失望哦!!! 看完都幾想打爆電腦……

  • Fang_kpoplover

    erm, for me, it’s a expected ending…in the end, who le di will be with was chosen by fans online -.-…i just wish yu jie was with le di in the end so atleast the ending is perfect or have more episode to make the story after shaofeng & ledi got together or even atleast in the end let the 2 guys 公平竞争 what then have the final end since when they celebrate for ledi’s miss beauty, the two guys are like having a chance to 公平竞争 for ledi…

  • Blossom

    Oh Nick, you have such a darling charactor; hope to see more of you in future dramas! <3

  • O_oy


  • Georgia


  • Sarah Lim

    Unexpected ending!!

  • guest

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO SHE SHUD’VE KISSED OR HUG SHAO FENG AT LEAST PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on i never even asked for a bed scene! HAHA sigh. disappointing…

    • Crystal

      they did kiss!! you shouldve kept watching

  • Meh

    The poll ruined everything, from the ending song to the starting one. It’s pointing out to Le Di and Yu Jie and the ending is too sudden which makes no sense to everything!!! 

  • Guest

    The ending is stupid i seriously think the ending is rushed and i don’t get why they have to put the stupid ‘one week later’ thing… makes everything worse

  • Aqua_we07
  • Aqua_We07

    it’s because a polling in taiwan… and Nick win the polling… so here we are! 😀

    le di with shao feng together 😀

  • Auntie

    Very Disappointed!! Just to satify the 2nd Male lead and disappoint the 1st Male lead??
    Just before the wedding cermony, Le Di sending Yu Jie a MSN msg, Isnt that Le Di is still hoping wins Yu Jie Heart?? and why she has chosen 2nd Male Lead?
    No Logic.. Sorry i am confused..

  • Jingo

    Terrible ending… well, the whole story was rubbish anyway, but for me, the end really pushed it to a new height of nonsense.  Possibly the worst TV drama I’ve ever watched.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of the second male getting the girl.  But it did not work one bit in this story.  There was too little transition from Le Di loving Yu Jie to Le Di loving Shao Fong.  She was even on her way to Yu Jie’s wedding to try to get him back!!  And there was Yu Jie wanting her, and she basically said “no, thanks”.  Really stupid script. 

    • Wanni

      You can tell the director is cutting short the whole story.  But, I liked the ending where it is better to be with the 2nd lead, shaw fong as he loves and support her silently all the way.

  • Guest!

    I love this ending so much! 

  • Harumi_225

    wow… what was the whole point of the yu-jie gave le-di a new begin in life in the first episode, and the whole singing song for yu jie, yu jie helps le-di’s father, yu jie and le-di tgr in on the pillow bed in the previews?  This is a drama, hence why it’s supposed to be romance-based not realistic-based.

  • i love the ending! woow it was really unexpected and really impressive. Who ‘ll predict that Nick and le di will end up together<3 it's not becuz i dont like BLUE i LOVE BLUE its just that the director gave the chance to Nick to be kind of the first male its kinda stange but more realistic bcuz if she end up with Blue it 'll be strange.. I didnt really watch all episode cuz i wanted to see the ending first  if i'll like it; I LOVE IT! 🙂 so here i come ''I love you so much''

  • Chching

    愛一個人跟被一個人愛 我也會選擇愛我的那一個人

  • Shaofengfans

    yeah le di and shao feng together!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Daydreamer0022001

    This drama was just a hot mess, the storyline fell apart half way through and didn’t make much sense anyways. I like that she ended up with the second lead since it doesn’t ever happen in dramas. Nick’s character was the one who was always there for her, even though her character was obsessed with Blue’s for the entire series, it didn’t seem to make much sense that she would end up with him but I’m glad she realized that he truly cared for her in the end. Too bad they didn’t have a kiss scene at the end or something to signify the relationship.

  • Peiju Pchuang

    什麼鳥結局阿 -__-

  • AAA


  • dung2


  • guest

    such a great ending! Being loved and then love more <3

  • Suziesim2011

    Realistically, I would have gone for Shao Feng as he was more stable and focused in his love for Le Di. 

    Yu Jie was flip-flopping between Wen Xi and Le Di.  In real life, that kind of love is not stable as he still has a lot of psychological issues to deal with.  It would never make a good and strong marriage but a rather tiring one.

  • Dung2


  • Anon123

    作出不得不的選擇”favorite quote frm the whole show.

  • Zzz

    我觉得好像玩恋爱养成游戏哦,结局好像感觉 不只一种哦。。。看到时候播不播呢

  • Hello

    NOOOOOOOOOO WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!?!?!?! le di is supposed to be with yu jie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a terrible ending!!!!!!!!!

  • annie

    平淡 但奢侈的幸福♥

  • samm


  • eric

    so then it’s not really an ending? because of the poll shaofeng+ledi?

  • Angel

    blue is the male lead and deserves to get the female lead!! this drama develops around the 2 of them, for her to suddenly choose nick is so silly!

    blue acts so much better!! nick is still young and can’t act so well and frankly sometimes, he ruins the scenes for me cos he cannot convey the emotions!

  • Guest

    I was kinda hoping for a yu jie + le di and shao feng + cola ending.

     I felt like I was never fully able to like the lead female character (le di) for some reason…felt like I actually liked wen xi more =.=  

    They could’ve done a better job in writing the character of wen xi I thought…her character’s personality kinda flip flops from time to time…not very consistent.

  • Guest

    The ending is not really a ending. we are not for sure that shaofeng and ledi are together. if she chose shaofeng on the street, why did she have to choose again and why did they have a contest again. yeah its open to different interpretations! IMAGINE THE ENDING GUYS!! ;D 

  • Aigoo

    I somewhat agree the ending was influenced by Nick, but on one hand it shows how the writers want to hear from the fans and want to tailor the show to fit what fans want to see. Of course, we generally expect the pairings (like said) in the posters and such to already tell us what the love pairings in the end will be like, but it’s nice to see something a little bit different for a change. If anything, it shows a more realistic side of love – just because you crossed paths with one person, it doesn’t mean you will end up with that person at the end of the road.

    And Nick really did an impressive job as a first timer – his acting was very natural. Like others have said, I think it doesn’t matter how famous his mom is or what influenced she may have – Nick proved his own ability to act, so that’s pretty good if the writers saw this. I’m sure he’s probably receiving many offers for a next drama already.

    Lastly could someone explain the whole deal with Rui Xuan/Cola? I still don’t get it – so did she fake the entire memory loss thing or was she for real? I feel her character wasn’t written too well and just randomly thrown in to cause trouble and to drag out the ending.

    • Guest

       Her memory loss was for real…then she regained her memory towards the end.  I agree that cola’s character wasn’t written too well.  I too was confused watching the series.

  • Vera

    the ending is so stupid! it supposed to be yu jie & le di!
    feel sorry for blue! he is the main lead, not inexperienced & young nick!!

    nick has many young voters who will bother to vote, blue attracts slighter mature crowd who won’t bother to vote but will still support him!!! the voting is unfair!

  • Guest

    Le-Di is a playgirl and end up to be a whore.

  • Faholicbaby


  • Faholicbaby

    其实女二恢复记忆之后,也是善良和爱宇杰,少风和乐帝最后在一起,真的很意外,不过我超喜欢他们最后能在一起的,少风is perfect,hah

  • Guest

    okay, so i’m happy that nick gets the girl in the end because i like him the most xD but to think about it, i think half of it really was from the influence of his mom that there was a poll for the ending from the audience. that’s why i thought it was unfair to blue because this is really the only show where the female lead ended up with the second male lead. and like some other people say, all the poster and even the mv ending originally pointed towards the main pairings. and yeah, nick is inexperienced unlike blue but so were other people like xiu jie kai is such a great actor but i don’t see directors giving him chances. 

    but it was nice of the drama to be different and unpredictable i guess. and i thought nick did a pretty good job for his debut drama. hoping to see more of him in future dramas!

  • kk

    i think le di is soo right!   i really want a man that he loves me more than i love him!  nick i luv you toooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

  • amy

    在被爱与爱的面前, 有时被爱才是更好的选择。这样你不需要追在别人之后,这样会有个人真正的爱惜珍惜和呵护你。也许爱情的世界很复杂,但是我们应该给那个隐形的他一次机会,让他一直守候着你。结局很棒。

  • pt

     actually everyone voted for the ending and more people like le di and shao feng together so majority rules 🙂

  • Iii

    oh surprise, the poster is fake. SF get LD !!!!



  • Serenity Zhang

    I wanted her to pick SF, I mean.. imo; hottest guy gets the girl 🙂
    Plus he’s sooo NICE to her, and all YJ does is make her cry ~

  • love4eva18

    I loved the ending!!!!  This is the only drama where the second guy lead gets the girl and I’ve always wanted this to happen because hello! this is reality! Like Luo Di said, Shao Feng was the one that was there when she needed him the most. From the beginning when they first met til the very end when he brought her to Yu Jie. It’s not like Luo Di never liked him. She’s always had, but it was overshadowed when Yu Jie spent more time with her and she realized that she was the guy that changed her life. So like she said, it was an infatuation of the idea of loving him. But this love created more pain, which is all Yu Jie ended up giving her. But Shao Feng gave her love and comfort, the things that at the end of the day women really want. I loved the ending!!!!!! I don’t think it was that ambiguous, but definitely left room for interpretation especially since the script spent the last 6 episode based on Yu Jie and Luo Di and all of a sudden she chooses Shao Feng. <3 this ending though. seriously. haha

  • 算了吧happyending

    覺得這結局很棒, “女主角選了男二”的人,真的有看清楚嗎?

    如果真的在一起了, 為何需要”昇華愛情為守護跟珍惜”? 

    只改了一點點,(甚至只有一幕?), 從相愛的兩人結局(傑樂),到 騙倒瘋風樂配的, 讓
    他們以為風樂在一起,其實沒有, 的模糊結局.
    想要看他們(風樂)之後的生活的人, 連他們在一起的結局都懶得編了哪來的之後生

    我倒是懷疑,原有的結局有一點之後生活,因為改結局而無法撥出, 不然這集干嘛那


  • sandy

    每一部偶像劇都是女1配男1   這編劇太讚了!!!  女1配男2!! 這死宇傑根本配不上夏樂帝!!

  • sandy

    如果要選一個在前女友跟現在女友之前搖擺不定的人  我寧願選擇一個只愛我的男人!!

    • guest

      hope that you can find someone who love you
      and  i am sure that u wont be happy abt it if you dont love him

  • Mjingcici

    It is actually an open ending. The scene that Ledi decides between yujie and shaofeng comes before the conclusion stories in Miss Beauty, and in the make-up pk, shaofeng and yujie are still competing for ledi. The show was shot before the online voting began. They just cut and edit the last scene to make it as if Ledi chooses shaofeng.  

  • Nicholeteh

    so happy nick chou deserves it! <3

  • Erterty

    時間改變人阿~~~~~這部戲主題感覺就是在說  時間可以讓人忘記一個人 同時也會讓你愛上另外一個

  • angie

    happy and unpredicable ending!

  • Aznmissy

    hahaha cute ending but they should show more after it Dx

  • Exactlyjoy

    how come!!! cant believe this is the ending of this series. Come on , it’s BLUE!!! he supposes to be the one who get the girl. It’s a sure thing. though, he is untrustable and hestitated all the time, he is still running for her at the end and the girl did run for him too. They can use some old trick of be apart for one year or spmething like that and get back together to test Yu Jie’s love for Le Di. But the end of it should be Yu Jie + Le Di not Nick -_-!! .. i like Nick as he is very very very cute while Blue looks very old and pretty fake in this seires ( normally i love Blue ^ ^ )  Totally disappointed!!!

    • Exactlyjoy

      though, shaofeng is always there for her, this is the series . and it supposes to b sweety. They love each other. Sweet happy ending after many fights for love is a MUST as this is y we watched sweet series!!!!

    • Exactlyjoy

      mv & ads , begining & ending songs are obviously pointed out to be Ledi + Yu Jie…

      if there is really a poll ( i have no idea) , then STUPID poll.

      • Guest

        It is not stupid poll; the screen writer is brain dead and he/she should not write any more. Do watch anything from this screen writer.

  • Around90

    it’s about she cares the most) because you think about person only if it’s in your heart takes the most special place!!!!!!!!!I like the ending)

  • Kelvin

    OMG NICK….. :((

  • vivileaf


  • Yit

    i think this ending is most girls choice, married with the man who care you most not the one love most.

  • Gucci


    • guest

      well yu jie love her too….so what do u actually mean?

  • Guest

    Love the ending, but wish it could be longer.

  •  i like shao feng to be together when he’s by her side everytime she needs him. but yujie is the one she really love. 

  • Peacek

    Actually Yu Jie and Le Di are love each others.If they together I’m will say “有情人终成眷属"..Xiao Feng is good but “LOVE” is no payback.I’ll prefer director can make 2 ending episode or Le Di didn’t announce choose who in last then will let ppl more imagination..Anyway congratulation About good show!!!

  • chen

    The ending sucks!!!
    People voted Nick just because they love him as an artist.They never thought about the logical plot structure of the drama~

    • Crystal

      I don’t agree, as you can see in the flashbacks, we feel the love from Nick’s character for her more.  He was willing to sacrifice more for her where as Yu Jie always avoided and left her to hurt for herself when he couldn’t solve his own problems.  He never placed her first even if he loved her.  After all Shaofeng has done for her, she’s already learned to accept his love and know how to be one with him. She just came to realize Yujie was her idol because he was the one he lent her a hand to reform herself to a better person. It has more to do with the character developments rather than Nick as an artist.

      • chen

        From what I see Le di likes Shao feng and returns his love as with a thankful and caring heart but it cannot be called love…. 

  • Charlene8821

    又是爛尾:( 對啦我喜歡樂風配 但我比較想知道他們之後的生活了啦:p

  • Blossom

    What a happy ending that Nick actually ended-up with Ler-Ti.!!

  • Kaii-v-


    • guest

       i think they changed and cut the ending just becoz of the poll

  • happy

    And it’s kinda true.. idol and love is different..

  • Hhuiihhuii

    Yesssss!! Le di choose shao feng!!!

  • happy

    OMG! So unpredictable!!! But… I like 😀 

  • Yit


  • Maymaymay

    I love the ending of Le Di & Shao Feng together.. and seems like every like it as well. but I’m just wondering.. is there anyone who prefers Le Di &Yu Jie????? just curious~~

  • *_*

    this ending doesn’t match what they act before..
    then why the girl keep crying for the boy at last she just dont choose him-.-
    this drama was really good at the beginning..and it turns out become worse in the middle..
    the ending SUCKS-_-

  • Emilyh1967

    omg!! the ending is so good!! diffenert from others drama:) luv it♥

    • guest

       its so good and indifferent coz it doesnt make sense? LOL

      • Guest

        how does it not make sense? She liked Shaofeng a lot at first, then Yu Jie did some things and was really helpful to her, so she thought that she was in love with him. But then, when he proposes to her, she realizes that she only idolizes him, and what she feels isn’t love. Therefore, she rejects him to be with Shao Feng, who she believes is who she is actually in love with. 

        Don’t know about you, but it makes perfect sense to me. 😛

        • guest

          i cant see she is actually in love with shao feng
          but ya she had a good first impression of shao feng and this doesnt mean she love him
          she chose shao feng just because shao feng always stand by her

          without the poll, i am sure that the ending isnt this one
          dont know abt you, i only think both yu jie and le di love each other so much!

  • nomnomnom

    i loveeee the ending! (: shao feng is so cute <3333

  • hey_u

    if i remember correctly this is the first drama  that i have watched where the main lead girl picks the second guy, lol usually they pick the main lead guy…i think this is pretty unique but the reasoning of why she chose the second guy is mehh..

    • happy

      same here! first drama that i see the female lead picks the second guy!

  • Jbear8

    good ending……love it!

  • Guest

    i have to say, i love this ending. This is the only drama i’ve seen since where the NICE GUY gets the girl, and not the guy that’s a jerk to her at first, then falls in love wiff her, then is nice….

    • guest

       hey the main guy didnt jerk to her at first…instead he helped her…

  • Hazelwai

    結局太好了!!!!我本來已經絕望了 一般結局都會選blue吧 少風一直默默的守候 不選他太不仁道了!!我還不相信這結局是真的!!編劇太敢了 破傳統!! 

  • Tieuphuonghp_88


  • Maymaymay

    I think originally, producers would really want to make the the main actress 樂蒂 to be with the main actor 宇傑. because this is the expected ending in most of these tw dramas. but with so many people liking 少風 more, i guess they had to change the ending so that fans will be happy. i’m glad Le Di chose Shao Feng at the end.

  • guest

    what a weird ending this drama was first planned for le di and yu jie to be together just because all the people wanted le di to be with shao feng cuz he is fitter and more handsome

  • Jyuan07

    Wth…so, she decided to pick Shao Feng because he loves her more than she loves him? She is running away from Yu Jie because she lacks self confidence? That’s a horrible ending.

    • bibimbap

      EXACTLY! I don’t hate her choice because I, too, think Shao Feng is the better chocie of the two men.  The issue is her REASON for picking him! She’s doing it for all the wrong reasons! Not confident enough to hold on to Yu Jie, Shao Feng loves her more etc etc…all the reasons which does not include because she realizes she love Shao Feng and not Yu Jie.
      I am all for Shao Feng getting the girl, but this ending is a joy kill.
      The script and writing is really bad, it has been a trainwreck of a drama, I held on just for Nick.

  • Kirara

    OMG.. that is hilarious… Why did I know she was going to fall from that base thing.??? I knew they were going to put in another save le di scene.. except this time either guy wasn’t able to catch her so they hug each other haha.. PRICELESS!

    I’m sure we were all trying to guess who caught her right??? HAHAHAHHA always wearing those SUPER HIGH HEELS! 😀 

  • Abc

    i hope they make another ending. stupid facebook poll!!!! im so disappointed.

  • Abc

    so disappointed in this ending omg… 

  • 超棒 終於是我期待的結局 <3

  • guest

     LOL what is the point of releasing le di’s wedding dress photo before?

  • Supernova

    I love the ending so much! So unpredictable, not like other drama that got a standard ending. After all Shao Feng did put in so much effort for Le Di since the beginning till the end, and how about Yu Jie? I don’t think YJ deserve Le Di after putting her through so much pain from his actions and his words for the last few ep. Thumbs up! 😀

  • Guest

    好扯的结局。。。那之前是在纠结什么啊 。。。

  • guest

    omg the most down-to-earth but yet worst ending ever
    i dont think true love is choosing the one who love you more

  • Jbear8

    who helped her to get back the necklace????

  • nessa

    i watched 2 dramas this year with the weirdest endings. exboyfriend and this one.LOL

    • Pearl

      2nd that

    • Exactlyjoy

      TOTALLY AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      hate the ending of EX-Boyfriend so much…. i didnt waste 15 ep time to watch the separated-movie.

  • guest


  • kk

    but u know what? this link is dailymotion not youtube!!!!! i cant watch in sugoideas mannn

  • KAY

    Yay! I love the ending!! shao feng deserve his true love!!! <3

  • Tohxinyifelicia

    so in the end he went with shao feng issit?

  • Meai

    i love this ending..

  • guest

    whats the ending lol

  • Mouldyfoodstuff

    Why didn’t they even hug or kiss?! Ohmygosh

  • karen

    if they didn’t make the stupid poll on who they want le di to be with in the end, i bet the ending would have been better. i hope they put a clip up of the original ending, but if this is the original ending then it sucks shit.

  • Hazelwai

    the drama finally comes to the end 🙂 enjoy everyone!

  • Jully

    worst ending ever

  • Higi

    The ending sucks

  • Zwinkyfan101

    the video works! 😀 yay! 

  • huiting

     I AM SO HAPPY, despite the fact that your script really is pretty bad, but I will forgive you with this beautiful ending. they should have ended with a kiss though. but just.. oh my god ♥

    • guest

       it make better sense without a kiss coz le di doesnt love shao feng that much to give a kiss LOL

    • Kirara

      I actually agree with you.. I know a lot of people didnt like the ending but I think the ending makes sense.. Le di said the right quotes to go along with the reason WHY she chose Xiao Feng… Yu jie was like a Rock star, who she was watching him from a far.. She tried SOOO hard to be with yu jie, tried to get his attention, but every time she tried he kept backing away from her and things got in the way. He was more like a big crush, a person she could keep and store all his important memories kept locked away.. yeah, I know sometimes true love isn’t because you chose the person who love you more, but if she kept going after yu jie.. she would  just end up being hurt emotionally forever. you can only forgive someone so many times before you can try to pick yourself up and move on. right?  

      But Xiao Feng was there for her, i mean she DID like xiao feng in the beginning right?? Don’t forget that.. i mean she liked him because he cared for her, was always there to protect her.. MANY times he came to save her, even if she didnt need him.. and she wanted him to like her back even after she lied about her identity.. that’s how important he was to her. 

      And the kiss wasn’t there because she JUST made the decision to pick Xiao Feng, so a kiss would a bit much.. maybe a hug would work? I also thought that it was great he decided to move over to Miss Beauty and not work for jealous anymore.. sad its going to be J3 now! 🙂

      Nick.. You just melt me and every single girl in the world when you smile and gave that kiss to Le Di in her bed.. 😀 Jealous!! 

      Sorry for the rant everyone and have a great day and enjoy the last episode (sad! 🙁 ) 

  • Hiji

    This ending sucks

  • HJseobie

    The link is incorrect.. No wonder I couldn’t get in.. It should be sugoihs.info instead of sugoihsinfo

  • Christina7cheng

    your link is broken. nothing works 🙁

  • YO

    firstttt !