I Love You So Much Episode 13

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Tipster Rednimer
  • 大愛周湯豪&LPF&JPM<3


  • joefan


  • guest


  • ti_tilaw

    I HATE 汶希

  • Edddff5552

     少風好可憐.. = ^ =

  • Tinativa30



  • Vio

    i still want le di with shao feng!!

  • Guest

    All the OSTs in this drama have amazing melodies! Can’t wait for Le Di to be with Yu Jie! Shipping them forever! <3

  • Guest

    her wounds in 14:00 are so exaggerated, come on…. 

  • Anonymous

    i cried when le di told her story. it’s so touching. ^^

  • 小T


  • Krlly0818574

    嘛…只是演員而已喇 不必這麼激動其實…演那麼辛苦還要被罵ˊˋ

  • CJL

    hate cola … :@

  • Child0324

    thumbs up if u think ledi should be with shao feng !!!!!!!!!!!:O

  • Claire


  • 1990

    cola 的個性真的是…見不得別人好 = = 難怪兩個男生都不喜歡她

  • Loveinanime1

    What have Cola done to harm Le Di again?! So annoying~ :O

  • Janetxtung


  • Guest

    i hate to see the next episode 🙁 i want le di to be with shao feng. 

  • Angel

    blue is so cute!! love the scene where he is talking to the dog! so funny!!
    behind the camera scenes, without blue, is so boring!! more blue please 🙂

  • 王太本來就該這樣化妝~我都溫暖起來了~~

  • Kyo Vr


  • Dottt

    Cola-whatever her name is- is creeping me out…

  • Angelicjiayi

    Oh my!!!! Dis ep is soo touching!!! Wish in d end ledi can be together wit xiaofeng! But I dont think it is possible

  • smiling_tob

    getting a bit dragging loh…

  • tralala


  • Faack

    What the hell did the fix?
    I can even see the difference !
    I’m gonna watch this on pps!
    I’m already mad! Cuz I can’t even watch 5 min along without being interrupted!

    • WhatdaFAACK

       Are you fucking retarded?! First of all, this site provides us with current media for FREE! They try their best to keep us updated on the latest content COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. They’re spending valuable TIME AND EFFORT to maintain this site for OUR BENEFIT. And all YOU know how to do is sit behind a computer screen COMPLAINING and cursing? Are you fucking serious?

    • guest

       what the hell is wrong with you? get the hell out!

  • Pearl

    the nice guys never gets the girl=.=”””’ it’s always the [email protected] that do=.=

    • Guest

      so true…

    • guest

       Yu jie isnt bad tho~

  • Guest

    安東尼好可愛 ><

  • Aznmissy

    she does her own makeup fine so how does she not know how to do others ?

    • iced tea

      it’s actually a lot harder to put makeup on others than on yourself because other people will blink and you can’t control it. but i know what you mean 🙂 as in the styles and such, i totally agree because i thought of the same time lol.

  • Pearl

    she’s been wearing high heels for like almost all the episodes and she still manages to fall down at the show-.-””’

    • Pearl

      so fake

    • Kirara

      I guess that’s how they make the guys helping and running for her. haha. 

  • Guest

    nick is so charming…especially in the last part before the preview >_< if smiles can really kill, i probably just died LOL. i hope he gets to go with the le di in the end!

    • HuG

      Nick caught my eyes all the time, I try to focus on the main storyline between le di and blue, but Nick always pull my eyes back, please more nick’s secen!

      • Min

        i agree too, he’s just so confident that it’s attractive!! and i think it’s also ’cause i personally don’t like blue’s look :S

  • Kirara

    OMG.. NICK ur killing me!! Why are u such a prince and a gentleman??? 😀 

  • 汶希真的很賤

  • Saladlicious

    Part 2 can’t watch

  • P020161a

    part 3 not a part 3 
    plz fixed it 
    and part4 to part 7 also

    • Kirara

       end of part 1 is a bit shaky too.. 🙁 

    • guest

      Part 2 is 40 some minutes long

  • Ruru

    What`s th problem of part3, I cannot understand. fixed film got mistake.

  • Guest

    Cola plz go away!!!!

  • Meh

    Cried when Le Di talked about her mother 🙁 Can’t wait for next ep when Le Di fight for Yu Jie!!!!! 

  • yiu

    where are part3.4.5?

  • gogo…life

    omgosh.. i cried at part 4 = ( 

    and honestly, i never cry, didn’t even cry at the titanic or something >  <
     mommy ~ ; _ ;

  • Flower

    the quality is very bad today

    • Guest

      i agree with you but we should be grateful that the uploader is doing all this because it’s not easy so we really shouldn’t be complaining. i personally think the host did a great job of uploading it so fast each week for us to watch 🙂

  • Maywong1015

    thz =)

  • Maywong1015

    part 2 cannot watch

  • roseandacross

    please fix part 3,4,5

  • Thegorgeousglutton

    whats with part 2? keeps jamming.

    • Love

      they fixed part 2, but the other parts has been deleted…..

  • Zacquelin

    First 🙂

  • Abc

    yeah sofa!!!