I Love You So Much Episode 08

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Tipster Rednimer
  • smileforever

    i <3 Shao Feng

  • 大愛周湯豪&LPF<3


  • Tiffany


  • Tiffany


  • 宇杰对僵尸说的话有够好笑的 xD

  • Steph_wennie

    Cannot watch episode 8…

  • guest


  • Guest

    乐蒂 受伤后的发型比较漂亮

  • Fyytt


  • guest


  • Vio

    wth??chinese vampire suddenly..haha

  • Anonymous

    i have a love/hate relationship with the grandma. it’s so cute when she’s trying to match make yu jie and le di, but i hate it when she’s so demanding towards Shao Feng.

  • Jennifer Cui

    i feel stupid for having jumped when he zombies came out 😡

  • Kirara

    This is funny.. I wouldve never imagined le di and yu jie sitting in bed side by side doing facials and talking about boys.. HAHAHA 😀 

    • Kirara

      AHHHHH.. I have to wait another week for a good episode.. the secret is gonna be out and the 2 boys are going to fight for her… sigh………… >_<

  • Anson

    mona called for the medicine bottle, as if it has legs =__=

    • Kirara

      I KNOW.. hilarious.. 😀

  • Tiffanyleung


    • Tiffany


  • guest


  • Abc

    so sweet .. when mona hug blue on the bed hahah ,

  • devon1989

    can’t wait for the next ep. 

  • Bea

    blue is so cute!

  • Ed

    the granny’s quite creepy!!!  little did Yu Jie and Meng Na know they were being stalked and watched through her macbook!!! freaky, i’d say… >o<"

  • Chloe


  • Chloe


  • 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 zombiee…笑死我了

  • Guess

    I feel so bad for Yu Jie whenever Xia Mong Na treats him as a gay.  Really wanna shake her to wake her up!

  • Ho


    • Abc

      actually i quite like the plot

  • Gal

    love blue!

  • guest


  • FixIt

    Mother trucker !
    I can’t play part 4 n 5 !
    I’m gonna dieeeeeeeee !
    Damn it !

  • Guest


  • jijwpojdpo2r

    Love how Blue is so caring in the next ep preview! Gah!!! Can’t wait for next ep!!! WOOHOO

  • Loveinanime1

    Next ep seems nicer!! Xo can’t wait!!! XD

  • Lenkao20

    i want to know so much what title is ending song, and who sing it, someone know?

    • Lalala

      the song is called 一亿万分的机率, an is sang by 周汤豪(don’t know if i wrote his name right) he’s the guy who plays shao feng in this drama <3

  • kk

    tooo much广告!

  • Uee

    omg cant wait for the next episode!!

  • Pearl

    the face mask part was so cute! wo de hao jie mei!

  • shushushu

    thank you a lot! <3 its here! hehee blue <3 nick <3 

  • Passerby

    Why their msn chat always in the afternoon one? Isit at night?

    • Passerby


      • CHR

        it is at night, the msn time is right cuz 9pm is at night

        • Passerby

          9 is correct but it put 下午.

          • Airinlii

            P.M. ???

  • jksdngfklrgm