I Love You So Much Episode 04

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Tipster Rednimer
  • hamster1184

    Ke Shu chinese a bit weird….  I’m she’s not fluent in speaking Chinese, right?

    • hi

      She’s pretending

  • Debz

    feel that shao feng look abit lke pan wei bo..

  • shiun~

    I love the show, so funny and cute. I love the actress, I personally think she can act, she can express the character, love her 🙂

  • Guest

    Isn’t the cola girl 汶晞 ?!!!

  • Charlyne He

    感觉最后是乐迪和宇杰在一起。。。ah!!!!!!!! Nick 怎么办啊。。。

  • Charlyne He


  • Guest

     thanks for fixing the video!

  • Guest

    can’t watch the video,it’s blocked by TBS….

  • Moonielum

    not able to watch part 4.

  • girlontherun

    anyone know the song thats right after the preview ? its sooo goood <3 plz do tell if u know kthx

    • love_show

      you mean爱走秀~~

  • 美靜 黃

  • 美靜 黃


  • Candyce

    part 2 can hear xiaozhu’s second new song!!!! :DDD

  • Little Northpole

    why can’t watch part 4?-,-a

  • Chloe


    • Findthebee

      LOL 有的时候真的很扯。。。

  • Guest_Sunshine

    geez, she is way too powerful to slap her…it leaves the 5 fingers tatooes

  • Love


    • ㄎㄅ


    • Cola


  • ㄎㄅ


  • Loveshow


  • dada

    汶希撞車燃後失憶吧 =  = 

    • 汶希


  • Fen88

    榕樹長橘子!!!  太扯了吧!

    • guest

      …難道是..接枝發種的 (…不知道行不行 …求會種樹的大大解惑….)

  • XD

    葡萄妹妹為什麼講話開始捲舌 好可愛喔哈哈哈

    • XD

      打錯了!! 是姐姐!!!

  • Lin


  • 55

    i literally fainted when nick caught her when she fell out of the tree <3 NICKK! <3

    • Kirara

      I think I did so myself.. OMG.. SO HOT.. fanning myself..+_+

  • Aaaaaaaaaa


  • jolly

    Le Di doesnt know he was the singer who encouraged her???

    • dramalover

      i think it’s kinda weird, because other than a slight change in hair style and clothes, he looks the same… there’s no dramatic makeover…

      • jessie

        i know!! how can she not recognize or at least think they look similar =.=

        • Jane Lin

          yeah but they only ever met once, and it was five years ago… if it was me I probably wouldn’t remember

  • Mica

    I love all the actors in this show, but I am just not really into the female lead. She is a little overacting in my opinion…just not natural next to Blue. Not sure what is wrong….she is cute though. It maybe the way she talks.

  • Qxmexna

    LOL the oranges were packed in bags

  • Guest


  • ynjteddy

    ahh nick! <3

  • Guest


    • Loveshow

      沒有嗎? 那不是只是回憶?

      • Guest

        哪是阿…..= =

  • Loveanimeever

    So the Cola resembles the dead girlfriend of Yu Jie or are they the same person? 😮

    • Abc

      i think is the amnesia plot again ~

      • dramalover

        yep, i’m pree sure it’s the same girl, but she has amnesia because of the car accident. Remember that Yu Jie and the girl are on their way to LA? Yeah, that’s prob where she is, and where she met Xiao Feng because he used to live there.

  • Georgia

    what the….. I thought Blue’s girlfriend is dead? confused, can someone explain it to me ahaha

    • dramalover

      Look above. 🙂

  • huizhen

    What’s the title of song sang by Blue Lan?

    • SASA

      its sang by Show Luo

    • mae


    • Loveshow

      title song is by show luo called 愛走秀 not by blue!

  • loveJPM

    omg nick is very handsome! love modi & nick <3

  • Latrice Neals

    what hell happen to just saying it’s over?

  • Tiffanyleung


  • Hazelwai

    great !