I Love You So Much Episode 03

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  • Yeojxjosh

    Who is blue?

  • Yin

    is she going in jealous as a spy? how come they cant recognize her from the fashion show?? or that she can’t recognize him from years ago when she was fat? 

  • F鬼迷

    為 周湯豪而來!!<3

    • anonymous

      same here

  • jt

    lolol. the girl’s hairstyle is different inbetween the scenes. sometimes its permed, sometimes its not.

  • Angel

    別為我哭 藍正龍 sounds very nice! where can i listen to the full song??

    • Anonymous

       It’s sung by Show not Blue I think~

  • guest


  • Blossom

    Nick is sooooooo good looking!!  ^ ^

  • Guest

    they just let that gangster girl swear on national tv?
    such bizarre censorship rules

  • Guest

    what are the green bottom shoes nick is wearing?

  • Blossom

    Wilber is looking very prosperous…..  😉

    • Smileygurl38

      Uhh, i think u’ve mistaken nick as wilber. They do look alike tho lol

      • Blossom

        oic. tks. for the info. 🙂

    • jt

       i wish wilber was acting that role instead tho!

  • Judy


  • Judy


  • Trusth3r

    What’s the ending song? ><

    • guest

      一億萬分之一的機率 by Nick 周湯豪 😀

    • guest

      一億萬分之一的機率 by Nick 周湯豪 😀

  • Guest


  • Winstonluc

    whats the song name?

    • show.

      爱走秀 i guess?

    • Love

      which song?

  • Yiying124

    I love how there are ng’s to watch. I love those! Also I really love how there is one with sub for those who can’t understand mandarin and one without for those who don’t need them! Thanks for uploading!!

  • Anqi1234

    great show!

  • guest


  • guest

     i loved it when blue held nick’s face in the NGs. X33

  • Cici

    Le Di’s hairstyle keeps changing in part 3. At 00:15, her hair’s slightly wavy and then at 01:51, it’s straight.  Jump to 04:00 and miraculously, it’s suddenly wavy again.  I know they’re stylists but they don’t go around changing their look that often! LOL!

    • Blossom

      its not only the hairstyle keep-on changing……the whole eposides are somewhat ‘fill in the blank’.
      guess we need alot of imaginations to enjoy this drama……;-) 

  • Pearl

    so hot, like a hotter version of will pan!

    • 666666

       never! both wilber and nick are equally hot!

      • vio

        no..wilber hotter..haha=P

  • Loveshow


  • ynjteddy

    whats with tht girl who wants shao feng?

  • 859414056

    awww… 1 episode each week is just not enough D:
    anyways the preview look so interesting 🙂 cant wait to watch it

  • Monalisa

    lol@ those sticks in her head lmaoo

  • Loveinanime1

    How come Shao Feng wants to take the factory to make Mona Lisa to fulfill his mother’s last wish and Le Di wants to take Mona Lisa to keep the factory, so are they on different sides?

  • Beth

    awww Blue was soo cute when Nick as hurt! Also Nick is just adorable! 😉 

    • Beth


  • Lin


  • Aaaaaaaaaa

    so fast, thanks a lot^^