I Love You So Much Episode 02

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Jetblackheart

    she wanna act like a man but she’s wearing heels to JEALOUS and fake eyelashes -_-

  • Jetblackheart

    she looks damn young like maybe 18 years old or something gosh haha

  • Huimun96

    So touching…. This episode is so touching…. Especially when Le Di want to chase Ah Mei away… And she’s unwilling…

  • Chiu


  • Rorotira


  • jt

    if only shao feng was acted by wilber!! 

  • sydlala

    waa 玉嫂变这样了 T____T

  • sydlala

    she starts one minute after maodi said start = =

  • Guest

    haters gonna hate.
    i reckon this drama is pretty good and since everyone’s hating on the main female lead, it seems like shes doing a pretty good job to portray her role in this drama. she will change somehow, hang in there guys 🙂

  • guest

    good god what is with her accent…..if she cant speak english then why do it!!! its jealous, not jar-less!!! shes soooo annoying!

  • B_78223


  • JLYY

    OMG…. this show is so ridiculous esp with the actress. Watching it because of Blue … 🙁

  • = =


  • Guest

    好無聊 有些偶像劇就是這樣 前面沒吸引力 誰會想看下去==

  • Weizy

    i think this show is some what like the show in korea called u r beautiful…

  • Cherry

    Cannot watch part 2:(

  • may

    only watching it for show luo’s song~

  • o.o

    there are certain times that her face remains me of charmaine sheh – but course ah sheh is prettier~

  • ki

    少风第一眼看下佢,好像潘玮柏噢! 天啊。台湾好多帅哥啊。。。

  • Chloe


  • KC

    she is so ugly and can’t act as well. where did they find her as an actress? and to be the main character is just embarrassing. I can’t stand her face, and her accent, if she is going to be fluent in English in this drama show, then she at least needs to know how to say few sentence correctly, or change the story. This is one of the most ridiculous drama shows in a long time, I feel so bad for Blue, and hopefully next time he knows how to pick the right show to his fans. Sigh… this is so stupid, and her face bothers me so much!! BTW, that stupid “boy hair” on her isn’t helping too!! LOL! She looks better when she had the fat suit in episode 1.

    • gogo forward!

      Don’t watch it or do it yourself. I don’t think that you could do any hetter than that! And the actors have choices about to take or not take the jobs the people requested them to do. So think before you say and act.

  • annoyed

    if they can’t pronounce ‘jealous”, why bother coming up with such a name?
    who in the world pronounce it as “jar-leus”?

  • Viewer

    As a Taiwanese American I really hope they stop the fake American connections and fake English fluency in this show. It’s annoying to us Taiwanese Americans.

  • dangqurl

    i just hate how the girl doesn’t fcking learn that she’s damn poor and she needs to stop being so conceited and pushy…LOL, but i guess that’s how her character is….

  • ugh.

    one thing i hate was the girl who doesnt speak english correct…ughh, so anoying.

  • jess

    im watching this cuz Show sang the opening…

    • Showrocks

       high 5 🙂

  • guest

    omg sounds really annoying when the girl speaks english

  • ILOVE711

    怎麼那麼像原來是美男的劇情? 雖然前面不大像~

  • Zwinkyfan101 :D

    yay! it’s out! 😀

  • Longingforme


  • JK

    Yayy! its out as well! (:..
    Skip Beat and this drama ftw! ^^ 
    happy days! <3