I Love You So Much (粉愛粉愛你) Episode 01

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Yup

    Can’t view it pls help

  • Guest


  • bambi

    chill, woman.

    going to America doesn’t make you high unless you’re on drugs.
    stop with the random squeels, gosh.

  • Roid Kay


  • jt

    the grandma like using the same shades as in Ti Amo Chocolate lol.
    And also, I’m already watching 3 shows, all acted by the same grandma. Getting confused -.-

  • OMG I can’t believe the female lead is still so snobby after 5 years… I don’t like her :/
    She doesn’t deserve the two guys… especially Nick 😛

  • Chatdusoleil

    why is the background 戀愛王見王? loll

  • Katherine

    Dafuq is with Lady Gaga crap

  • guest


  • Yunny438

    她在運動的時候很像在叫床= =……

  • WTF

    wtf, 家裡有錢還去坐計程車

  • Guest


  • Scchen123

    when that guy working back stage didn’t he say Cantonese 小姐

  • Viewer

    Humble guy on the rise, spoiled girl about to lose it all. Interesting….

  • Findthebee

    I like that the female main lead is spoilt… not the typical innocent poor girl that taiwanese dramas have. -.- 

    • Lin Jia Yu

      Love on the Corner with Barbie Hsu and Show Lo is the same. Barbie is super spoiled and Show is really down to earth in that drama. It’s cute.

  • love show

    我看这部戏是为了听羅志祥的新歌 <3

    • Love_show


  • jolly

    嘴里塞着那么多东西演戏 真辛苦 🙁

  • kate

    i think it’s annoying how the girl keeps showing off her english in the drama.. so unnecessary.

    • Chenyuchiang0309


  • uno

    why LADY GAGA is her friend? = = so weired.

    • Findthebee

      apparently when u go to USA, you will automatically be best friends with Gaga and Obama. Lol. It’s so blatant , what these taiwanese dramas want to portray. 

      • Katherine

        Ya, apparently……

  • Unabb

    好好看 好期待第二集

  • Michek1117

    I’m confused! Did the girl passed away or what?

    • Aigoo

       We’re confused on purpose because it’s something we (and Lan Cheng Long’s character) have yet to find out.

      • Gary585376

        Nahh dw,if you watch the ending song, you can tell shes not dead 😛

  • Aigoo

     Actually you guys wanna know who Nick Chou really looks like? Wallace Huo. No joke – they could pass as near twins. Their eyes are nose are so similar.


  • momoko

    Nic chow looked like Will pan 

  • Asjfi

    Looks like Johnny Depp, lol.

  • Pearl

    it’s probably not the real gaga 

  • jimmy

    wow! lady gaga!

  • Itha

    Hope to see the subs soon! 😉

  • yabao

    awe…i love all the songs in here ^o^

  • Laujoann

    ahhahaha i didnt know 毛弟 was in this 😀 his acting skills r quite good for a newcomer 😀

  • Unknown

    y is d parts messed up???

    • jessie

      yea why does it finish and then go back and play more??

  • Jacky83524

    連 “Facebook” 都不會念 

  • S888222


  • Guest!

    This drama looks almost similar to You’re Beautiful except for the story of the female lead ! 😀 The guys in A.N.JELL and the four guys in this drama are hot and cute ! 😀

    这部偶像剧跟有一部韩剧“原来是美男”有点像, 只是女主角的背景故事不同. 这两部偶像剧的男主角和男配角都一样那么帅气与可爱耶! :DDD

    • Asjfi

      i agreee haha

  • lalalulu


  • Guest123

    theres a guy look like wilber pan =O

    • rachhh

      i think u mean Nick

    • Kirara

      Yes.. Nick looks a lot like Wilber. 🙂 They are both good looking in their own way though. 😀

  • Mitz

    So she’s supposed to be unable to recognize his face.. I mean change hairstyle and clothes, but can’t recognize that mustache?? SERIOUSLY??

  • 859414056

    when  will the next epi comes out?
    so interested in this drama ^.^

    • :)

      it will be out next sunday! ^^..i love it too! 
      its better than i expected it to be! <3!

  • XXX

    那個跑來鬧場的新娘  臉股股的  嘴吧裡塞滿著東西 = = 好噁 都被拍到了 技術真不好

  • 3454


  • 我爱黑涩会


  • Jo

    liked the drama, nick is so hot hehe like maodi as well!
    the story is pretty good too, i’m looking forward to watch the next episode! great start! 

  • Lohas_168


  • yaTou21

    when would there be eng sub ?? :>

  • Guest

    why do i keep seeing shadows of yab??
    like the living with guys storyline and the press conference scene where both leads appear and the second male lead can only lurk in a corner and feel sad for himself.

  • Whenpigsfly937

    I think a lot of people don’t like Li Jia Ying here or just watch because of the guys but personally I think her acting is really not bad. (I’ve seen worst) just the the characters she acts either whines a lot or is super girly.

    • Yamiami619

      her acting is good cause it makes people hate her. 😀 i hate her personality right now…hopefully she will change.

  • 123

    毛弟喊的那句 派大星! 也太可愛了吧~

  • Fish


  • Guest

    Hey, it’s Li
    Jia Ying who played Li An An 黎安安 in Love Recipe / 料理情人夢

    She is in a fat suit with cotton stuck in her mouth for fat cheeks….looks like Simon with the eyeglasses chipmunk.  Li Jia Ying is playing as Xia Le Di 夏樂蒂 a fat girl who exercises to lose weight, did she have plastic surgery seen her scar in part 3, and unwavering determination to turn herself into a gorgeous looking female.

    Lan Cheng Long 
    as Chang Yu Jie  常宇傑 is sporting the 90s grunge look. 

    • Aigoo

      Did you get these descriptions from somewhere? Because I’m pretty sure the scar on Le Di’s back is from when she fell into the champagne display at the wedding she crashed. She’s seen limping away after the everyone leaves.

    • Anonymous

      The scar is from the wedding scene when they broke the champaigne glasses, it stabbed her.

  • Hh


    • bibimbap

      ..that would be horrible.

  • Wow this show got Tom Price and Maodi! So gonna continue watching it.

  • the first part i listened to the openng song i was like OMG its Show luo’s voice!!!!!:D


  • Loveshow

    主題曲好好聽!!!! 羅志祥:”>

  • it’s not just me right??? maodi really was in the beginning theme right… 0.0

    edit: lol.. maybe i should just watch the whole drama, then comment xDD MAODI <3 吳慷仁真帥!!!

  • Guest

    Woah, 季芹看起來還是很漂亮~~看不出來已經35歲而且又是2個小孩的媽!!

  • Aigoo

    Late response back, but I mentioned earlier in the day how the video segments were laggy – click the YouTube logo in the lower right hand corner of the video to watch it on YouTube. There will be no more lagging, and the streaming will go quicker.

    As for Episode 1 itself, I’m annoyed already by Li Jia Ying. I feel as of late, many TW dramas have tried throwing in random English to look “cool”, but it’s all pretty bad. For instance, she can’t even pronounce “Facebook” correctly. -_- Fail

    Anyways the story is already pretty typical with many plot lines set up – I think the only interesting thing about this drama is that there are 4 male leads, which means there will be many side stories I guess.

    And I gotta agree – Lan Cheng Long really bit the bullet for this drama. The whole look is not working for him. Nick, Mao Di, and Tom all look fairly normal but Lan Cheng Long just got it bad. Also, Li Jia Ying isn’t that pretty. I’m going to watch more to collect a fairer judgement of her, but so far that’s what I think.

    Lastly, I of course had to comment on Lady Gaga. Talk about random as hell, awkward, and really out of left field. At least they got a legit English speaking voice for the girl who was posing as her.

    • that’s soo truue the main gurl she’s not that pretty iit will better if they choose other female…..but maybe later her caracter will change a bit:)

  • 周湯豪!!:)

  • Bebe Jelly


  • WanyXD

    lol ga ga 

  • MM

    I don’t particularly like her… I think any other person deserves her role

  • Jo


  • Koni_pan

    感覺好像很好看, 特別是李佳穎比起上部, 真的變化很大,,,期待 

  • sasa


  • guest

    文西……………?! (咳咳…..周星星裡的文西么 …

  • soso


  • guest

    赤腳show? @@

  • Uee

    love nick <333

  • Guest

    wtf…gaga? -.-

  • soso

    這麼剛好有安全帽 -.-

  • Tracysag

    藍正龍這個造型 好帥哦!

  • Aasd311


  • Aasd311


  • guest

    @[email protected] 開頭鬧場的情節….想起”我的完美男人”裡男豬腳去女豬公司鬧場的……汗…

  • Beth

    藍正龍 is soo hot! I would any day 😉 don’t know what was going through Da S’s mind to be honest….

    • SSS

      He was not rich enough and not as famous as now.

  • Ducky

    LanChengLong ugly in this drama. :/

    • guest

      嗯….-v- 這造型也太…”特別”了吧….估計以後幾集又變回帥哥吧 ?

    • bibimbap

      The porn-stache, i can deal with..but he does need a god damn hair cut…Not so bad as “ugly,” he can look better than this.

  • Guest_Sunshine

    That pancake is really big…lol

  • Szgx


  • Jessie

    this drama is great! ^^ <3 loving the actors! 😛
    周湯豪 好帥!!! xD 

    • Beth

      god same he’s soo hot! loving the whole cast! 

      • Jessie

        totally! (; will definitely continuing watching!
        those who dnt like li jia ying i personally dnt think shes that bad! ^^ her character is quite cute in here! supportanyway! ^^ I LOVE NICK! <3 <3 <3 xD

  • Guest


  • Aaaaaaaaaa


  • Assa

    Am I the only one who experiences the video lagging every few seconds? 🙁

  • LoveJPM


  • guest


  • Anonymous


    • Ducky


      • Guest