I Am Sorry, I Love You (我的鬼基友) Episode 13 The End

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學園風雲人物淩宏沛車禍身亡,韓思宜被凌母認定是害死兒子的罪魁禍首,思宜自責,心懷愧疚,手戴凌宏沛車禍當下送她的錶,孤獨渡過六年時光,直到思宜的死黨戴正男看不過去,將毀損的手錶交給機械天才王書海修理。孰料手錶修好,書海試戴,竟從錶裡冒出一名鬼魂,把書海嚇得半死,而這隻鬼就是六年前死去的淩宏沛。 凌宏沛驚慌自己已死了六年,對於生前的記憶相當模糊,第一時間想起的是女友韓思宜,王書海確認凌宏沛對自己無害便對宏沛相當不客氣,不僅不同情宏沛,還拒絕幫忙宏沛找尋女友及家人,宏沛無奈,由於只有在書海戴上手錶的時候,自己才能現身。為避免書海摘錶,宏沛不得不討好書海,對他死纏爛打,莫名其妙展開一段「人鬼殊途」的特殊情誼…

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  • jess

    Those who didn’t understand the ending –
    (Please don’t read before you watch as this is a summary for the ending as i see alot of people not understanding.)

    Hong Pei was only alive because his soul feeds on Shu Hai’s energy. But so long as he’s awake, Shu hai is in danger, which is also why he was worried when he went back to his own body, at the risk of Shu Hai never waking up again.
    He went back to his body to bid Si Yi goodbye, knowing he is still afterall, only a ghost and if he remains in his body, Shu Hai will never wake up and may die, and both will die together, which is why he said that they cannot both remain or both disappear.

    Thus, he told his mum how grateful he is to Shu Hai and how much he owes him, so that his mum would know, and after he collapsed because his body could not take it anymore, thus the mum donated his heart to Shu Hai, which is actually what Hong Pei wanted from the start.

    There you go 🙂 Hope the ending made more sense now!

    • Bryan Lim

      HP signed the agreement of donating his heart to SH before he went out with SiYi, so not his mum decided to… Xiao Long Nv told HP that he had a reason for staying, and she is sure that is definitely not to chase back SiYi… The reason for HP to stay is to let SiYi go… that explained the necklace disappeared when he grabbed them… the necklaces are like chains, binding them to a deadlock…

  • YUJ

    HP跟SE在草地的時候,還能讓項鍊消失,代表他繼承了靈魂時的精神力,所以最後傳輸了全部的精神力喚醒SH,自己也就喪失身命力了 。

  • guest

    omg i dont understand what happened to HP in the end?? like how and why did his heart just stop beating?? would be great if someone could explain please!! tqtq

  • Lynn6

    I cant say I like the ending totally but it is a fair ending to both SH and HP!

  • goggles

    true dat

  • mbc

    这里有一点不合逻辑 – 如果宏沛心脏已停止跳动,那么医生怎么会把一颗不会跳动的心移植?如果心机能恢复跳动,那么就代表宏沛醒来。通常能捐心脏的,不是脑死病人吗?例如车祸等。。。