Home Sweet Home (真情之家) Episode 34 The End

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  • Vicky Chan

    love this drama! have been looking forward everyday! nice to see you ting finally able to confess to kelly about his feelings towards her..

  • JT

    Xie Zu Wu (Zhao Yuan Fu) is super funny. Xiao Li ahyi and him are super experienced and talented actors, hope to see them more in such dramas rather than the long soap dramas~ hahaha

  • Lynn6

    So YT finally disclosed to Kelly of who he is and he likes her (about to say …)!

  • Melody

    Wait what the??? This is the end ????!! Now I’m surprised , I thought this will be over 60 episodes. I like the ending and how the story goes , but I didn’t expect to end this fast . Now I feel like the writer just wanted to end this right away … and their must be something wrong with this drama team, since I heard they have changed the main characters so many times . So maybe this is why…? =.= I also felt they are still a lot of relationships still wasn’t clear enough to end the drama. 🙁

  • dramaqueen

    Is this last episode? This is a great TW drama? Great chosen artistes for this drama.