Home Sweet Home (真情之家) Episode 26

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Lynn6

    Bryan is a strange character … did he really came to Taiwan to get WX back or once and for all let her go! WX was upset with his cheating stories but he did not appear to be too upset that WX cannot go to the past with him .. he told YX that his heart is broken but his expression dont appear that way! Maybe WX’s mum told Bryan that WX cannot let go unless he appears and they can close the chapter!!

  • Vicky Chan

    wow! bryan confess to wen xin about his girlfriends and wen xin didnt really get angry.. hmm.. can tell that yan xi is concerned about wen xin! (: yan xi got a bit surprise when he heard bryan’s words (: bryan is like the relaxing type..

  • Melody

    I have a feeling that Bryan is lying to wenxin that at the time he dated her but also cheating on her with other girls. I don’t quite believe that. I think he tried to hide something and not let her know just made up a story and decided to let her go.

    • Bee

      But if you think about, it make sense though. WX’s mom had once told YX that she doesn’t like Bryan and prefer WX with YX instead. I believe Bryan confession is true and honest.

      I really hope YR will give YK time to finish his divorce with Sylvia and not give up on him. They are my favorite couple beside WX and YX.