A Good Wife (親愛的, 我愛上別人了) Episode 15 The End

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  • Newbie

    Lol thnx 4 the comments in English guys…I watched all the episodes even though I didn’t understand what they were saying… I read the synopsis b4 I started so that somewhat helped but your comments helped me to piece it all together 😉

  • miriamrp

    the ending caught me by surprise. i would have liked it that they immigrate and lead a new life there away from his parents.i dont like his suggestion telling yizhen to admit being an adulterer,which she is clearly not.that way, his parents wont get hold of the child. by agreeing, yizhen proves to the viewers that she loves the other guy more than herhusband.

    • -.-

      but its true that she loves the other guy more than her husband is’nt it ?

  • whenpigsfly

    It would be funny if they used Fann Wong as his new wife, haha

  • ohhai

    T_T i used a box of tissue

  • guest

    Christopher Lee is such a good actor omg

  • Pinky

    Really give thumb’s up to 李名顺’s acting.. He is really good..

  • MM

    the last ep is the best one!!! I cried so hard. It is a good ending, I am very sad for the husband but it is the best choice he made for his wife, his daughter and even himself.
    very good show, great acting.

  • xiami335

    Ugh. I didn’t plan on shedding tears, especially if this is the final episode!! The screenwriters are brilliant, they’ve concocted the perfect conclusion to a story that would typically end in a tragedy (on both ends). I’m just heartbroken that Shao Wen had to sacrifice everything he once treasured in his life [career, Yizhen, love, daughter, and ego], all because of his narcissistic FATHER. I realize that a husband like Li Shao Wen is purely fictional, this story would never translate to real life, because god knows no man in his SANE mind would forgive his wife for cheating on him and continue to wish her love and happiness with her new beau. But that’s okay, because that’s precisely the reason why we watch these dramas. They seem to always feed our endless hunger for an ideal love/relationship, whether it be an illusion or not. This is going to be one of my ultimate faves.

  • Cheng Alice

    Am still watching … N still crying!!!Gosh am so into this drama and i believe it happened in real life in some marriages … So sad it has to end like this !!:(

  • gwen

    I watched it for the fourth time. I am still crying. SHOOOOTT!! Mine story is like theirs except I didn’t have a lover on the side and my husband rather do what his mother said, not because of taking over family business but because he was spineless. I would give my both of my arms just to have Shao Wen as my husband.

  • Minijess

    Wow i never saw this ending coming! This drama is such a plasent surprise! Best one in 2013 for sure!!

    • Minijess

      Hmm i think it will be more realistic for YiZeng and Sheng En to have another child of their own after 7 years!!

  • aiyatee

    i would have chosen shao wen..i felt like shang en just appeared in her life when she felt lonely and needed company. if shao wen changed, they wouldve lived happily ever after. i really dont like the extra 2nd wife pregnant with his child and i feel bad for her because she’s in the dark about her husband having a child with his first wife. sigh..

  • azu


  • azu

    紹文和宜臻好偉大… 為了讓未出生的女兒, 不要再過被李家”安排的人生”, 選擇分手…..

    • gjrildj



  • gwen

    Feel so bad for the son. He’s plans to be obedient and a good son includes that new wife of his, that much is obvious. When 宜臻 left with his daughter, she also left with his heart and everything that made him, him.

    • mimi

      good point, and that’s exactly why i would call this one a tragedy!

  • Gwen

    I can’t stop watching it! I can’t stop crying when I watch it! WHY CAN’T I STOP WATCHING IT?!!!

  • ly


    • iuh

      和現實非常貼切…. 結婚是和適合的人, 不是最愛的人

  • hello

    one of the best drama in 2013!

  • gwen

    wow. I subbed like a baby at the end. It sucks to be the second wife. I guess ignorance is bliss for her. It sucks to be their baby too, I mean, knowing that his heart will always remain with his first wife and their daughter together. Anyways, all this is the evil father’s fault. Why couldn’t he just get a heart attack? lol.

    • gwen


  • mimigirl

    I really want Shao Wen and Yi Zen to be together not with Shen En!! Shao Wen should leave his family and flee somewhere else to give their relationship a second chance!! But in reality i dont think they can be that ignorant..

    • mimi

      yeah that would be another unusual ending to this drama, i think…

  • mimigirl

    when shaowen turned his back to yizen tears came down my face like a facet!! This drama is def my fav now..

  • mooncak3

    所以说yizhen 从来没有爱过绍文?真的只有亲情么。。。?为什么不能在一起T_T 哭死了。。。为什么绍文不能和家里人大吵一架 然后离家出走 然后跟yizhen 在一起?!?!?!

    • mimigirl

      i think she did but they loved him for the wrong reason!!

  • Guest

    Great show! I also cry like a baby :p

  • SSS


  • Joyce

    Love 紹文, didn’t like the ending, wish they could still be together.

  • JustttttttAfaNNNNNNNNNNn

    I really liked this drama but there are some parts i’m not completely satisfied with…
    I feel like they focus too much on Yizhen & Shaowen. Besides them, everyone in the series basically didn’t change. For example, Shaowen’s parents never solved their cheating problem. The mother confronted the father but all he did was just walk away and that was the end to that -__-. What I learned from that family was that nothing ever changes so it’s best to just accept the fact that only men can cheat and women can’t. And Yizhen (the previous wife) didn’t leave any impact on their family because they will always just find a daughter-in-law that can “fit” into their family and their life.
    Shaowen, with everything that has happened in his previous marriage, didn’t really seem like anything changed in his second marriage. All I see is that he now listens to his wife talk but he still does the same things in his marriage with Yizhen. Seems like he’s always not there (going away on business trips) and letting her deal with his controlling family.

    In the beginning of every episode, they have that part where they play the themesong and showed each character, I noticed that in there, Yizhen did not choose either Yizhen or that other guy (forgot his name). Instead I noticed that he chose to walk away from both guys. And I thought that would be such a good ending but she just stuck with that other guy at the end…..:(

    Sorry I just had to share my thoughts somewhere…. 🙂
    I don’t mean to bash or hate, but this is my honest opinion/thoughts after crying through the last episode. This drama was pretty good, the cast was great, and the acting was just superb! (thanks~~~ Christopher Lee, Darren, & Tian Xin and many other supporting actors)

    Just thought I would get more of a message out of this drama since it was about the problems of modern marriage but I guess I just didn’t :/

    PS: sorry for the long ass comment and ignore my mistakes! ^_^

    • Cheng Alice

      maybe there will be part 2 ! to be continue…

      • JustttttttAfaNNNNNNNNNNn

        Haha maybe… but I don’t think Taiwan is big on making part 2s. Don’t remember any recent dramas with part 2s lol

        • mimi

          yeah but we did get a movie based on previous TV drama, which happened to be a disaster as it was too greedy in making commercial fees. sigh

    • sp

      I actually think it’s more realistic that way. ShaoWen is a traditional man and a workaholic, his upbringing made him the person he is, there’s no need to change himself to become a different person. YiZhen changed herself to become a wife he wanted and it didn’t work. At least he now learned to be more attentive to his current wife. She may not be the love of his life, but she’s a wife he’s looking for, a daugther-in-law his parents wanted. As long as they are happy with each other, who are we to judge. Same with his parents.

      Ideally, I would have hoped they can raise their daughter together despite each having their own new family. He can visit her from time to time but keep it from his parents

      • JustttttttAfaNNNNNNNNNNn

        You’ve convinced me! 🙂 thank you. I understand more now.

  • lsh





  • Aami

    從頭哭到尾 好遺憾好遺憾 紹文明明那麼愛宜臻卻不能在一起

  • Bee

    The new wife seems so simple minded. Guess she could make Shao Wen happier since she get along with his family.

  • Cleo

    哭到我半死 🙁

  • Rosa

    其實有沒有人發現。。。小玟跟尚恩很像 LOL

    • lsh


  • OLT

    Good show!impressed w the acting of everyone! especially christopherlee and tianxin. The scene of their separation is really sad: (

    Anyway,good job for the entire team!

  • Janet Liu

    i sat here at 4am in the morning to watch the ending and i find myself in tears. this is one of the few dramas that actually touched the reality side of this society. they had some really awesome said quotes.

  • ly

    this is the best ending for the both of them! they have a child of their own , they have their respective happiness too… i’m glad for them! i cried when shao wen decided to let yi zhen go…. T_T christopher lee you made singapore so proud!!!

  • QbFantasy


  • =)

    The worst thing that could happen in your life is to have parents as such that not only won’t trust nor support you, but makes things worse by saying things that cause even more destruction, and don’t even realize it. I’m not in support of the act of committing adultery, it’s two different subjects here.

    Good show! =)

  • allison

    this is a really good ending. i cried like a baby

  • Lynn6

    I really applaud the director for bringing this drama to a close in such in well thought out script. Totally agree that this is one of the best ending I have seen of recent dramas.

  • Cheng Alice

    excellent acting from christopher lee….go for best actor!!!! jia you!!!

  • Guest

    excellent acting from christopher lee’s !!! go for best actor….jia you!!

  • sasha

    This is one of the best end I have ever seen!!! Twist, touching, good ending. Well filmed and well acted!!!!

    • mimi

      agreed, except that i still can’t accept how YZ leaned on Sean when Shaowen was determined to walk away from her right after divorcing, with a terribly broken heart ….. it really made YZ a bit….not nice