A Good Wife (親愛的, 我愛上別人了) Episode 14

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  • Ah Ken

    紹文也骗过宜臻… 不是嗎?

  • 过来人


  • xiami335


    • Guest


  • 爱尚恩

    Sean and yizhen…as far as I remember…only hold hands and hug~ what kind of affair is this? haha…too pure…

    • srhk

      An emotional affair. Sometimes, this can be even more destructive than a physical affair… Even though I have no respect for people who commit adultery in whatever form.

  • Joe

    why I cant find final episode?

  • 232

    都不會顧全大局 以為所有事都可以解決
    然後兩個去消遙喔? = =

  • 紹文太太

    李紹文 真是完美丈夫!!!!!

  • wtss


  • oops

    seem like they did divorce each other because of that stone and YZ is raising the kid alone eventually….SW will find out that he made a big mistake in his life for being absence in his own child’s childhood due to jealousy

    • Guest momo

      Shaowen divorce with yizhen because he wants to protect her and their child. He lies to his parents saying that the child does not belongs to him. Because he knows that his dad will only wants the grandchild n force yizhen to leave the family if he tells them the truth. At the same time he is aware that yizhen still deeply in love with Sean. He doesn’t want her to sacrifice her happiness just to carry on the marriage because for their child. He set her free n she raise her child alone. I think shaowen still care n love yizhen a lot.

  • shan

    What am I gonna watch after the final episode? The only other drama that’s kinda watchable is IUUI… Seems like in general Taiwan Dramas have been going downhill.

  • sl


  • Cheng Alice

    Sean deserve a better one…..

  • Lynn6

    I feel sad for Sean … he was even willing to help Yi Zhen look after the child together! Yi Zhen forgot her own reasons in wanting a happier life for herself … she ended up apologising to Shao Wen for what happened … could not believe it

    • Guest

      Well, I don’t think general public would accept such drama plot if Yi Zhen were to be with Sean. They may see it as a “negative influence” and condemn this episode. Always have to be “family oriented” storyline..

  • chen


    • Ann

      哈哈哈哈 真的!有完沒完

  • :o)

    short and sweet ending. Good.
    It’s time the husband be a real ‘man of the house’ stand up for his own family now.

  • gwen

    I can just reach over my laptop screen and squeeze the shit out of the dad’s neck. would you?

  • Guest

    尚恩是真的愛宜臻, 即使宜臻懷孕了也願意和她在一起

    • bb

      喔 所以呢 又不敢大方行動
      晚告白 沒錄用 破壞家庭第三者唷 ~~