A Good Wife (親愛的, 我愛上別人了) Episode 12

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  • miriamrp

    no, i cant accept the reason why sheleft him. all the more she should pick up the pieces and give the marriage another “go”. the ones who should divorce are her friend,joyce, and her mom-in-law, not her!
    it was selfish of yizhen. i think she has the guts to do that because there is this mild-mannered boyfriend WAITING for her.

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    • miriamrp

      right on.

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  • Yeena


  • Yeena


  • fdsfasd


    • fdsfasd


    • miriamrp

      yi zhen’s unhappiness comes from herrself,it did not originate from the husband. i commiserate the husband because this drama presented it AS SUCH(was there a valid reason to hate the husband,NADA). if it depicts the husband in a bad light, i would be all in favor of yizhen and the other guy together.

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  • sandy

    韓湘琪就算跟老闆再一起 依他的個性 日子也不會平靜

  • guest

    那一句” 妳真得一點都不心疼我嗎? ” 聽起來很令人心疼啊!!!

  • Elwin

    not only is a great drama,the performance of Shao Wen and Yi Zhen is outstanding too.

    • miriamrp

      i can see from this series that shao wen is a good husband, that is why i cant understand why some people prefer the other guy over him. yeah, he likes his eggs perfect and his shirt perfectly starched and iron,but that is no reason to find disatisfaction withhim. because of yizhen, shaowen and his father were further set apart, not that his relationship with his father was amiable from the start.

  • no

    love this drama. it’s incredibly well written and maturely explores the topics of love and companionship

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  • lokyi


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  • Guest

    Part 4 7:42有人充電 (蘋果系列商品) XD

  • Lynn6

    Might looked wrong in the ordinary eyes and I cannot agree more … however Yi Zhen wants to live her own life and while her husband pays for it too if she made the incorrect decision, she has suffered tremendously. If Shao Wen does not have to comply with family rules, could have saved the marriage but unfortunately the in-laws are unyielding and no one can live another 20 years under those circumstances!
    Sean puts no pressure on Yi Zhen so makes it inviting for her to open up and talk including speaking about her own fear of possibly turning back on her decision … this is something!!

  • Ariel


  • yuki

    挖 劇情急轉直下 變成紹文急著要離

  • asdf

    the girl is so dam selfish…. really soooo selfish

    • shan

      Agree. Wanting to leave a marriage, someone that loves her, just because she’s not happy anymore? But is it that bad? People talk about divorce too easily.

      • miriamrp

        if i am unhappy with my marriage,i would just ask for a divorce, LOL! then would i be happier with my second relationship? adjust ones attitude about marriage, that it is not a bed of roses( maybe yizhen read too many fairy tales when she was young?)LOL!