In A Good Way (我的自由年代) Episode 02

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  • ebu


  • Cheng Alice

    The two main lead so comparative……so matching !~

  • guest

    Although this drama is set around my own college years, I really can’t related to them at all. It looks more like an imaginery story written by someone who never has similar experiences. Most major actors and atresses are like the first-timers and only recit lines without proper facial & emotional expressions associated with twists and turns. The actor for the childhood friend probably is the only decent one so far…..

    • guest

      Did you study in Taiwan though? I was a freshman in MK year 84 aka 1995. This drama sure does look similar to my college life in Taiwan!!. Only a few things that were not properly interpreted however, like the NT100 bill. It was already red in color instead of green. Green color NT100 bill was way before that period of time. The dorm superintendent wasn’t supposed to be this close to the students. Just my 2 cents or maybe the superintendents from other schools were like this. Then, why couldn’t they get an Attila 125 or a 巡戈125? They were everywhere in Taiwan back in MK 8x! The license plate on that scooter looks too new. Well all of these tiny things that don’t actually ruin the plot anyway. BTW, Taiwan’s first presidential election was held in 1996. I remember clearly how Chinese government threatened to declare a war against Taiwan if Taiwan continued to have the election, and a few of my classmates from Malaysia sorta fled to their own country or were trying to.

  • ChocoLate Frapee

    i don’t like her childhood friend

  • nbc

    hahah nice drama 🙂 Thank you

    • guest

      I like it too. But for some reason, the her childhood friend kind of bothers me.